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Yep a kind of pointless movie about waking up at graspop metal meeting festival 2007 in Flanders Belgium. But i bet ur glad i stopped the tape in time hehehe ;)
25 Jun 2007
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Showing how to perform a trick called "Psychic Metal Bending". This is an elementary level "Psychic Metal Bending" trick that everybody could perform. Try not to tell your buddies about this performance so that your performance will be impressive as much as possible! (^ ^)
4 Jul 2007
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We supply Veriety of Scrap metal from south Korea. This is a short video of our office.
5 Jul 2007
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Metal up your ass.
6 Jul 2007
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7:30 -- Tungsten is a crucial strategic resource both commercially and militarily. Andrew Mickey of Small Cap Commodity Prospector provides his outlook on this metal -- and the tiny company set to exploit the demand for it. For TFN's latest FREE Hot Stock Pick of the Week Research Report, please click here/follow this link:
7 Jul 2007
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Nitric acid is one of the strongest acids in chemistry. Nitric acid is still used today in the mining of Gold as it dissolves common metals very effectively. It even attacks Silver but not Gold – which is why gold is so easily divided from other metals. Gold does not react with Nitric acid. The Magnesium and the Copper shavings react very quickly, releasing a reddish brown gas. The Zinc granules react after a little while in the same way. What is left in the flasks is a solution of the metal salts created by the reaction – the Copper Nitrate solution is green, the Zinc and Magnesium Nitrate solutions are yellow. Nitric acid attacks almost all common and even some of the precious metals, such as Silver and Copper. The only exceptions are the ‘noble’ metals, Gold, Platinum and Iridium. A few other metals, namely Iron, Chrome and Aluminium, are also immune because of their passivation. They form a protective oxidized layer which cannot be dissolved by the acid. Zinc also forms such a layer but it does depend on the distribution of the metal – the finer the dissemination in the acid, the stronger and quicker the reaction. Oxidation: 3 Mg ->3 Mg2+ +6e- Reduktion: 2 NO3- + 8H3O+ + 6e- -> 2 NO + 12 H2O 3 Mg + 2 NO3- + 8 H3O+ -> 3 Mg2+ 2NO + 12 H2O The released Nitrogen Monoxide is colourless but reacts immediately with the Oxygen to form brown Nitrogen Oxide. 2 NO (uncoloured) + O2 -> 2 NO2 (brown)
10 Jul 2007
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Watch the latest metal gear solid 4 E3 2007 It's pretty exciting Get yours Now !!! =>
17 Jul 2007
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funny kid heavy metal church recital 7 year old Heavy Metal Recital melt down
18 Jul 2007
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A machine which is made only to move little metal balls on different ramps .....and make people laught.
19 Jul 2007
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No Control host Chuck reviews Canadian heavy metal band 3 Inches of Blood and plays their latest music video "Goatriders Horde".
19 Jul 2007
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playing riff metal
19 Jul 2007
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A pretty intense heavy metal song that I wrote. In it I play all 3 guitar parts, do the vocals, and programmed the drums on my computer. Hope you enjoy
20 Jul 2007
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0:26 A metal remix of Big blue from the F-Zero series recorded by the members of Ranal Ape. Go to to get more free video game music and Ranal Ape recordings. You will also find guitar and bass tabs, articles and lessons, and lots of links to other great sites.
20 Jul 2007
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Metal Funny Dancer
11 Jan 2008
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Rock Punk Metal band performs 3 songs and an interview hosted by TFG. "This isn't punk. This isn't rock. This is War"
28 Jul 2007
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A Metal Slug interrogation by T.J. of the crew edited by T.J.
30 Jul 2007
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