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Boku wa Lolicon
12 Dec 2006
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nothing! you should not see....
21 Jun 2010
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17 Dec 2009
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12 Oct 2011
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A movie for all the Loli Fans. (Info: Watch the movie in High Quality instead of Standard Quality. It's worth it ^^) Animes: Disgaea Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Ichigo Mashimaro Kodomo no Jikan Lucky Star Manabi Straight! Megaman: Battle Network Series Moetan Nanatsuiro Drops Popotan Sailormoon Shakugan no Shana Vocaloid Wanko to Kurasou Zero no Tsukaima (And some unknown Characters) Music: Three 6 Mafia - Lolli Lolli Manabi Straight! OST - Intermission
21 May 2009
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10 minutes of lolicon. #16 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Japan #84 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Taiwan lol
24 May 2009
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Este video es de un tema de hace ya algun tiempo, y ella nos interpreta esta linda cancion, en cuanto al lolicon pues si ella lo canta parece medio lolicoso :/ en fin disfruten la cancion.
27 Nov 2012
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recopilation of loitas and hentai from hentype´s christmas special
24 May 2009
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Boku wa Lolicon
7 Sep 2009
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From episode 8 of Seitokai no Ichozon
6 Sep 2012
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para los interesados, al final del video esta la URL de Nico Nico Douga
19 May 2010
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Just a short video of how Mei make Okazaki flustered just by the word "Onii-chan" & Okazaki's lolicon reactions
6 Sep 2009
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13 Jan 2009
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2 May 2009
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Here come the pain. Facebook: ********www.facebook****/DEMOLITIONDthatsme Garden of Words review: ***********/watch?v=3Fz-X9dV2yc 12,000 sub celebration video: ***********/watch?v=pxKZWvuXOUc ♫♪♫~ Car 24 by Yoko Kanno Cats on Mars by Gabriela Robin Sora wo Torimodoshita Hi by Shakkazombie Rock n' Roll Nan Desu no by Supercell Get over it.
6 May 2015
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We have a FAQ now! Got a question? Maybe we answered it already! Original : ******* MP3 : ******* Artist: 96Neko (Original: Hatsune Miku) Composition/Lyrics/Arrangment: ChouchouP Lyrics arrangment: anri Mix arrangement : Giga-P Illustration : anri Movie : mallory Translated by Misaki (Winterkind0105) Link to lyrics and romaji : *******m-i-s-a-k-i.livejournal****/19677.html There`s some part where the position of the subtitle is a little bit off, sorry qAq ~~~FAQ (or maybe not-so-frequently asked)~~~ What is Ib? Ib is a Horror Adventure RPG made by kouri. You can download the translated English version here: *******vgperson****/games/ib.htm Does 96Neko sing both voices? No, 96Neko sings all three voices. And yes, 96Neko is female. What is a lolicon/yandere/ikemen? Lolicon: Lolita complex, adults who feel attracted to girls Yandere: A person who'd kill for their beloved, who'd kill even their beloved at times ("If I can't have you no one will") Ikemen: A guy with a pretty/cool/handsome face Is Garry gay? (Not if he's a lolicon -shot-) It is unknown whether Garry is gay or not, but he does use female speech. It doesn't tell us about his sexual orientation though. In video games, manga and similar stuff it's common to give important characters a certain speech pattern, as Japanese has lots of nuances. Some characters have ultra polite speech patterns, catch phrases or made up words they use in every third sentence. And kouri decided to give Garry a rather feminine speech pattern to make him special. If you play the game in Japanese you also notice that it's some kind of comic relief (it's not as obvious in the English version). Please also note that this song is kind of a parody, showing stereotypical images that the game evokes. It doesn't necessarily mean that Mary is a yandere. It just plays with the image. How old are Ib/Garry/Mary? Ib's age is officially stated as 9 years (I THINK Garry says it at some time of the game). The reason why she can't read everything is because the game was originally Japanese and a 9-year-old child can hardly read any complicated kanji... Garry's age isn't mentioned in the game at all. For Mary, since she's actually *SPOILER* a painting she doesn't have a real age. Why don't you want RPers under your videos? First, there are those RPers who start long conversations that have nothing to do with the video anymore. They are often really childish and spam the comments page and my inbox. Second, there are those who really want to discuss the video. That's perfectly fine, but please, at least use normal language. We're not in kindergarten. Who the hell is that Winterkind0105 that's going around commenting on everything? That's my private account, I'm just too lazy to switch everytime because I get A LOT of comments (which makes me really happy, believe me!)
8 Oct 2013
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