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Malay song from the 90s. I don't own the song, I don't know the band and no, I won't send any MP3 of the song. And no, until now I have yet to manage to acquire the video of the song. I will put it up if I ever find it. Lyrics: Beza antara kita Rupa darjat dan harta Sudikah kau terima Bukan niat di hati Betapa kumerinduimu Hati dan naluri Seharusnya kau tahu Betapa kemerinduimu Kekasihku... Punah hasrat di minda Untuk hidup bersama Pabila kau tiada... Masa berlalu jua Aku tiada terdaya Biarlah kurasa... Seharusnya kau tahu Betapa kemerinduimu Kekasihku... Maafkan diriku ini Tiada rela jua jadi begini Tika cinta kian bersemi Oh relakanlah kupergi..
4 Dec 2009
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25 Dec 2009
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My mum's birthday on 7th October, and this is the song which I dedicate to her. Video made, for her to listen to the song mostly. Happy Birthday, Mum... She's not just a Mother, but a bestfriend to me. =) ---------------------------- Self-made video for the Malay song 'Untuk Mu Ibu', using photos of the band, Exists. Video include lyrics to the song. Song is the first Old version. The original song by Exists back in early 1990s (when they were so young!). To hear the new version by the band, visit their official myspace. Links shown in the video as well. ---------------------------- Exists was formed in late March 1991. First started off with 6 members, and in the past years, there were/are a lot of changes to the band, with lesser and few different members. The song 'Untuk Mu Ibu' was a great hit back then, and remain as one of the best favourite songs to many people still. Song title means 'For You, Mother'. The title says it all. It's a beautiful song, with meaningful lyrics to it. I'll try to translate the song in English and put it up here. Exists Official Myspace: www.myspace****/theofficialexists Exists Official Site: www.exists****.my
27 Dec 2009
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Malay baju kurung in all its splendour.
6 Mar 2010
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One of the most interesting and keynote spots in the city is Merdeka Square, which wraps together plenty of the countrys history in its architecture and timeline; a real unblemished throwback from the colonial era it fuses that flavor with its Moorish-inspired buildings and symbolism of the modern, independent Malaysian state. Meredeka Square was built by the British colonialists as a reminder of home and a place where they could relax and socialize in familiar surroundings. It is sandwiched between Jalan Sultan Hishamudin and just up the road from the Central Market, Jamek Mosque and the point at which the Klang and Gombak Rivers merge. The huge rectangular pandan (field), an wide open space which is striking for this modern, crowded city, is surrounded on all sides by an array of interesting and architecturally-differing buildings. It symbolizes British rule with its cricket pitch and the Tudor-styled Royal Selangor Club the most-exclusive whites-only club in the city. Approach Merdeka Square and the most striking sight is the flagpole, a 100-metre high thick steel tube bolted in sections, with the Malaysian national flag hoisted aloft, fluttering in gentle breeze. This giant flagpole, reportedly the highest in the world, marks the place where, at exactly midnight on August 31, 1957, the Union Jack was lowered and the Malaysian flag was raised to signify independence from British colonial rule. Hence the name Merdeka Square (Independence Square or Dataran Merdeka). The most impressive building to line the square is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, built at the very end of the 19th Century to house British colonial administrative departments. The architect, one A. C. Norman, had travelled extensively through Africa and India and he fused these styling influences into his project in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The two-story high building with arch-after-arch has been immaculately restored and today it is still in use, home to some judicial functions. At each end there are round towers with winding staircases and that are topped by copper domes, while its - famous - focal point is its 40-metre high, square-cut clock tower which is known locally as Big Ben. Next to the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, and in a very similar architectural style is the Textile Museum which bookends one corner of the square. This striking, and again perfectly restored building, was formerly the headquarters of the Federated Malay States Railway and designed by the prolific A. B. Hubbard who was responsible for many buildings in the city; it opened in 1905. While its masonry and striped-effect is similar to its neighbour, the towers are octagonal and their domes are more detailed and delicate. Next to the Textile Museum and filling out one of the narrow ends of the square is the National History Museum (Muzium Sejarah Nasional) a lavishly-styled building that opened in 1910 as a commercial bank. In 1996 it became a museum and today is a major tourist attraction. As I have landed in Kuala Lumpur during Chinese New Year the city is in shutdown mode and the National History Museum, just like the Textile Museum is shut, in fact there are few people around. The rolling expanses of Merdeka Square are virtually empty save for the odd coach briefly disgorging a scattering of tourists onto the green field. The museum gives little away save some Mogul motifs on the stonework while at the rear a compound tucked away behind a fence reveals a packed line-up of old trucks. On the opposite side of the field to the Sultan Abdul Samad Building is the Royal Selangor Club, founded in 1884 and once the socialising focal point in the city for colonial powers. The padang was used as a cricket pitch in those days and the Royal Selangor Club, started its life in on northeastern corner of the field as a tap room on top of a small wooden building before a new structure was built in its current location in 1890 by A.C. Norman, followed by the current edifice in 1910. The Club is finished in black-and-white mock Tudor style with a red tiled roof and three gable ends, that brought the colonialists a sense of home in a distant land. That end of the square is edged by a curved fountain on pillars rising from tiled pools with water dropping from a channel chasing across the top, dropping vertically through a series of holes as well as cascading at an angle off each end though circles of purple flowered foliage into round pools. The title Dataran Merdeka meanwhile is emblazoned onto the fountain. Just behind the square I find a small, neat garden which is home the unusual .
