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How to Identify thoracic abdominal aneurysm|Aortic Dissection Symptoms An aortic dissection is a tear in the inner layer of your aorta (the biggest blood vessel in your body). Blood then pours through the tear, splitting (aka "dissecting") the inner and middle layers of your aorta. To identify an aortic dissection, it is key to characterize the nature of your chest pain, including its onset and intensity as well as where it radiates to (such as radiating to your back). It is also key to look out for associated symptoms that may go alongside an aortic dissection. If you suspect that you are having an aortic dissection, go to the Emergency Room immediately, and call 911 if you need an ambulance to bring you there. Receiving prompt diagnosis and treatment is essential and may in fact save your life. 1 Look out for sudden, intense chest pain.[1] Sudden intense chest pain can occur in a number of serious medical conditions, including heart attacks, certain acute lung problems, and also in aortic dissection. If you are experiencing severe chest pain, go to your local Emergency Room immediately. It may be a sign of an aortic dissection, which is a life-threatening condition that needs immediate emergency medical attention. Even if it is not an aortic dissection, severe chest pain may be another medical emergency (such as a heart attack or a blood clot in your lung, among other things) so it is key to receive professional medical attention immediately. Ask a friend or family member to drive you straight to the Emergency Room, or call 911 to have an ambulance bring you there. 2 Watch for chest pain that radiates to your back.[2] One of the "red flag" (key) symptoms that leads doctors to suspect an aortic dissection is if your chest pain radiates through to your back. It is most often felt as an intense "ripping" sensation, and frequently correlates to aortic dissection. However, imaging tests will need to be done to confirm the diagnosis of aortic dissection. Aortic dissec
28 Sep 2017
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Sinopsis: Este joven equipo de superhéroes mutantes fue creado por el escritor Chris Claremont y el artista Bob McLeod en 1982. Estos adolescentes eran estudiantes de la escuela del Profesor Xavier para Jóvenes Talentos, donde aprendieron cómo ser superhéroes. Los miembros originales incluían a Bala de Cañón (que puede generar energía termo-química que le impulsa hacia adelante a gran velocidad), Karma (que puede poseer físicamente los cuerpos de otras personas), Danielle Moonstar (AKA Psyche o Mirage, capaz de generar ilusiones), Mancha Solar (que puede canalizar y absorber energía solar), y Wolfsbane (heroína que puede transformarse en hombre lobo). El reparto estå formado por Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Rosario Dawson, Henry Zaga y Charlie Heaton.
14 Oct 2017
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Rj aka Tricky freestyling live at Shiny Studios
18 Jul 2007
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(music) D-Formation aka Dimas - D 4 One vs. WICKED GAME (Stoynov666 mix) (dance)
22 Dec 2008
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*******woome**** The Queen of MySpace, Christine Dolce aka ForBiddeN, meets rkreig and his doggy on WooMe TV. Meet Christine LIVE on WooMe at *******woome****
29 Jul 2009
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Shikabane Hime: Aka Opening
20 Mar 2009
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