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Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Directed by: Kevin Smith Written by: Kevin Smith Release date: 2008-09-07 Cast: Elizabeth Banks (as Miri), Seth Rogen (as Zack), Craig Robinson (as Delaney), Gerry Bednob (as Mr. Surya), Jason Mewes (as Lester), Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (as Betsy), Kenny Hotz (as Zack II), Brandon Routh (as Bobby Long), Justin Long (as Brandon St. Randy), Tom Savini (as Jenkins) Genre: Comedy, Romance Film, Slapstick, Indie, Romantic comedy, Sex comedy, Drama Distributor: The Weinstein Company Producer: Scott Mosier Cinematography: Dave Klein Editor: Kevin Smith Estimated Budget: US$ - 24,000,000 Studio: View Askew Productions
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