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Video Title: Take Me Also Known As: 情不自禁, Qing bu zi jin Year: 1991 Director: Cha Chuen Yee Starring: Veronica Yip Yuk Hing, Ken Tong Chun Yip, Hui Siu Hung, Maria Tung Ling, Ng Sing Fat, Charlie Cho Cha Lei Country: Hong Kong Genre: Adult, Cat III, Comedy Subtitle: English, Chinese Size: 1.05 GB Resolution: 640×480 Length: 01:29:27 Video format: DX50 A woman's husband dies on their wedding night, before they can consecrate the marriage. But he assures her that he'll watch over her from beyond the grave as she searches for a new mate. Romantic misadventures ensue. "Milk" sadly narrates how her husband died on their wedding night, pre-conjugals. Husband's soul leaves the body and benevolently announces he'll watch over her while she seeks out a new guy. At a party, Milk is comforted by highly-oversexed friend Maria, while Human Dick (Charlie Cho Cha Lei, who else?) impersonates a....guess what? Milk and her new boyfriend, boyishly-handsome Ronald, are robbed and he chases the robbers, leading to some fun fu antics, but they eventually throw him into the sea, and he can't swim....... So Milk looks for another boyfriend. Poor painter Wai is tiring of his snooty girlfriend and patron Amy, who pleads with him to paint her in the nude, but he's not interested. Crooks break into the gallery while Milk is there, and they make everyone strip and tie them up in facing pairs. Wai is paired with Milk, predictable results. So Wai becomes Milk's third man, but dead hubby starts getting jealous, causing mischief. Milk moves in with Wai, but Ronald turns up again. Ronald had been saved by boat people. And here starts the seriously silly bedroom farce. Milk pretends to be Ronald's Filipina maid, and tries to keep them ignorant of each other. When the truth comes out, the two guys alternate between fighting each other and fussing over Milk. In the end, she ends up with just one of them.....or does she?
13 Oct 2013
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Polish : Ostatnia walka z filmu Yip Man 2 (2010) English: Last fight of the movie Ip Man 2 (2010) Chinese : 電影葉問的最後一戰 Opis filmu ( Polish): Po zakończeniu II wojny światowej mistrz Ip Man przybywa do Hongkongu, gdzie działa kilka szkół walki. Mimo tego udaje się mu zdobyć grupę uczniów i dzięki niej mieć pieniądze na utrzymanie swojej rodziny. Po pewnym czasie musi przyjąć wyzwanie pozostałych mistrzów, by móc dalej prowadzić własną szkołę. Jedna z walk zostaje nierozstrzygnięta, a w międzyczasie władze brytyjskie Hongkongu organizują walkę, w której uczestniczy niepokonany jak dotąd bokser. (English): After the end of World War II master Ip Man arrives in Hong Kong, where there are several martial arts schools. Despite this, he manages to get a group of students and thanks to have money to support his family. After some time, must accept the challenge of other masters, to be able to continue to run their own school. One of the struggles is unresolved, and in the meantime the British authorities of Hong Kong organized a struggle in which it participates as yet undefeated boxer. 簡介 (Chinese) 簡介 (Chinese): 二戰結束後,師傅葉問來到香港,那裡有好幾個武術學校。儘管這樣,他設法得到一組學生,並感謝有資金來支持他的家人。一段時間後,必須接受其他高手的挑戰,才能夠繼續運行他們自己的學校。其中的鬥爭是沒有得到解決,在此期間香港的英國當局組織其參與迄今不敗拳手的鬥爭。
27 Oct 2014
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I bet I'm the only one who wasn't traumatized by this clip.
6 Oct 2008
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jkd foundation . classical. 108 dummy techniques, The real deal.
10 Apr 2009
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Late Grandmaster Ip Man performing the Siu Lim Tao form
5 Jun 2009
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I used to love this song when I was a kid.
25 Jun 2009
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Just giving the seniors at Yee Hong nursing home a form demostration on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year.
6 Sep 2009
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7 Sep 2009
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red high heels
29 Jul 2010
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15 Sep 2010
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NOTE: HIGH-QUALITY version is available. Just click on the "watch in high quality" link near the views count to see it. I will upload the best version for download some time later. If you don't see the option, try this link: ***********/watch?v=OM8Y0_OnFgg&fmt=18 (be sure to close the current window as this opens a new one) ------------ This is an animation video for the classic song 上海灘 ("Shanghai Bund") in Cantonese with romanization pinyin for those who cannot read the language but would like to sing along nonetheless. :) All video animations and the overall presentation were done by me. Static background image was obtained from a user's album at PhotoBucket: *******media.photobucket****/image/shanghai%20bund/montel81/Shanghai01105.jpg This is one of my music videos so be sure to check out my other videos and subscribe to be informed of future updates. Please leave your comments, suggestions, or any requests you may have. Thank you!
20 Sep 2010
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14 Oct 2010
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My beginning training with (for me new ) wing chun Mook Yan Chong(air) sections. www.wingtjunimpact****
22 Feb 2011
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This is a little clip compilation that I made in an hour of Sesame Street's Aliens
16 Jan 2012
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die kleinen süßen dinger und der computer
29 Jan 2012
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This has already been posted but that copy has the Noggin logo so here's my copy which is logo free.
23 Sep 2012
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