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Sewer and drain cleaning specialists. Each sewer or drain is unclogged for only $49.95. Available 24/7
27 Mar 2007
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A $49.95 Sewer and drain serviceman unclogs a main sewer line and yes, the customer was charged $49.95 and the job was guaranteed.
27 Mar 2007
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The main sewer was clogged with roots, it was night time and the sewer was in a tight spot. $49.95 Any Sewer or Drain mechanic unclogged the sewer for $49.95 and the customer was satisfied.
30 Mar 2007
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A main sewer was clogged with grease. Customer called $49.95 Any Sewer or drain and got his problem taken care of for only $49.95.
10 Apr 2007
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The Next One Of the Kof Series Its Kof 95 Intro. Please LV A COMMENT.
16 Jun 2007
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my 95 eagle talon
27 Jun 2007
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*******BigMarketingOnline****/WM Yes, why do 95% of MLM multi level marketing companies fail? It starts with the difference between incentivized and inspired word of mouth marketing. Use the link to find out more from Mark Joyner.
17 Sep 2007
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Cars Trucks and SUV's From $100, All Makes and Models From Up To 95% Off Retail Value, Listings in every US city and state Clean title cars with low miles bought! Seized Cars by Police,IRS,Customs,DEA Purchase Directly from source & save! Seized boats and vessels Get in the big auction! Find Cheap Cars - Used Cars for Sale. Cheap New Cars.Cheap used cars for sale. New cars and second hand cars WHY SO CHEAP? Do you know every year, thousands of great bargain opportunities appear and disappear all around without you even knowing it. There are so many bargains! In fact, the person next to you on the freeway could very well be driving a near new car that cost only $550! Every year thousands of vehicles, are essentially "given away". Why? Some become the property of Uncle Sam through "seizure and surplus" laws. Because of the constant influx of goods and the overwhelming expense to store them, the government must get rid of them fast. This could means dirt-cheap prices for you! Keyword: car cheap insurance car cheap rental car cheap buy car cheap used car cheap used car cheap sale used car cheap insurance quote car cheap new car cheap sale car cheap insurance rate car cheap rent car cheap insurances audio car cheap car cheap honda used car cheap insurance uk car cheap insurance student buy car cheap car cheap florida rental car cheap gas rc car cheap insurance online quote car cheap rim alicante car cheap rental car cheap driver insurance woman car cheap driver insurance new car cheap loan car cheap europe rental car cheap insurance lady car cheap part buy car cheap in texas used car cheap company insurance uk car cheap rate rental car cheap insurance uk very car cheap tire car cheap in italy rental auto car cheap insurance quote car cheap florida insurance car cheap hire car cheap deal rental
4 Feb 2008
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Special promotion by Traverus Travel. Referral Travel Agent is only $99.95 for the month of April. To join visit www.rabracey**** or visit www.triplemyincome**** for more information.
5 Apr 2008
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Special promotional for the month of April. Only $99.95 to become a Referring Travel Agent with Traverus Travel Network. To sign up visit www.rabracey**** or for more information visit www.triplemyincome**** or www.loweryourtaxes****
4 Apr 2008
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17 Apr 2008
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Speeding car starts drifting at 95 mph
17 Apr 2008
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Oil on the highway at 95 MPH -- *******
18 Apr 2008
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*******4minutemoneymaking.googlepages**** 4 minute Money, Grab this $4.95 Trial for 4 minute money today!
1 May 2008
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*******www.mastergoogleadsense**** Joel Comm is offering his 2008 update ebook, "Google Adsense Secrets 4.0" for a mere $9.95! That's a 235-page ton of material to help you build an Adsense empire for one cheap price!
22 Apr 2008
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At Boca Java we only use the top 8% of coffee beans produced from around the world and fresh roast each and every order we ship. It is this exclusive process that allows Boca Java to deliver your coffee at the pinnacle of its freshness every month. Take advantage of this special offer. We are so convinced that you will love our coffee that we are offering you 4 bags (each bag is a half pound/8 ounces) for just $ 8.95, and a FREE SHIPPING
29 Apr 2008
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