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Multitrack of "Platforms a Plenty" from Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube (the acapella Mario theme song in the warp/secret levels) This is my first time trying something like this, and despite a couple spots that aren't great, I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm a tenor, so although I was able to hit the high G5 (sitting just above the treble clef) that pops up a couple times, I had to cheat and use some digital magic to get down to the low C2 (a couple lines below the bass cleff). Filmed against my bedroom wall (which has Blik Mario decals on it) with my Canon point and shoot digital camera balanced on my bed (I broke my tripod earlier this year). Based on a MIDI (*******www.midishrine****/ostepop/ngc/Super_Mario_Sunshine/MSunshine_Warp_Zone.mid) which I learned the parts from.
12 Mar 2012
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¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ ¨°º¤ø„¸QUEEN „ø¤º°¨ ¸„ø¤º°¨ROCK!!``°º¤ø„¸ ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø„¸¨° Freddie Mercury sings Killer Queen acapella. NO INSTRUMENTS. Just pure Freddie!
21 Mar 2012
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Since hearing Grandpa Elliott's voice on Mark Johson's first "Playing for Change" CD, "Stand by Me", I knew I HAD to meet the man behind the soul-stirring voice. I found Grandpa in the French Quarters in New Orleans (pronounced Nawlins) listening to his daughter Doris Blackmon play the guitar he'd given her. She's also a talented Busker performing in a duet with the violonist Tanya Huang. When Grandpa and I met, it was as if we'd always known one another. There was an instantaneous bond and he was as fascinated about me as I about him. Grandpa can be best described as a classy New Orleans Gentlemen who makes his living making people happy and giving a piece of his heart everyday. He felt bad that he had just finished for the evening when I spotted him, but I told him that meeting him already made my trip worthwhile. I didn't need anything more. The next day, before flying out, I stopped by Royal & Toulouse St. to say goodbye to Grandpa. That was when he dedicated to KaizenTao an acapella rendition of "Stand by Me" and a personal favorite, "House of the Rising Sun" with his magical passion. When motorcycles passed by, Grandpa would ask me to re-film the clip to get the best possible clarity for my students. This man is a supremely caring and considerate perfectionist and when he gives, he gives his all... you heard! What a pleasure to know fine folks like Grandpa Elliott are out there contributing so much love and kindness into the world. Immense gratitude and love to you for the man you are and all that you do Grandpa Elliott! How's Momma & D'em? :) - Thong & the KaizenTao Crew Please visit- *******www.playingforchange****/ for great music, a great cause and to learn more about Grandpa Elliott and other fine talents.
22 Mar 2012
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The acapella of the 4th #1 hit in a row for Motown group The Supremes. "Stop! In The Name of Love" was first released as a single in 1965 becoming a smash hit; one of The Supremes' most notable recordings and one of the most well known songs of the 20th century. The Supremes' choreography for this song - with one hand on the hip and the other outstretched in a "stop" gesture - is equally legendary. Paul Williams and Melvin Franklin of The Temptations taught the girls the routine backstage in London, before the Supremes' performance on the BBC television special The Sound of Motown, hosted by Dusty Springfield. The song was featured on their "More Hits by The Supremes" album released in 1965 that was actually a regular studio album although its title implies it is a hits compilation. Stop! Wasnt the only #1 on More Hits as their 5th #1 in a row "Back In My Arms Again" is also featured on that album as well as the top 20 hit "Nothing But Heartaches" that is notorious for breaking the string of #1s The Supremes had created along with song writing/producing team Holland-Dozier Holland (or HDH). Vocals: The Supremes - Lead: Diana Ross - Backing: Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson & The Andantes Producer(s): Brian Holland & Lamont Dozier (of Holland-Dozier-Holland) Writer(s): Holland-Dozier-Holland Musician(s): The Funk Brothers Released: February 8, 1965 (US) Recorded: Hitsville USA (Studio A); January 5, January 7, and January 11, 1965 Here is the chart information for the "More Hits by The Supremes" album and its singles: "More Hits by The Supremes": U.S. Billboard 200 Albums Chart: #6 U.S. Billboard R&B Albums Chart: #2 "Stop! In the Name of Love" b/w "I'm In Love Again" (Motown 1074, February 8, 1965): U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart: #1 U.S. Billboard R&B Singles Chart: #2 UK Singles Chart: #7 "Back in My Arms Again" b/w "Whisper You Love Me Boy" (Motown 1075, April 15, 1965): U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart: #1 U.S. Billboard R&B Singles Chart: #1 UK Singles Chart: #40 "Nothing But Heartaches" b/w "He Holds His Own" (Motown 1080, July 16, 1965): U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart: #11 U.S. Billboard R&B Singles Chart: #6
