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Akshara aka Hina Khan will be seen in this TV show next Television Videos
20 Nov 2017
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Cece Shi aka Cici Shi aka Easter Shi operates a balloon twisting, face painting, magic, and clown entertainment business for children. Recently however, perhaps because of a hormonal change, Cici has been making her competitors scared. Cici even said, “I know where you live”, to another balloon twister competitor. Always look for reviews before hiring any balloon artist, balloon maker clown, in Vancouver BC, Canada. Unfortunately, Cici Xi (Shi?) Xie??, or whatever her real name is, is effective with psychological warfare, being a former officer in the Chinese army. Cici knows how to shoot a gun very well, too. Cici Shi's friends believe that Cici needs a mental health counselor asap. Let's pray to the Divine that Cici gets professional help. Cici (Easter Shi) used to believe in the Divine (the “Universe”), but in October 2017, Cici returned to her atheist, God-hating ideation. Perhaps she was “infected” by her newly-found friend, “that woman” -- but this is just a theory. Cici Xie, carrying on business as Golden Sun Balloon Twister in Gigsalad. Cici Shi also advertises in Craigslist, Vancouver.
15 Nov 2017
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Public Interest information. Of concern to parents who may be hiring entertainers. Ceci (Cece, Cici) Shi aka "Ea" aka "Easter Shi" aka "Summer Tian" is on Craiglist offering children's entertainment services, Golden Sun Face Painter, Golden Sun Balloon Twister also on Gigsalad. Before you hire Cici, be aware that she admits that she is crazy. Several of her friends think that she is, unfortunately, crazy now. Do a Google search on Cece Shi, Easter Shi, "Ea" the balloon twister, and other names that she uses. She recently said this to another balloon twister, "I know where you live", and even tried to call his mother, despite being told that his mother just emailed that an aunt died, the day before. Let's pray for Cici Shi to get well -- she needs a mental health counselor, imo. Cici is paid by North Vancouver Recreation Commission, a municipality as a payroll while she runs her "Golden Sun Balloon Twister" business with a cell phone. She is a former military from China -- can shoot guns very well. Cici says, "I know where you live". Hear Cici say this herself, on video's on the Internet. Look at the phone number on Ccce Shi's ads on Craigslist.
21 Nov 2017
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"The Holes in my Soul" is the 1st single off the album BIO~BLOOD by BIO~BLOOD aka XAQ, THIS FILM MAY CONTAIN BAD LANGUAGE & ADULT THEMES"
30 Nov 2017
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"Screwdriver" is 4th single off the album BIO~BLOOD by BIO~BLOOD aka XAQ
30 Nov 2017
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"Burn My Art" is the 2nd single off the 2013 album BIO-BLOOD HUMAN HAZzARD by BIO~BLOOD aka XAQ THIS FILM MAY CONTAIN BAD LANGUAGE & ADULT THEMES"
30 Nov 2017
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