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What makes the 'Legends Football League' all the more ridiculous is that, this year, it changed its name from the 'Lingerie Football League' because chairman Mitchell S Mortaza felt its uniforms and image were hurting its credibility. For those not aware of this phenomenon, it involves seven-a-side teams of scantily-clad women playing full-contact American Football. Starting as throwaway half-time entertainment for Super Bowl viewers, it gained in popularity to become established as a fully-fledged 'sport' of its own. Whatever your personal views of the objectification of women for entertainment purposes (I'll return to that later), the LFL is degrading -- not to the women involved (who are just happy for the attention), but to the sport. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. Ogom Chijindu of the LA Temptation (yes, really) celebrated what was actually a powerful, physical tackle on her opponent Riki Creger-Zier of the Seattle Mists by shaking her rear end on her opponent's helmet. The dance move is called twerking, which the Urban Dictionary defines as 'the rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremeities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in one's intended audience'. Either intent probably doesn't belong in sport. I have no problem with the getting of Crunk in the correct context, but a time when the NFL is on a broad charm offensive in order to boost its global popularity, the wider display of such garbage (and in terms of sporting level, it's of as much value as an episode of Gladiators) surely only harms the sport. Does this variation on America's Game serve in any way to boost its popularity? You have to feel not -- its target demographic is, by the LFL's own admission, "beer drinking college students aged 21 and up", although I would lower the age range significantly (US drinking laws forbid associating teenagers with boozy frat-boy antics, but that is patently the intent). All very well -- but that demographic is already gridiron loyalist territory. There is no clear commercial value beyond half-time entertainment, milking an already over-flowing teat, if you'll forgive the analogy. Surely the promotion of women playing Football could be used to draw in more female viewers? I fail to see how the LFL fills that brief. Women's soccer (apologies for the term, but we have to distinguish between the two) and cricket have been taken significant strides in recent years, precisely because calls from dinosaurs such as Sepp Blatter for players to wear skimpier outfits were ignored. Surely forcing LFL players to jiggle their booties in scanty 'performance wear' merely undermines these efforts? Surely fining them for over-dressing (as has been reported) simply reinforces the stereotype that women can't play sports? And here is the crux of the LFL's problem. The objectification of women in American Football is, as followers of US affairs will be aware, a hugely sore point at the moment. The shocking recent case in Steubenville, Ohio, saw two High School Football stars jailed for getting teenage girl blind-drunk before subjecting her to a gruesome, night-long rape and sexual assault, which they gleefully documented and shared on mobile phones. The case exposed a culture in Football where teenaged prospects, even before the trappings and wealth of NFL stardom, act with impunity, brushing off serious sexual misconduct as mere horseplay. Their coach thought it was all fun and games, apparently happy to let such 'japes' slide so long as they did the business on the pitch. It is a culture not just restricted to Football -- the similarly-named game we Europeans play has its fair share of such incident -- but to all-male team sports where personal and social education are de-prioritised to the extent that illiteracy and a lack of comprehension of personal responsibility are far from the exception, if not the rule. For the game's organisers to deem such a spectacle appropriate is irresponsible -- the buck, frankly, should stop at cheerleaders. The level of athleticism in US female sports is high enough that a genuine Football product can be packaged and sold as a sporting event. And really, if semi-clad women engaged in full contact are your thing, there are plenty of age-restricted websites "beer drinking college students" can peruse.
24 May 2013
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Viral Video Vixen Mischa Mula twerking to Little R.O.C. Nine's "Activator." Download it at ********soundcloud****/littlerocnine/little-r-o-c-nine-activator
29 Jun 2013
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In the wake of Miley Cyrus's short haircut, many have wondered whether the singer is a lesbian or no? Here comes a strong reaction from our very own twerking queen Miley Cyrus. Listen to what she had to say. For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
20 Jul 2013
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Miley Cyrus ensured her MTV VMAs performance will be remembered as she twerked against singer Robin Thicke during a performance of Blurred Lines.
26 Aug 2013
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Miley Cyrus may have shocked the world with her sex eluding Twerk-fest at the VMAs, but now she's all covered up in juvenile pajamas.
28 Aug 2013
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Apparently twerking isn't classy enough for the good people of Vogue, because the legendary fashion magazine has dropped Miley Cyrus from their cover.
11 Sep 2013
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Miley Cyrus' recent antics, including explicit Twerking and her new nude music video, are calculated attempts of her acting immature because she was forced to act like an adult when she was younger.
16 Sep 2013
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*******passingphasemusic**** Lee Negin's latest techno-funk smash. Perfect for twerking and general booty shaking. Dance like there's no tomorrow! All music, lyrics and video Copyright 2013, Lee Negin/Passing Phase Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.
11 Oct 2013
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Taylor Swift may be one of the hottest stars in the music biz. But while singers around her are twerking and wearing less and less articles of clothing… Taylor didn't choose that route.
11 Oct 2013
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Miley Cyrus went from twerking, to getting "turnt," and she has posted the picture to prove it. Also, who's that guy she's with?
24 Oct 2013
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Stop the presses! Miley Cyrus has a new tattoo, but this has nothing to do with twerking! Thanks to Twitter we all can get a glimpse at the new portrait on Miley's right arm of her grandmother, whom she calls "Mammie." Along with the pic, Miley Tweeted love for her Mammie saying "Because I am her favorite and she is mine." The artist behind Miley's new ink is none other than fellow celeb, Kat Von D.! The tattooed lady shared her experience with the singer no Instagram posting a pic mid-session with the caption, "Love, love, loved tattooing you last night."
7 Nov 2013
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Girl twerking at iHop shown up by a guy.
8 Nov 2013
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Despite all her twerking and sexual behavior, Miley Cyrus claims she is one of the biggest feminists in the world.
14 Nov 2013
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Her last album may have been four years ago, but Lily Allen is back with a bang, poking fun at pop music's biggest stars! Her new single, "Hard Out Here," critiques the current state of pop culture and discusses sexism in the music industry. In the music video, Lily mimics Miley Cyrus' twerking back up dancers and throws around bottles of champagne. And remember those silver balloons in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video. Wait until you see what Lily's have to say...too much to even show! Check out a sneak peak at the video!
18 Nov 2013
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Have Miley's eyebrows gone up in smoke? Well, not quite, but her forehead is looking a little bare lately. The lack of brows isn't a result of any flames around her face--like her televised joint puffing. Instead, it looks like the singer took a bottle of bleach to her brows in some new Instagram pics. The photos were uploaded by some famous friends including Miranda Kerr and Lily Allen, who made waves last week for her new video that mocks the twerking star! Looks like there's no hard feelings between artists, thankfully. Check out how Miley's night ended--and if her brows are back or not!
23 Nov 2013
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It was a wild weekend for Miley Cyrus! The 21-year-old performed at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball in Los Angeles Friday in a super sexy red sequin two piece outfit! Miley showed off her toned tummy in the cropped top and displayed her long legs in the hot pants. But it wasn't just her outfit that had everyone talking! In typical Miley fashion the singer twerked on stage and this time with Santa! Two days later Miley stepped out at an event with a brand new bob haircut! Take a look at the new 'do here!
10 Dec 2013
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