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Get the fastest, most intense full-body workout... in 3 minutes with the 1-Rep Isometric Gym. Build muscle, burn fat, get strong... FAST.
22 Oct 2008
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*******www.animal-kingdom-workouts****/ This video explains why isometric exercises work and why they are so effective
2 Aug 2009
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www.animal-kingdom-workouts**** - This video explains how isometric exercises are able to build muscle and strength so effectively in so little time.
4 Aug 2009
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www.animal-kingdom-workouts**** - This video explores one of the first scientific studies done on isometric exercises using frogs.
6 Aug 2009
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www.powerisometrics**** - This video explains how isometric exercises work.
27 Oct 2009
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For more info visit www.bodymassagevideo**** Adductor magnus muscle isotonic,isometric,stretch exersices
30 Nov 2011
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In this week's podcast, I demonstrate a few different abdominal exercises that you can try along with me in your own home. They're more challenging than the boring stuff you may be used to, but I guarantee you'll feel and see the difference!
16 Feb 2010
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The Isometric core challenge to check your core strength. Are you tough enough?
8 Mar 2008
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Visit *******www.ProGolfStretchingExercises**** for more free Golf Exercise Tips such as this 'Instant Results': Golf Stretching Exercise - Isometric Golf Stretch: Butterfly Twist for Golf Performance
25 Sep 2008
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Welcome to Get Hot Stay Hot! A show where we help you get in shape and stay in shape with fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle tips. Ms Michele introduces the 1st in a two part series on Isometrics/Isotonic's, instructing viewers on proper technique and explains the overall benefits of Isometric exercising. Showing examples of Legs, Glutes and Abdominal exercises.
10 Aug 2010
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In this video I create an isometric villa in MSpaint I hope you like it :)
27 Sep 2007
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the DVD Volume 1 Boris provides a detailed verbal explanation followed by on caption commentaries at the time of hands-on performance. He teaches how to perform region specific self-massage that targets alleviation of Neck and Upper back pain, including trigger point therapy, application of hot stones and ice massage, post isometric relaxation techniques, and rehabilitative exercises. This program includes treatment for your muscle pain and, in some cases, will be able to self help yourself to avoid neck headache, severe neck injury or even neck surgery. This DVD is designed as a home study educational program and is essentially a course in sports medicine and contains theoretical as well practical parts. It's easy to study and you can use offered techniques immediately. If you sustain Neck and Upper Back injuries during sports activities, car accidents or work either caused by a repeated motion injuries like prolong seating in front of a computer, or performing any work that strains the neck and upper back, this program is effective in self helping one to feel better as well as in preventing possible developments of complications related to the original trauma.
29 Jan 2009
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*******www.FacialMagic**** Cynthia Rowland explains how Facial Exercise can help you create a Natural Face Lift. Facial Magic is a Facial Exercise program that will Tighten, Tone, and Lift the face Naturally through isometric movements.
19 Apr 2011
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*******jumpingtechnique.plus101**** ---How to Increase Your Vertical Jump For Basketball Fast. Discover How You Can Instantly Sky Rocket Your Vertical Jump 4", 6", Even 8"+ Inches TODAY . Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded is the first system of its kind. You wiill find nothing like this unless you higher Olympic or World coaches. It is the first of its kind and can GUARANTEE: Instant Results the first time you use the system The Shortest Vertical Jump Workout (9 minutes give or take) On the Market that needs absolute NO Equipment or weight training The Easiest Workout On the Market that still yields Amazing Results 3″ -- 5″ inches before dinner tonight! How to Increase Your Vertical Jump For Basketball Fast jumping basket jumps speed higher increase leap improve exercise isometrics dunk training quickness ways how to learn
29 Jul 2011
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