24 Mar 2012
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Trey Songz Cant't help but wait acapella
14 Jun 2012
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3FM DJ Roosmarijn asked a Ducth choir to make an acapella version of 'Bangarang' by Skrillex. She got Dario Fo to sing it in her program 3VOOR12RADIO on wednesday the 20th of june. If you want to comment on this video, go to: *******
23 Jun 2012
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This is my Acapella version of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know". *******www.facebook****/MatthiasHarrisMusic *******www.twitter****/MatthiasHarris *******www.tumblr****/blog/MatthiasHarris There is nothing on this track except my voice and various body percussion.... Oh and one egg shaker. © Matt Harris 2012
4 Jul 2012
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~Song~ "The Lion King" by: University of Wisconsin MadHatters Download it in Itunes here: ***********/us/artist/university-wisconsin-madhatters/id252453426 ~Artwork~ "Lion King" [Acapella] by: DragonExiles (DeviantArt) *******dragonexiles.deviantart****/art/Lion-King-105119349 Neither owned by me :P
8 Sep 2012
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The Stooshe girls singing 'Black Heart' acapella at the end of their ustream. Felt like this was so stunning it needed its own video :)
14 Oct 2012
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Mega Sexy Solteras // Acapella Mix // Lucho Dee Jay // ® ReMixPioLa ® DESCARGALO EN: ********www.facebook****/RemiX.Piola
16 Dec 2012
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from *******www.warbeats**** : In this video I try to describe a few ways to sync an acapella to your own beat. As with many things in life, there are many ways to do this so don't be shy, let us know your methods too.
20 Dec 2012
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WOW... Enjoy! Incredible acapella group!!
6 Jan 2013
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Now in HQ. Just Dance live at House of Blues New Orleans. The sound board breaks but GaGa goes on with the show and sings the song acapella! The Night the B Stole Christmas, December 16, 2008.
31 Jan 2013
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An original acapella arrangement of the Guile theme from Street Fighter 2 for the Super Nintendo. Download this song on Bandcamp: *******smoothmcgroove.bandcamp****/ Smooth McGroove on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/smoothmcgroove1 Smooth McGroove on Twitter: *******twitter****/SmoothMcGroove A quick note on this song: 1) I left out the bass drum track and the second whistling track from the video. You can still hear them in the audio though :D HADOUKEN !!!!!!!!! SHORYUKEN !!!!!!!!!
16 Apr 2013
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An original vocal arrangement of the "Battle Theme" or battle music from Final Fantasy 7. Anyone who's played FF7 has heard this song many, many, many times. Still, it's one of my favorite battle themes from the Final Fantasy series. Download my VGM Acapella - Volume 1 album on iTunes! ************/us/album/id635359237 or download it on ******* Download this song on Bandcamp: *******smoothmcgroove.bandcamp****/ Smooth McGroove on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/smoothmcgroove1 Smooth McGroove on Twitter: *******twitter****/SmoothMcGroove
28 Apr 2013
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An original acapella arrangement of Bloody Tears from the Castlevania series, first heard in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest on the NES. Download my VGM Acapella - Volume 1 album on iTunes! ************/us/album/id635359237 or download it on ******* Download this song on Bandcamp: *******smoothmcgroove.bandcamp****/ Smooth McGroove on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/smoothmcgroove1 Smooth McGroove on Twitter: *******twitter****/SmoothMcGroove
3 May 2013
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