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Image Entertainment presents the CD and DVD release of Jimmy Dore: Citizen Jimmy on August 5th! Check out Citizen Jimmy premiering on Comedy Central Friday August 1st at 11pm! Fresh from its airing on Comedy Central, stand-up comedian Jimmy Dore takes on the government and the easily misled when Citizen Jimmy debuts on DVD, CD and Digital August 5 from Image Entertainment. Jimmy's hilarious, topical take on all the ills of the country, from George W. Bush's well hidden genius, to health care, gas prices, Dick Cheney, and Christian Preachers who rail against gay marriage before getting caught in an Airport restroom, Citizen Jimmy pulls no pre-emptive punches in dealing with the insanity of our times, and the ridiculousness of our leaders. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, Jimmy is an equal opportunity offender. For more information go to www.jimmydorecomedy****.
29 Jul 2008
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The Latino Comedy Project's Mac/PC ad parody Mex vs BC Born Citizen Pt. 1 a video from the LCP's new sketch comedy show AlienNation Visit or for more info!
11 Aug 2008
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This video shows you how to get the best rate on health insurance for senior citizens.
14 Aug 2008
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This is not what democracy looks like. Citizen journalist Noel Hidalgo streamed live web video of protests in Tiananmen Square by activist group, Students for a Free Tibet. Hidalgo was detained by Chinese authorities and deported, along with the demonstrators. Watch the full half-hour interview here: ******* Interview by Chuck Olsen of The UpTake: *******theuptake**** Photos by Noel Hidalgo: ***********/photos/noneck Qik streaming videos by Noel Hidalgo: *******qik****/noneck
16 Aug 2008
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Why are corporations spending so much money at the Democratic National Convention? Why is there such a massive media investment, when we already know the outcome? Why is The UpTake here? Let's all find out, together, with this tongue-in-cheek preview of our coverage. In all seriousness, we're sending out quite a few citizen journalists to find stories that matter. Watch for those stories, and live coverage, on theuptake****.
23 Aug 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake****. Citizen Kate takes us inside the parties at the DNC. She uncovers the hi-tech party registration process, a couple tying the knot at the DNC, and scores an interview with a politically charged youth. These are highlights of our live streaming camera that is following Kate around. Tune into theuptake**** to see the latest live clips!
27 Aug 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake****. WebTV on the radio? That's right. Citizen Kate takes to the airwaves with BJ, Howie & Jennifer on Alice 105.9 in Denver. Citizen Kate steals a few minutes of Howie Drummonds time after the show to discuss his interview with Tom Brokaw and the finer points of Colorado cuisine. These are highlights of our live streaming camera that is following Kate around. Tune into theuptake**** to see the latest live clips!
28 Aug 2008
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) August 4, 2008 – A virtually unknown music artist JK Citizen is gaining national exposure with his internet video release for his smash hit song “ROCK THE VOTE AMERICA” in which he plays the role of Presidental Nominee Barack Obama. Hailing from Southern Florida, JK Citizen has captured the hearts and minds of mainstream America by reflecting the temper of the times in this electric political season. After the much and sudden radio airplay for the song all across the nation, Citizen has found himself in the limelight both after his song has gained notoriety amongst Obama campaigners and after playing the role of Presidential Nominee Barack Obama in the recent video release. Accompanied by the Presidents on Mount Rushmore singing the chorus in unison, JK Citizen delivers the message with clarity and patriotism to his now ever expanding fan base. “I wrote the song because I was so inspired that we might finally see change in this country and because the citizens of this nation feel that hope is truly alive. I never realized that so many people would like it and that it would be embraced by the political powers that be. Its like a dream…Only In America” he was quoted as saying. Some democratic insiders are pushing for the song to become the theme for Obama’s Presidential race, after hearing the lyrics that seem to capture the overall mood of the nation. It is expected to be used on the democratic campaign trail and to increase the young vote on Obama’s behalf. The video can be seen on just about every internet search engine or at: *******www.metacafe****/watch/1696461/rock_the_vote_by_jk_citizen/ Contact: Ray St.Claire, Director of Public Relations Big Pygmy Entertainment / Isoldi Multimedia, Inc. rayisoldimultimedia**** *******www.isoldimultimedia****
