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Creating a Cutting Edge Action Shooter With Max Payne 3
18 Nov 2011
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What sexy, acrobatic female lead character kicks ass in our seven-part countdown? Have Faith, we'll tell you.
30 Mar 2011
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This guy can ride the bike. But don't try this at home.
10 Apr 2006
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Doug and Scott are back with fewer shenanigans and more hard-hitting, cutting-edge news, analysis, breaking stories. OR are they?
7 Jan 2012
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Regarding Smart Film, its breakthrough feature is that the customer (a level like as distributor, agent or contractor after two to three days of installation training) can directly, easily, and repetitively adhere Smart Film on currently existing glasses or new designed-in glass projects, e.g. hotel bathrooms and living rooms, conference rooms, CEO/executive offices, building façade glass wall systems, public toilets, etc. In addition, Smart Film is different from traditional privacy glasses which need a longer delivery lead time for tailor-made sizes, higher installation cost, higher transportation cost due to heavier weight of two glass panels, and more complex project management for any current existing window glasses at sites. Smart-Film under opaque status (power-off mode) is able to deliver high projection quality and larger project area (e.g. 100”, 160”, 320”, and etc. by a simple sheet by sheet and edge-to-edge expansion) upon the quality of LCD projector (LCD type projector, preferred, not DLP type) by a way of rear-end projection to glass walls. So, it would be a fantastic and innovative tool for projection advertising inside shopping malls, theaters, churches, shops, train/metro/subway station lobbies, airport terminal lobbies, etc. around a whole day as well as on building façade glass walls during the night. In summary, Smart Film can be directly attached on glass and any transparent materials. You can use it for electric curtain and projection screen, It can vary the daylight transmission controlled by building automation. Smart Film is green building material which can block sun heat and UV, and is proof against water and smudge. As below, please watch the videos and photos to show how we use smart film: Website: *******www.Smart-Film****.tw ; *******www.chiefway****.tw Videos: ***********/user/chiefway1 Photos: ***********/photos/chiefway/sets/72157602805356880
2 Oct 2008
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Shuttle footage of a triagular craft turning on the edge of our atmosphere.
31 Aug 2006
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There is nothing special about this video! Just a nice trick with Cola can. Do not watch it if you don't want! Go to *******mezonbiz**** for more great videos!
12 Dec 2006
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See how you can balance a coin on the edge of a bill. You won't believe your eyes.
28 Jul 2009
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Activision unleashes a new Spider-Man trailer upon the masses! Can he save the future by saving the present first (Ah, cliches!)
22 Jul 2011
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The workmanship on this book is incredible.
28 Mar 2006
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One weekend, One assigned zombie genre, One assigned line of dialogue & One assigned weapon. The Alamo Drafthouse's annual Bloodshots horror competition returns with a special zombie theme. Teams of filmmakers were given exactly 48 hours to create their own short horror movie that featured an assigned horror subgenre. The line that the teams needed to include was "I'm losing my edge." Zombies needed to be worked in to one of the following horror sub-genres -- 80s High School Slasher, Backwoods Horror, Alien Abduction, Serial Killer, Ghost, Evil Children, Satanic/Cult, Musical and yes, Bromance. And the weapon categories included Blender, Beer bottle, Guitar, Stapler, Scissors, Chainsaw, Candlestick, Lead Pipe, Shotgun, Medication, Telephone, Rope, Wrench, Work out weights, Chopsticks, Samurai Sword, Fingernails, Syringe and of course, Hair Dryer.
27 Oct 2010
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Compare and contrast the Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099.
4 Oct 2011
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A bar scene
23 May 2007
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Eine zufällige Begegnung im Londoner Kriegs-Alltag 1944: Die junge Vera Phillips trifft in einer Bar ihre Jugendliebe Dylan Thomas wieder. Auf den ersten Blick scheinen sie sich erneut zu verlieben, doch Dylan, ein charismatischer Dichter und Bohemian, ist mittlerweile mit der extravaganten und abenteuerlustigen Caitlin verheiratet. Als das Ehepaar aus Wohnungsnot mit Vera zusammenzieht, entspinnt sich eine spannungsgeladene Ménage à Trois, bei der die beiden Frauen ihre tiefe Seelenverwandschaft entdecken. Caitlin und Vera werden zu Freundinnen zwischen Verlangen und Vertrauen. Auch Veras zögerliche Heirat mit dem jungen Offizier William Killick bringt keine Klärung der Verhältnisse. Schon kurz nach der Hochzeit wird William in den Krieg einberufen und Vera zieht mit Dylan und Caitlin aufs Land. Doch zu stark scheint die Anziehung zwischen Vera und Dylan, zu intensiv ihre Erinnerungen an die gemeinsame Vergangenheit. Aus dem Krieg kehrt William eifersüchtig und voller Zweifel über Veras Treue zurück. Die Spannung zwischen den beiden Paaren eskaliert. Es kommt zum Showdown und Vera muss sich entscheiden – zwischen den Männern in ihrem Leben und der Freundin, die sie liebt. "Edge of Love" ist die Geschichte einer tiefen Freundschaft. Zwischen Eifersucht und Verrat, zwischen Verlangen und Schuld entwirft Regisseur John Maybury ein bezwingendes Panorama der Gefühle. Mit preisgekrönten Schauspielern und einer liebevoll-detailfreudigen Ausstattung gelang ihm nicht nur das Sittenbild einer Epoche, sondern ein Blick in die Seelen zweier Frauen.
24 Jul 2009
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In Spider-Man: Edge of Time, actor Val Kilmer discusses the art of voice acting.
17 Aug 2011
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how to make a cool beer glass out of a beer bottle. Also a great trick for cutting the bottle - forget the glass cutter, tricks with string and acetone. Just pour oil up to the level where you want the bottle cut off and place a red-hot piece of metal into it. Because of the great heat conductivity of oil and at the same time poor heat conductivity of glass, it will expand at the edge of the oil surface, cracking in a nice even line (however you won't see this in this video as I didn't get the metal hot enough :( and didn't have another bottle to try )
10 Jan 2008
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