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Paradox Bow Sling Firm braided cord Remains quiet and functional in any environment Stays in the upright position The firm braided-cord Paradox Bow Sling stays in the upright position so you can slide your hand in and out with ease. Braided cord remains quiet and functional in any environment. Made in USA. Colors: Black (not shown), Camo. Paracord Bow Sling Step 1: Materials Lighter Scissors Ruler Two 5 and 1/2 ft lengths of 550 paracord Two 4 ft lengths of 550 paracord Step 2: The Two 5 and 1/2 Ft Lengths Take the two 5 and 1/2 ft lengths, line them up together, and grab the center of both. Step 3: Take the top length and make a loop around thr bottom length. Step 5: Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until the sling looks long enough to your comfort. Then cut and burn the ends. Step 6: Take the 4 ft lengths and burn them together. Step 7: Use this cord to tie a cobra braid a little longer than your fist. Tie this around the middle of the length you made in the first few steps Step 8: Your finished product! All you have to do is add a leather mount and you are all set! Custom handmade paracord wrist sling for compound bows. Helps avoid torque caused from gripping too tightly - feel secure knowing bow will not drop and doesn't have to be caught after shooting - allows for more focus on shot. Black leather yoke optional. Made with USA-made 550-lb paracord Barbed cobra weave allows for the choice of up to 3 colors - see color charts. Choose colors #1-3 using color placement image as a guide. Related Searches: paracord bow sling yoke best bow wrist sling how to tie a bow sling paracord bow grip paracord wrist strap how to tie bow wrist sling sling it customs reviews paracord planet
12 Dec 2018
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These guys started filming a dolphin that was bow riding in the wave created by the ship they were on. It twisted and turned and even did a few swirls as it glided through the water.
28 Nov 2018
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This adorable cat loves his food bowl so much. When it's empty he cuddles with it and nuzzles his head in it.
23 Nov 2018
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Chicken Cotoletta | Italian food | Cutlet INGREDIENTS: Chiken slice 4pcs. Egg 1pcs 2 tea spoon milk powdera(you can use liquied milk as well). 200grm powder of bread/ powder of tost without sugar. PROCESS: Take a small bow and mixed the milk with egg. Take the chiken slice one by one and wet by mixed combo. After wet by milk and egg pass on the bread powder both side. Add oil in the pan with middle tempature. One by one chiken slice put on oil to fry. Both side fry carefully after that serve with lemon and salad.
10 Dec 2018
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Watch these adorable fluff balls execute a perfect bow for their master, all in sync. Their head tilts can melt the hearts of most stone hearted people, it’s that irresistible.
11 Dec 2018
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Today we discuss how to become a lion, and how to become a confident person. Being a lion and being confident are closely linked, there are many sheep in this world, and you don't want to be one of them. Every man on earth wants to become a lion, we want to be the hero, we want to slay the dragon, we want to marry the princess and save the world. Becoming a lion does not happen over night, in fact some of us men never become a lion, some men stay in the camel state until the day they die. As a man, when you procrastinate, that’s actually the lion growing within you. But basically when you feel this procrastination, you are moving into a new phase in your life where you will say “NO, I WON’T” but right now, it’s kind of passive aggressive because you can’t really say that to your boss or teacher “I won’t do my homework!” “I won’t go to class” “I won’t sit still and be quiet” because you are still a camel. This concept comes from someone named Frederick Niche, where he describes the spiritual evolution of the man. The stage in your life where you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually immature, is your camel stage. So What is a camel? A camel is a beast of burden, from the day you are born, your family, teachers, friends will start laying burdens on your back. like “You’re suppose to make your bed” “You’re suppose to go to school” “You’re suppose to get a stable job” “You’re suppose suppose suppose suppose” and You bow down and accept these burdens. The moment when you first start to question things, is your first step towards maturity, It’s when you start questioning all the burdens that have been laid upon you. A common time to start questioning these things, is when you first start entering the desert, meaning when first graduate highschool, college, or when you get your first job. It’s when you enter the real world, which we will call the desert. So the camel stands up and starts wondering around the desert and he meets a dragon named “thou
11 Dec 2018
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We reckon this baby deer must be from Japan to have such flawless greeting skills. The deer bows down in response to a hello!
11 Dec 2018
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i turned a toy bow and arrow set lethal!
19 Jan 2007
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A playing a guitar with a violin bow
1 Feb 2007
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"Take A Bow" official trailer, 2007, Chris Barber Media. Full release June 11th 2007. For more information please visit, www.myspace****/chrisbarbermedia. Music - 65 Days of Static - "Retreat! Retreat!" Feedback appreciated.
4 Jun 2007
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This video will show you how to make an awesome bow and arrow out of simple office supplies! Can go up to 20 feet and pretty painful!
27 Jun 2007
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Fire by bow and drill Make fire with a few sticks and a piece of string. Learn something new. It's not hard.
19 Jul 2007
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