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spl 1w1m 104,7dB spl Maximo-134 dB DB tecnologia acustica www.dbtecnologiaacustica****.br
30 Nov 2010
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Corcoran CEO Pam Liebman answers 1000Watt Consulting's Marc Davison with his question submitted via Twitter. What could Corcoran be doing better?
3 Nov 2009
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Corcoran CEO Pam Liebman answers questions from 1000Watt Consulting's Marc and Brian. What is one real estate truth which has been hidden until now, and why does the real estate industry always tell us it's a good time to buy?
3 Nov 2009
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*******www***rcoran****/agents 1000Watt Consulting's Brian Boero ask Corcoran CEO Pam Liebman what differentiates Corcoran's agents from other firms in the city. What is it that's unique about the Corcoran agent in particular?
21 May 2010
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This is my new computer. Sorry the vid is kinda long and nerdy! Comment if you have any questions! Thanks. ========== Case: Antec 1200 MOBO: EVGA 780i SLI FTW CPU: C2D E8500 3.16Ghz Cooler: Zalman 9700 RAM: 4GB Corsair DDR2 Graphics: Two EVGA 9800GTX's in SLI PSU: Modded Xion 1000Watt (replaced fan to match antec blue) Drives: LG Blu-Ray/HD-DVD/CDROM OS: Vista Ultimate Monitor: 22" Acer X223W Adds: Blue LEDs throughout case. Cold Cathodes. Cable Management. Added extra 120mm fans. ==========...
18 May 2009
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Here is a comparison of output between a 1.0 ft^3 sealed box and a 1.96 ft^3 ported box. The sub is being fed 1000watts by a Rockford Fosgate T1500-1bd amp. Both of the boxes are crappy looking but well sealed and they get the job done. I still have to get carpet for the new box.... anyway, enjoy the vid. Song is Dont Make Us by DJ Unk ft Yola Da Great.
7 Sep 2009
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two kicker CVR 12" 400rms c/u. amplifier lanzarvibe 2200watts classD. amplifier boss 1000watts. two pionner 6x9 of 460watts. two component kenwood of competition. pionner deh-6850md
29 Oct 2009
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How to make phosphorescent glow in the dark powder. Also known as luminescent, photoluminescent or simply glow powder. Warning: This experiment uses mildly toxic chemicals, wear gloves when handling them. In addition, the combustion reaction must be performed outside or in a fume-hood due to the resulting smoke and gasses. For this experiment you'll need: Strontium Nitrate: ***********/watch?v=_rd8b6wNnKA Aluminum Nitrate: ***********/watch?v=u4Ha1SJrazY Purification by recrystalization: ***********/watch?v=uVA0rK_VITY Europium and dysprosium nitrates: ***********/watch?v=8IFsOmriS8I And you'll need nitric acid to make the above nitrates: ***********/watch?v=2yE7v4wkuZU The procedure is relatively straightforward: 1.875g of aluminum nitrate nonahydrate with 530mg of strontium nitrate, 10.7mg of europium nitrate pentahydrate, 21.9mg of dysprosium nitrate pentahydrate and 30.9mg of boric acid are dissolved in 3mL of distilled water. 3.9g of pure urea is added and shaken until dissolved. The mixture is heated in a 1000watt microwave for 4 minutes. Eventually it'll ignite and combust. The white "ash" is the glow powder. Can be used in Glow in the Dark Paint if crushed into a powder and mixed with an appropriate clear paint/resin/lacquer/glue.
19 May 2010
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what cha see is 2 RF P1's...powered by a sony 1000watt amp..hope you enjoy.tell ya friends.. and drop a comment or 2 and tell me what cha think! appreciate it
28 Jun 2013
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BAIXAR PDF AQUI: ******* OU ******* ***********/user/wind2volts Videos tutoriais. *******www.windgenkits****/ Para outras informações. gerador eolico caseiro 1000 watts aerogerador 1000w como construir seu gerador eolico VAWT 1000watts Veja também: Energia Elétrica Solar - Se paga em 4 anos ***********/watch?v=yhuxiin-Mcs
14 Aug 2013
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