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WONG: And in Thailand riot police fired several rounds of tear gas at protesters today. They were trying to disperse a crowd of campaigners who are escalating their bid to unseat the government. The country's deputy prime minister has subsequently stepped down... taking responsibility for the clashes. STORY: The demonstrators were seated outside parliament since late yesterday. They were there to stop the country's prime minister from delivering his first ever policy speech. When police moved in against the protesters this morning they retaliated with firecrackers. Some protesters were badly hurt in the clash and two men lost part of their leg from exploding tear gas canisters. The 5,000 protesters then regrouped in front of parliament. Most are members of the People's Alliance for Democracy, a group of businessmen, academics and activists who say they are acting to defend the monarchy. This group has occupied government house since late August forcing the prime minister to run the country from the Bangkok airport. The prime minister has tried to negotiate with the protesters but no real talks have started yet.
12 Apr 2010
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Thailand's prime minister Samak Sundaravej declared a state of emergency in the capital on Tuesday after one person was killed in overnight clashes in Bangkok between thousands of his opponents and supporters.
14 Oct 2008
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Music video "Legacy" by electronic/world music project Clash of Civilizations juxtaposes samples of historic public speeches given by four former American presidents; Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, JFK and Ronald Reagan, two Democrats and two Republicans. www.clashofcivilizationsmusic****
24 Oct 2008
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Clash Train!
1 Nov 2008
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KentTV**** and Invicta FM have teamed up to bring you Kent TV's Sound Clash 2009, the best online battle of the bands. Artists and bands across the county can compete for the chance to win a cash prize of
1 Jan 2010
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Violence again boiled over at the Australian Open on Friday when dozens of Serbian and Bosnian fans fought after the match between Novak Djokovic and Amer Delic. Police arrested two men and ejected another 30 people from the grounds after the rival supporters began throwing chairs and trading punches and kicks. One woman was knocked out after being hit on the head by a chair although police later said she had not been seriously injured. The fighting began in a garden outside the main centre court arena then flared up again outside Melbourne Park. Inspector Chris Duthie told reporters two men had been charged with riotous behaviour and discharging a missile while another man had been fined on the spot. "The matter was dealt with very quickly and effectively by the police and we expect no more problems," Duthie said. "We have a very effective police presence here. You can't stop everything happening but we will make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen (again)." The Australian Open, which was dubbed as the 'Happy Slam' by Roger Federer, has been marred by a series of violent clashes since 150 Croat and Serb fans engaged in a wild brawl two years
25 Jan 2009
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29 Jan 2009
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Turkish PM greeted by cheers after Israel debate clash Recep Tayyip Erdogan argued with Israeli president over Gaza offensive, before storming out Turkey's prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, arrived home to a tumultuous reception of cheering crowds early today after storming out of a debate in Davos over Israel's recent offensive in Gaza. Hours after clashing with the Israeli president, Shimon Peres, in angry scenes at the normally sedate world economic forum, he was welcomed at Istanbul's Ataturk airport by thousands of supporters waving Turkish and Palestinian flags and chanting "Turkey is proud of you". Sympathisers also left bouquets of flowers at his official residence. The outpouring of support displayed the domestic political capital Erdogan gained from his performance at the Swiss resort, where he told Peres: "When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill." He then walked off the stage, declaring that he would never return to Davos, after claiming he had not been allowed to speak by the debate moderator, the Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. Erdogan also accused Peres of raising his voice and claimed the Israeli statesman had been allowed more speaking time than himself and the panel discussion's two other participants, the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, and Amr Moussa, secretary general of the Arab League. Peres had earlier made an impassioned defence of Israeli actions in Gaza, asking Erdogan: "What would you do if you were to have in Istanbul every night a hundred rockets?" Erdogan responded by saying: "President Peres, you are older than me and your voice is very loud. The reason for you raising your voice is the psychology of guilt … I know very well how you hit and killed children on the beaches." The prime minister's wife, Emine – who this month organised a Women For Peace In Palestine lunch for the wives of Islamic dignitaries – also became involved, bursting into tears after telling reporters that "everything Peres said was a lie". Erdogan's outburst was his most high-profile in a series of outspoken attacks on Israel's Gaza operations. He had previously called the offensive – in which around 1,300 Palestinians died – a "crime against humanity" and demanded Israel's expulsion from the UN. His stance has shocked Israeli officials — used to considering Turkey as their closest regional ally — but played to the pro-Palestinian sentiments of the overwhelmingly Muslim Turkish public. Mass demonstrations in favour of Hamas have been staged in Istanbul and other cities. Such sympathies have prompted suggestions that Erdogan's rhetoric has been mainly for domestic political consumption and aimed at wooing voters at forthcoming municipal elections in March. Jewish groups have also voiced fears that the government's fierce anti-Israeli criticism is fuelling antisemitism The row with Peres overshadowed a dispute between the government and the International Montetary Fund that had seen Erdgoan accuse the fund of setting unacceptable conditions, after negotiations were suspended over a proposed loan to help Turkey weather the economic recession. On arriving at Ataturk airport, he depicted his Davos walk-out in nationalist terms, telling journalists: "This was a matter of the esteem and prestige of my country. I could not have allowed anyone to poison the prestige and in particular the honour of my country." He also denied his comments were aimed at the Israeli people or Jews in general. A world economic forum spokesman said Peres spoke with Erdogan on the phone after the debate and expressed his respect for Turkey. However, some observers believe Erdogan has sacrificed Turkish foreign policy, especially Turkey's self-appointed role as a regional mediator. Before the Gaza hostilities Turkey had been mediating in negotiations between Israel and Syria. There are also fears that the pro-Israel lobby in the US will back moves to recognise the massacres of Armenians by Ottoman forces in the first world war as genocide, a move Turkey vehemen...
10 Oct 2011
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A clash is erupted between 2 student groups in kelaniya campus..Police has come to calm down the situation...
26 Feb 2009
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helicopter clash in air real stuff
18 Mar 2009
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2 bull clash each other
16 Mar 2009
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Sound Clash 2009 received over 80 entries for the chance to win £1000 and a professional music video. From the original 80, fans voted for their Top Eight, with two others joining after being chosen by our judges, to form the Final Ten. A month of voting later, and Eleven Eleven claim the top spot.
20 Mar 2009
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30 May 2009
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Clashes, Neighborhood of Enqelab Sq., Tehran (20 June 2009)
22 Jun 2009
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Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 trailer. [08.07.2009]
5 Jun 2010
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Luke Evans * Clash of the Titans - Click for more *******www.RealTVfilms****
11 Aug 2009
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