6 Sep 2008
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15 000 russian citizens still in Georgia
5 Sep 2008
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Another great video from the loved series of Citizens of GTA IV, this we get to blow a gas station, Ka-Boooooom! Check this link to see more Citizens of GTA videos: *******www.gishack****/search/label/Citizens%20of%20GTA
8 Sep 2008
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FORT LAUDERDALE FL (PRLog) SEPT 8, 2008 - Controversial Musical Artist JK Citizen responds to the rumors surrounding his now controversial OBAMA video "ROCK THE VOTE AMERICA" in which he has been perceived as portraying Presidential Nominee Barack Obama. JK Citizen, who was a virtual Miami unknown Musician, suddenly found himself overwhelmed by the media after his recent release of the video on the internet. The video is a follow up to the MP3 he released of the song several weeks ago. The twenty three year old seems to be handling the spotlight quite well and is now scheduling appearances on the talk show and late night circuits. It has been rumored by Democratic insiders that this song will play a large part in securing the young voters. JK Citizen’s “ROCK THE VOTE AMERICA” and can be found on just about any search engine. His music is inspiring and timely in this extreme political climate. For further information please visit *******www.jkcitizen**** *******www.metacafe****/watch/1696461/rock_the_vote_by_jk_citizen/ CONTACT : Isoldi Multimedia Inc / Big Pygmy Entertainment *******www.isoldimultimedia****
8 Sep 2008
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******* Purple States TV, an online political show reported through the eyes of five citizen journalists, will syndicate its videos to The Washington Post politics site beginning tomorrow, founder and executive producer Cynthia Farrar told me in an interview on the Beet.TV rooftop earlier today. The videos will be featured on the front page of the online politics section as part of the Post's "core political coverage," she says. The Washington Post will share ad revenue with Purple States, but details of the agreement were not disclosed. The first season of the show received 40,000 monthly views on the destination site and 100,000 total monthly views on all of its channels, including one on YouTube, during the primaries, and The New York Times posted Purple States videos in its Opinion section. Farrar, who is also a Research Scholar at Yale's Institute for Social and Policy Studies, spoke to Beet.TV about the first season of the show last year. The second season of the show focuses on coverage of the general election and includes a new segment called The Daily Citizen, which is filmed and directed by the citizen journalists themselves. The Washington Post**** Politics Editor Eric Pianin gave the following statement about the video series: "The Purple States video series will showcase citizen journalism at its best. Our readers and viewers will have the unique opportunity to hear from well informed and highly motivated citizens who are being sent out on the campaign trail to task tough questions about the economy, education, national security and race and then demand straight answers from the presidential candidates and their advocates." The Purple States has received private equity and foundation funding. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer Update: The first video is up on the Post here.
17 Sep 2008
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Speech by Marian Harkin MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Citizens' petitions during the year 2007 [on behalf of the Group] [Language EN original] Report: David Hammerstein (A6-0336/2008) on the deliberations of the Committee on Petitions during the parliamentary year 2007 [2008/2028(INI)] Committee on Petitions Harkin_080922_201514_obog_en
23 Sep 2008
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The cast of 30 Rock at Upright Citizen Brigade Theater. Own 30 Rock season 2 on DVD 10/7.
4 Oct 2008
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Public Advocate is walking the streets of the nations capital interviewing the average citizen on their opinion of the Marriage Protection Amendment. It terns out that most citizens support traditional family values and were willing to ask both Senator McCain and Obama to support their American values. For more information visit www.PublicAdvocateUSA****.
9 Oct 2008
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Public Advocate is walking the streets of Richmond interviewing the average citizen on their opinion of the Marriage Protection Amendment. It terns out that most citizens support traditional family values and were willing to ask both Senator McCain and Obama to support their American values. For more information visit www.PublicAdvocateUSA****.
10 Oct 2008
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