29 May 2010
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malay college, koleq, mckk wind orchestra 1st song - awan yang terpilu
10 Jun 2010
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January 29, 1942. The Japanese advance down the Malay coast towards the the British naval base of Singapore.
2 Oct 2010
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yuna gadis semasa malay
8 Oct 2010
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malay roots song
4 Mar 2011
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Here's a video montage in Los Angeles at Hot Import Nights . I decided to slow it down and give it an R&B slow jam feel. I have to give it up to Carla Maria for the best outfit of the show in my opinion. Import model appearances from Carla Maria, Natalie Keen, Justene Jaro, Ashlee Sem, Reena Vasquez, Sandy Marie, Michelle Zen, Sasha Singleton, Angie Romasanta, Pagina Lo, Sara Brinsfield, Kat Gutierrez, Abby M, Melanie Tillbrook, Alex Lynn, Stephanie Ly, Sunisa Kim, Miss Jaeden, Lori Malay & Christine Mendoza. ***********/RomeoTV *******www.myspace****/ImportFlavour For any BOOKINGS or INQUIRIES, email importflavourhotmail****
7 Jul 2011
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Add my fanpage on facebook! You can find me with Bonnie Freechyld and on Twitter the same! Hot, tired, in New York, why not make a youtube video of a Malay song again!? Even if I have to look at the words sometimes LOL
22 May 2012
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*tentang bahagian 2 - memaparkan tentang anak angkatnya zaid (r.a) berkongsi maklumat pada kawan-kawannya, tentang apa yang dialami pamannya di gua hira'.. dan orang Quraisy yang cuba merasuah Nabi (Saw) menerusi pamannya pecahbelah ahli keluarga kerana berdegil untuk mempercayakan utusan yang diterima Rasulullah Saw the message movie sarikata dalam bahasa indonesia singapura brunei malaysia malay melayu subtites *about part 2 - his adopted son zaid (r.a) sharing what his father experience in the hira' cave to his friends, the arab quraish trying to bribe the Prophet through his uncle and how break up for unable the Message revealed by Muhammad (Saw) as not wanting to believe he is the Messenger of ALLAH
20 Jun 2012
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*tentang bahagian 3 memaparkan tentang percobaan Nabi (Saw) tuk diperdengarkan setelah menerima wahyu untuk mengisytiharkan Islam dan dimana orang quraisy tidak lansung mahu menerima dan menyiksa dera hukum para pengikut-pengikut Nabi mula dijalankan the message movie sarikata dalam bahasa indonesia singapura brunei malaysia malay melayu subtites sarikata dalam bahasa [indonesia singapura brunei malaysia malay melayu] subtitled *about part 3 about how the Prophet tried to be heard after recieving the message from ALLAH to reveal Islam and the abuse torture of the arab quraish to his fellow followers start to take place
20 Jun 2012
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Sami Yusuf - You Came To Me (Feat. Dato' Siti Nurhaliza) Music & words by Sami Yusuf (Malay Translation by Yasin Sulaiman) Produced by ETM International. Copyright of ETM International. Distributed and Exclusively Licensed to Arteffects International. (P)&(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved. Sami Yusuf "Salaam" World Tour 2012 SINGAPORE: 8 July 2012, Singapore Indoor Stadium. Ticket: *******www.sistic****.sg MALAYSIA: 14 July 2012, Stadium Malawati Shah Alam. Ticket: *******redtix.airasia**** Other Links: Sami Yusuf Facebook: *******www.facebook****/SamiYusuf Sami Yusuf Twitter: *******www.twitter****/SamiYusuf Sami Yusuf Official: *******www.samiyusufofficial**** ETM International: *******www.etminternational**** Arteffects Facebook: *******www.facebook****/ArteffectsInternational Arteffects Twitter: *******www.twitter****/ArteffectsInt
28 Jun 2012
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Chef Rodelio Aglibot is known as "The Food Buddah." Executive chef at E+O Food and Drink, in Mount Prospect, Ill., near Chicago, he stopped by "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to share his ultimate dish: Malay style fish.
9 Mar 2013
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hihi.. tgk jer aa...
19 May 2009
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