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I created this video of a song written by Vince Gill.... and with permissions of Mr. Vince Gill, I'd like to sing it for you. He's one of my favorite artists......!
17 Mar 2010
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*******www.MentalEdgeMuscleBuilding****/vince/vincevideo.html For a very limited time, When you buy Vince Del Monte's No Nonsense Muscle Building Program through my link, you'll get my Mental Edge Muscle Building Program for free! Check out the video to see the details.
19 Apr 2010
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Comedy goes global in the hilarious documentary ‘Just Like Us.’ Vince Vaughn talked to Celebrity Squares TV at the film’s NYC premiere, sharing some trivia about what he kind of comedy he likes to watch. Watch as Vaughn and cast members from the movie are interviewed on the red carpet. Check out Episode 4 of Celebrity Squares TV now! Celebrity Squares is the popular mobile celeb-trivia game that offers you the chance to flex your celeb savvy for cash and prizes. Visit Celebrity Squares web site to begin playing the hottest online celeb-trivia game around. Check your scores and view monthly winners at celebritysquares****.
10 May 2010
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Top 10 Amazing Vince Carter Game Winners
21 Jan 2011
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For more movie news, reviews and interview check out *******www***llider****/ One of the best shows on television is AMC's Breaking Bad. While I'm sure you've heard the buzz about the show that stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Bob Odenkirk, Betsy Brandt and RJ Mitte…let me say it again: Breaking Bad is truly amazing television and if you haven't gotten the chance to watch it, buy the DVDs and catch up. You will not be sorry. Anyway, at this year's Saturn Awards, I was able to speak with Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul and we talked about this past season and what the future holds. The big news is while production usually begins in August, Gilligan reveals the show doesn't start filming until January as AMC is moving the show to the summer. What that means is…it's going to be a long hiatus. We also talked about how long the show might be on the air, does he know where next season is going, and a lot more. Hit the jump to watch the interview: For more on Breaking Bad, here are DVD reviews of season 1 and 2. Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul Aaron Paul talks about winning Best Supporting Actor at the Saturn Awards Does he hear from a lot of fans how much they love the show :45 How was season 3 compared to season 2 1:25 - When did he know what would happen on the season finale. Tells a great story 1:55 - When does he start filming next season. Says while they usually film in August, they start filming in January. He thinks the reason is AMC wants to air it as a summer show next year. 2:20 - What is he working on right now and can he be anonymous in Los Angeles 3:00 - Creator Vince Gilligan walks in. Says the cast and writers are quite close 4:25 - How involved is AMC in the show? Do they give him a lot of notes or does he have a lot of creative freedom 6:05 - We talk about how the show sometimes sets things up very far in advance. I then ask about the writing process and how do they design those events 7:45 - Does he have an idea for where the show is eventually going to go - if you're a fan of LOST….watch this part. Also if you want to see what backstage is really like…. 9:30 - Has he imagined the show going for 6 years. He says he can't see the show going past 5 years but way back when he couldn't see the show going for 3 years… 11:05 - Does he know where next season is going to go and how does the January start date change things
6 Jul 2010
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sound from Leo Vince Exhaust full system
11 Aug 2010
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On July 4, 1996 Vince was home enjoying the holiday weekend with his family. This video captures Vince sharing one of is favorite poems with the family while sitting on the back porch. It was a beautiful day.
22 Sep 2010
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Falls, tumbles, and injuries plagued last night's first elimination on ABC's "Skating with the Stars"! "Blade Runner's" Sean Young and Motley Crue's Vince Neil felt the wrath of the ice on live television as they slipped and crashed during their performances and heard the biggest "Sigh" from television viewers all around America. The stars danced everything from tango to swing on ice, but Sean Young du-oped for the very last time on ice and bid adieu to "Skating with the Stars." Everyone was shocked, including Vince Neil. Carbonated.TV was backstage with the rock star on ice who admitted he thought he was going home for sure. Everyone expressed surprise and disappointment in the dismissal of the "Blade Runner" star; Sean even revealed she thought she was safe until she took two tumbles in a row. Her departure signified how technical the show is and how the slightest fraction can result in dismissal. The show experimented with different angles and hosting this week to add some spice and sizzle to the program, and all around the celebrities improved greatly from last week's show experimenting with highly precarious lifts and movements. Even Jonny Moseley raised the bar saying if his partner fell on her head, they would deal with it. Tune in next Monday to see if our fearless stars can live up to heightened expectations. *******www.carbonated.TV *******
22 Dec 2010
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Vince DelMonte discovered how to gain weight and get hard, lean and healthy muscle building. Discover his secret on how to gain weight for muscle building. *******www.nobsweightloss****/no-bs-resources/how-to-gain-weight
19 Mar 2011
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Vince DelMonte discovered how to gain weight and get hard, lean and healthy muscle building. Discover his secret on how to gain weight for muscle building. *******www.nobsweightloss****/no-bs-resources/how-to-gain-weight
19 Mar 2011
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*******3dhollywood**** NAB 2011: Exclusive Interview with James Cameron & Vince Pace on Avatar 2, 3D, 4K & More - Part 1
13 Apr 2011
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milano italia il milan vince lo scudetto moto
8 May 2011
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