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Historical consultant Marcello Simonetta explains how some of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions are put to use by Ezio in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
3 Nov 2010
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After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark. In theaters April, 5th.
1 Mar 2012
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Tom (Martin Sheen) comes to France to collect the remains of his adult son (Emilio Estevez), killed in the Pyrenees in a storm while walking the route ‘The Way of Saint James'Driven by his profound sadness and desire to understand his lost son, Tom decides to embark on the historical pilgrimage, leaving his California life behind. On his journey he meets other pilgrims from around the world, all broken and looking for greater meaning in their lives. Directed by Emilio Estevez.
4 Apr 2011
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Gather to enjoy the rare amateur athletes from more than 40 nations gather enjoy the rare opportunity to compete on the same stage where Arnold Schwarzenegger captured his Mr. World title in Columbus, Ohio and has since hosted decades of international level competition in bodybuilding, fitness and figure events on the historic Veterans Memorial stage.
12 Sep 2009
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Barack finds boxing legend Jack Johnson tied up and drugged the night before his Heavyweight Championship fight. Barack runs for president against William Taft and delivers a historic speech in front of an unwelcoming crowd. Vote for a chance to win an iPad2! *******www.metacafe****/metavote/
14 May 2011
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This is the first ever flight of the world famous 70% RC Staudacher built by Bob Sawyer. This huge model airplane was built in 2000, and has a very rich history. The historic maiden flight took place on 8-24 in Illinois. More information about built, components, and the 1000cc ultra light motor can be found at FlyingGiants****
10 Sep 2007
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masters of kung fu, legendof all karate movies in the world, never forget this movies, R.I.P
4 Nov 2008
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Joking Operational Neuro-Organism 3000, Jonathan London, brings you a historic recording of Pause/Play, a weekly internet program that featured news on Blu-Ray or Digital Versatile Discs from a week in your human history. New to DVD and Blu-ray this Week: Silver Linings Playbook Star Trek: The Next Generation The Best of Both Worlds Funny Girl on Blu-ray The Guilt Trip History of The Eagles
1 May 2013
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*******www.dinosaurtypes**** to See a Lion Fighting a Tiger, and many other prehistoric, and animal stuff, including KOMODO DRAGONS. Ph yes, and sorry, i cant change the video, ot the one with the living prehistoric shark (the bigger one), cus i get load of hits for this, much more than usual, so i daresnt change it. It IS in my videos though, or you can go and find it on th emian website under OTHER PREHISTORIC CREATURES. Sorry about that, but htis just gets hit loads, so i cant touch it. yhere's nothign better than getting hit loads (strangely).
21 Jul 2008
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Get ready to be fascinated at the Greenfield Village Glass Shop at The Henry Ford in Dearborn. Watch skilled artists craft a popular piece using techniques perfected over hundreds of years. What can you do with a 2,100 degree hunk of hot glass? Watch and see.
17 Aug 2009
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Wajid will make all Pakistani like this. be aware all animist. The '''lion''' (''Panthera leo'') is a member of the family Felidae and one of four big cats in the genus ''Panthera''. With exceptionally large males exceeding 250 kg (550 lb) in weight, it is the second-heaviest living cat after the tiger. Wild lions currently exist in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia with a critically endangered remnant population in northwest India, having disappeared from North Africa, the Middle East, and Western Asia in historic times. Until the late Pleistocene (about 10,000 years ago), the lion was the most widespread large land mammal beside humans. They were found in most of Africa, much of Eurasia from western Europe to India and, in the Americas, from the Yukon to Peru.
22 Jan 2008
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From George Washington To Barack Obama - 44 Presidents of the United States - A Facemorphing Video
14 Nov 2008
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Historical Comedy
30 Jun 2008
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To prove the historical accuracy and attention to detail of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, we present to you the modern day sights of Rome and how they are portrayed in the game...
10 Nov 2010
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