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Jason from the Simple Cooking Club currently resides on the central coast of NSW, Australia. He started making cooking videos on YouTube 2010 and instantly saw the potential this medium could offer. Ever since that first upload it’s been full steam ahead and with over 1.1 Million subscribers he is now one of the biggest online food influencers in the world, sitting just behind Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. With his quirky and fun nature well ingrained in his videos he also offers something a little different and unique which people are drawn to.
Are you still cooking pasta in the microwave? Learn the 6 important rules for any pasta recipe with this quick Tips and Techniques video -- you'll have everything you need for your pasta dish in no time. Enjoy!
1 Oct 2007
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Do you find yours never turn out quite like they do at your favourite cafe? Find out all the secrets for perfect scrambled eggs with Antony Worrall Thompson as seen on ITV1's Daily Cooks. Find more great breakfast recipes at www***oksforcooks****
3 Oct 2007
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Always wondered why your risotto doesn't turn out so well? Find out how to make it perfectly every time with Antony Worrall Thompson's masterclass from ITV1's Daily Cooks. For more great risotto recipes visit www***oksforcooks****
5 Oct 2007
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Top Chef Bryn Williams cooks the dish he made for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
8 Oct 2007
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How to Cool your PC with cooking Oil
9 Oct 2007
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Hi, my name is Marie Lockwood. Cakes, Cooking and More is my website filled with videos of recipes that I prepare for my family and friends. This channel is all about cooking, baking and so much more! You will be able to find videos on all types of food and we upload a new video Monday thru Friday! I love to hear from everyone with questions and ideas, and will respond to as many as possible. Also, I'd love to hear about your experiences with cooking, baking and more!
Struggle with a peeler? Use hot water but end up with mush? Antony Worrall Thompson shows how easy it is to peel tomatoes on ITV1's Daily Cooks. For great tomato recipes visit www***oksforcooks****
10 Oct 2007
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Follow Antony Worrall Thompson's method and you'll have perfect orange segments every time. As seen on ITV1's Daily Cooks. For delicious orange recipes from top chefs visit www***oksforcooks****
10 Oct 2007
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Hell’s Kitchen’s Ralph Pagano tries his gourmet hand at moldy corn, ant eggs and worms in MOJO’s hi-def show Pressure Cook. Premieres Sunday 10-14 at 9:30 PM EST.
12 Oct 2007
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Adrian's first recipe. Typical Italian recipe with sausages, mushrooms and cheese cream. Easy to cook! More recipes are coming soon. Enjoy!
14 Oct 2007
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0:40 describes better way to cook funny video
16 Oct 2007
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0:30 describes better way to cook funny video
16 Oct 2007
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KhanaPakana**** - One stop source for Pakistani and Indian Cooking Recipes and Videos
19 Oct 2007
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