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   Ave Maria! This week we return to our 6 steps to Catholicism. On the 4th step Fra Joseph continues to demonstrate that Christianity is the religion worthy of belief. He shows this by establishing that the sacred writers assigned to write the Gospel accounts were indeed the true sacred writers. Listen as we examine the historical reliability of The Gospels! Ave Maria!
18 Jul 2008
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*******antiquehistoricalmaps.blogspot**** Our 3 CD-Rom, royalty free clip art collection of Antique Historical Maps launch week is almost over, thank you to all who took part. We now have a nice new addition to our family of World of Maps clip art. Collection includes over 125 jpg vintage maps from the 1500s to the 1900s. Including World Projections, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, United States, some states and world cities, including, Paris, London, New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, Quebec, and more. Collection is perfect for graphic design, illustration, web site or education projects and scrapbooking. Jpg, rgb format, ready for print or electronic uses in two resolutions; 300dpi and 72dpi. Works with any program that can read jpg files, including Adobe PhotoShop and Indesign. Check out the Maps for Design CD Store at *******www.mapsfordesign**** To learn more on the collection visit: *******www.antiquehistoricalmaps****.
19 Jul 2008
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A cutesy oil promotional video from post World War 2 America that is intended to guide a young viewer through the processing of oil, from the oil rig drilling to crude oil refining. A young man named Bob and his faithful terrier visit an oil rig where they become transfixed by the processing of oil and petroleum hydrocarbons. Bob and his dog get a tour of the oil rig, see one being built, one dismantled, one catching fire, oil being shipped on tankers, and even gets to ogle the burned out hull of one of the ships that was destroyed by an oil fire. Particularly highlighted are oil rig jobs and what oil drilling companies do for the economy. This film also attempts to explain the importance of oil to the United States' daily operation, and describes multitudinous oil uses as more than just energy sources for cars and machinery. Historically significant, this film was made prior to America's dependence on oil, and serves as a benchmark in oil industry history.
28 May 2009
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*******www.DowningAgency**** - Artistically redone by renowned itinerant artist David B. Wiggins, and completely renovated, the Storer Mansion is in the heart of Kennebunk. This historic home was visited by Lafayette, Presidents, and was the birthplace of the author Kenneth Roberts. Hand painted murals, floors, and walls. Gorgeous custom kitchen with soapstone counters and cathedral ceiling, 6 fireplaces, handmade period paneling and so much more. An extraordinary and rare offering!
9 Feb 2009
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A brief look at chemtrails and orbs recorded above my house and a quick look at historical evidence of sightings from across the world.
5 Aug 2008
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This quaint historical film dramatizes the dramatic exploration of the American West by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as they set out to map a route to the Pacific Ocean from the Mississippi River. Thanks to strong performances by the Lewis and Clark portrayers, the film works extremely well and is highly entertaining. The story starts with Lewis and Clark receiving their mission from President Thomas Jefferson, and starting out from the Mississippi River. Throughout the Lewis and Clark expedition, they encounter many obstacles. But eventually their trail leads them to North Dakota where they meet French trader Toussaint Charbonneau, whose wife is the famed Native American Sacajawea. They contract with Toussaint and his Sacajawea for guidance to the Pacific Coast. While traveling, Sacajawea's abuse at the hands of Toussaint is touched upon, but brushed off. This and other racist and prejudiced attitudes are ever present in the film. In fact, the film is a good record of the history of racism and racial stereotypes in the 1950's. The Lewis and Clark journey continues to the Rockies, and along the Columbia River. This fun historical film is packed with Lewis and Clark facts, as well as details about the Lewis and Clark map.
5 Aug 2010
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This is a brilliant historical overview of the first 33 United States Presidents, produced in the early 1950's. The history of America is influenced by the Presidents of the United States' actions, the film describes the US Presidents in order from President George Washington, the first president in war and peace, to President Abraham Lincoln, a humble leader, who preserved the Union, and on up to the 50s. Stuffed with interesting President facts, the movie is fast moving and covers the great American leaders at a break neck pace. Certain leaders receive more mention than others, such as President Woodrow Wilson who won the Nobel Prize for his efforts in World War I and helped form the League of Nations. Lastly, President Eisenhower, the thirty-third president, was the architect of victory in World War II. America has had many great executive power leaders and the legacy of these men will surely continue to influence the way America’s leaders serve.
7 Aug 2008
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This astonishing historical film educates the audience about the old plantation system in the South, but does so in a revealing way that exposes the racist attitudes and the remnants of slavery in the South. At the beginning of the film, a white family takes one of many available old plantation tours and learns about the layout of the plantation, including the main house, the surrounding fields, and the slave quarters where blacksmiths, carpenters, and field hands worked and lived. The echoes of slavery are ever present, as these were certain slave plantations during black slavery. After viewing the old plantation house, the tourists go around the countryside by car, observing the South in the 1950's. The footage captures images of black tenet farmers working in the cotton fields and at their houses which differ little from the old slave quarters. This demonstrates how southern segregation had hardly ceased. In the end, a group of well-dressed whites are shown at an outdoor party, while the narrator says, “Today, if we visit a social gathering in the South, we'll see some of these things. The gentle manners and courtesy. The separation of society into distinct groups. And the relationship of that society to the land, which supplies its wealth. These are some of the things the plantation system has contributed to Southern life.” This is a fascinating and absorbing film due to its antiquated position on African American slavery and slave plantation homes.
24 Oct 2009
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Kentucky Pioneers is a great historical dramatization produced by Encyclopedia Britannica about the settling and creation of the State of Kentucky. A fascinating piece of Kentucky history, the engaging story follows two families who begin their journey West to Kentucky. The wilderness road they faced was certainly dangerous, but such was early American pioneer life during the great westward expansion. They face many hardships and dangers along the way. For a short time, both families are welcomed into a fort community where they have a chance to build up their lives, farm, and home, ensuring their future on the frontier. As true early frontiersman, they must build everything from scratch, including early American log cabins. Despite all of the hardships and uncertainty they face which was common in the life of a frontiersman, they know that if they don’t succeed in Kentucky, there are places further West they can explore and live freely. This American pioneer video is well produced history
8 Aug 2008
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Interview of an inhabitant and activist of Wekerle, an historical ecological project in Budapest, Hungary. A video of the project *******
12 Aug 2008
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Part 3 of 5 presents historical proof for past catastrophic flybys of Planet X and ancient predictions regarding 2012. Produced and hosted by Marshall Masters, a former CNN science feature field producer, this program offers a straightforward view of this coming human event. As the co-author and publisher of Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide, Marshall believes that 2012 will be a survivable, evolutionary event.
12 Aug 2008
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This video shows the actual gun firing at the historic fort snelling, minneapolis. There was lot of wind on the parade ground so there is lot of disturbance in the video..but overall quiet enjoyable
19 Aug 2008
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Soldiers performing retreat parade at the parade ground of historic fort snelling, minneapolis. The parade is performed as a symbol that the day is over., i.e last parade of the day.
19 Aug 2008
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This is the haunted historic mansion in Joliet IL. It is one of the locations that our Haunted Historic Locations - tours and locations visit. For more details just go to: hauntedhistoriclocations****
21 Oct 2008
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[High Quality]Fireworks after Barack Obama's Historic Acceptance Speech at the DNC
24 Oct 2008
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San Diego Steel Products Chenowth Indy Roadster at the Monterey Historics Race at Laguna Seca
5 Sep 2008
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