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On behalf of Digital Records, Dawg Productions, Power Music INC., and WGE (The World Global Express); this is DJ Blazin's "Did You Get My Message" official music video featuring Poncho, Twan Jacobs, and Mikal Howard. Enjoy and keep blazin. Copyright 2017 Digital Records, Dawg Productions, Power Music INC., and WGE (The World Global Express) All Rights Reserved.
10 Apr 2017
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people send this video around, to make yourselves feel better, it is an inspiration for all retards to try to sing and get themselves on to youtube. Oh by the way, this song is sung by John Jacob Niles, and its a slow ballad, i decided to remix it and sing it faster. Dont worry about the smiles, i'm just getting spasms in between.
3 Dec 2006
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Jacob Johnson playing to a few random songs, improv. as you can tell. Constructive crit. please! This video started out as a joke but sounded pretty cool and different by the end so decided to post. If you don't like drums or music then don't watch it. If you did'nt like it, let us know why and maybe we could clean up the next video we post. THANKS
21 Feb 2007
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30 Apr 2007
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1 May 2007
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This music video features footage from the new Discovery Channel BBC Mini-Series Planet Earth and also features the music of Jacob Miller www.jacobmillermusic****
9 May 2007
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Jacob Safety Man, the 7 year old safe smart, is introduced in his first of a series of safety videos. The young, courageous, helmet wearing safety man will help protect you from the real dangers that threat our society today.
28 Jun 2007
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jacob wii
10 Aug 2007
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Just a preview of a few episodes of a little show called Hurt Jacob. Unfortunately some of the best episodes were lost somehow, and these are all that remain.
23 Aug 2007
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4 Sep 2007
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Corporate Presenter Jeremy Jacobs introduces top business guru and speaker Geoff Burch
8 Sep 2007
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jacob wolkenhauer accident
25 Sep 2007
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*******www.salemglobal**** Raphi Salem is kinda tired after all day trade show at NY Xpo at the Jacob Javits center new york city. excited to return rental truck and furniture, having fun with friends. The New York Expo otherwise known as NY Xpo at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City was a great trade show for Salem Global Internet Website Marketing and a great show for clients, partners and friends who had booths and/ or showed up. MedexSupply**** Medical Supplies, International Cell Phone Rental from TravelCell****, Ramon Ray Small Business Summit, Rob Levin, NY Enterprise Report and much much more. Pictures and full report hopefully coming tomorrow and Friday. Also great to see old friends and new ones, old colleagues and new and plenty of networking networking networking… We will certainly be back next year. We had the best booth on the floor and certainly will be taking advantage of that space again year after year…
30 Nov 2007
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Marc Jacobs present the crew of the Kiteboarding trip in Boracay
28 Dec 2007
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Daxflmae-Me planning out how I will earn the gift of friendship from Jacob, with a little bit of a plot twist in the last 6-7 seconds.
4 Jan 2008
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Profile of Marc Jacobs who did a couple of stops on the PKRA this year. Marc is sponsored by North Kiteboarding and comes from New Zeland.
8 Jan 2008
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