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Omagaz www.omagaz****
28 Aug 2009
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Omagaz www.omagaz****
28 Aug 2009
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American Pie Beta House Trailer Video
9 May 2008
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Move over Anderson Cooper, Matt Zaller is finally asking the tough questions. American Reunion hits theaters April 6.
31 Mar 2012
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Millimetres certainly do matter when it comes to firing pies at insects!
30 Apr 2007
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Preview of World's First Rotating Skyscraper Preview of World's First Rotating Skyscraper The Associated PressArchitect Dr. David Fisher unveiled the Dynamic Tower,  the world's first building in motion. The rotate skyscrapers, which are planned worldwide, have floors which rotate independently to create a building that constantly changes shape. (June 24) Is it the skyscraper of the future? Or just a "pie in the sky" idea? Italian architect David Fisher unveiled in New York the design for what he's calling the world's first "building in motion." It's an 80-story residential tower with revolving floors, ostensibly set for construction in Dubai this fall. (David Fisher, Architect) "It's the first building that is dynamic, changing its' shape. You can adjust the shape any given moment." Fisher says he is also slated to build one of the "dynamic" buildings in Moscow, and, he hopes, New York City. He says the buildings also double as power generators: wind turbines on every floor will provide power. "Wind has a very negative affect on skyscrapers we all know. So I say 'why do we want to fight the wind?' Why don't we use the wind, to our own benefit? The Dubai condos are going for three-thousand dollars a square foot. Lifts will allow penthouse residents to park their cars right in their apartments. Fisher says the building parts will be prefabricated in a factory in Italy then assembled at the final location. The architect says he'd like to have the Dubai building ready to live in by 2010. Ted Shaffrey, The Associated Press, New York
27 Jun 2008
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Unfortunately, being awkward & sex-obsessed is something you just don't outgrow. Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion. In theaters April 6.
28 Mar 2012
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I just found out that my friend got into Georgia Tech and I did not. The only reason he was accepted was that he is kind of good at dodgeball and he cheated on his SATs. Well I was not going to stand for this injustice...
6 Nov 2006
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A boy that his "friends"says sing verry bad, and the don't this is real magic!! know how to sing, but the reality he sings beatyfu
26 May 2008
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From : Not Another teen movie American Pie 1-6 Crank Eurotrip Music : Scotty Doesn't Know Enrique Iglesias-Can you hear me ? Made by : Sorin ( SS Productions )
5 Oct 2008
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Team Cuisine is going to teach you some things about pot pie.
18 May 2014
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www.alanawez**** We did this at our local mall! OMG! One of them cries! Funny! Haha!
4 May 2008
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