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Sick Mind Part 2 - Experimental video art project by Lucius Kuert (www.whitelynx****) with original soundtrack.
18 Apr 2007
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Take a closer look on Mind Warp and what do you see there? be careful with that! or it will confuse you and your mind...
22 Apr 2007
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Learn this mind reading trick wich david copperfield once peformed!!.
22 Apr 2007
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Usura - open your mind (1992)
1 May 2007
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Sick Mind Part 3 - Experimental video art project by Lucius Kuert (www.whitelynx****) with original soundtrack.
10 May 2007
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Awesome Mind Power techniques and secrets contained in the Mind Power Fast Affirmations Video Visualization can tap the power of the subconscious mind and have you sending out powerful thought vibrations that can help you create your reality. Mind Control Power has been used for healing, seduction, love, career advancement and life enhancement. The complete line of personal development positive affirmation and abundance motivational video visualizations are free at www.wealthvibes****.
15 May 2007
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I lift a pen with my mind
16 May 2007
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C how simple it is to know what is on your mind... YOU WILL BE AMAZED
22 May 2007
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Sick Mind Part 4 - Experimental video art project by Swiss artist Lucius Kuert
4 Jun 2007
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Learn to do this is a selfworking mind reader with numbers. Performed my street magicians. It`s very impressive. Try it on your friends or family . No 100% guarantee. ;)
5 Jun 2007
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this is my mind bending video...Hope you like it!
6 Jun 2007
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My Mind Movie which I watch for inspiration and I hope to inspire others with it too
23 Jul 2007
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Sayadaw U Tejaniya's discussion about the mind
1 Aug 2007
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Somehow this 12 year old kid is able to read your mind in this video! You can play it over and over and he still gets the card you are thinking of.
4 Aug 2007
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FACT: You are made of the same vibrating energy as all other physical matter. Thus, from this moment on, your subconscious mind is harmonizing and aligning itself with all of the electronic machinery of our modern world. You will begin experiencing miraculous fortune within three days of seeing any electronic, numerically controlled red light of any kind, anywhere within your world. Your subconscious mind is now analyzing all of the audio frequencies produced by all electronic devices world wide and aligning your personal time lines and travels so that all devices will begin to work miracles in your most beneficial favor. ATM's, Stoplights, Computers, Lottery Machines, Cash Registers... SECRET AMPLIFIER: “Redopticus-Diodicus” by CHROMATICUS available at Apple iTunes.
13 Aug 2007
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METAPHYSICAL MIND MASSAGE MEDITATION ~ Enter Infinite Wealth You are henceforth choosing to enter into only the most wonderful situations... and thus you will be experiencing the most wonderf You are henceforth choosing to enter into only the most wonderful situations... and thus you will be experiencing the most wonderful results! Your subconscious mind is now becoming fully aware of the infinite abundance of excellent opportunities to enjoy epic wealth within all areas of your life. Within the next seventeen days a miraculous opportunity to create or enter into a positive agreement, collaboration or creative financially rewarding project of some kind may be offered to you. In response to the offer you will make one of the most brilliant, logical and rewarding decisions of your life thus far. You and every fiber of your existence is now aligning itself to assure that you will be entering an infinity of wondrous, life improving opportunities to exponentially expand all levels of love, luck, happiness, health and wealth within your life, now and forever. BONUS: Audio Attraction Amplifier Music: "Entranceicus-Infiniticus" by CHROMATICUS. Available at Apple iTunes. Additional Associations: Abundance Beauty Caring Desire Education Financial Success Gratitude Happiness Imagination Joy Kindness Love Magic New Opportunity Passion, Power Quintessential Receiving Supernatural Tremendous Universal Victorious Wonderful X-Factor Yes Zeal! *All content within this video has been either created and or licensed by this producer / uploader.
14 Aug 2007
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