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Marriage is a lifetime event, photos are the way to capture those moments and album is the one that gives back a life to the event. Make your album more attractive with the help of these useful designing tips.
1 Jun 2017
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trailer, album
26 Jun 2017
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Review: Music is always very subjective, but with this collection, Suduaya achieves new domains of what dynamic psychill can be. The genuine and astounding cooperative energy with Astronaut Ape and Cydelix increases the value and endeavors of the craftsmanship to give this blessing to the humankind. They make us feel otherworldly and flying through space and time. The songs of this collection ensure an exceptionally appreciative and extended great time, in particular those gifted with the enjoyment of this music. Musical assurance, extraordinary writing intelligence, and significant sounding altruism emanates from the musical substance, envisioned to hear the harmony of worlds. The assortment of rhythms and beats makes this collection a champion among the somewhat multi-dimensional genre that is Trance. Venus is entranced by exceptionally musical hallucinogenic impacts. Remarkable.
4 Jun 2017
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Review: Another collection of art for the trance lovers. Like a film score that ventures from energizing to expressive gratefulness, Blueprint is expert Trance craftsmanship. This style guides us through vast ideas and visions, and thankfully, always upgrading itself every time a music maker conceives a boundless outcome like this. This is an extensive point of view on life and its endeavors. A remarkable collection of melodies and world-class hits. An explorative adventure awaits the listener. The genuine diversion spirals in and out of its own world, driving our thoughts into our inner self too many times while pushing and electrifying us with its passion – the capacity to the enthusiasm and dynamically extend the electronic universe to any careless distracted listener. Blueprint features a story-line seemingly coming out from retro sci-fi, the story of this awesome tunes collection guides and teases us along first and third individual portrayal. Awesome experience! About: Trance, Progressive Band Members: Ferry Corsten Label: Flashover Recordings Score: 9/10
15 Jun 2017
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Review: I wouldn’t tell by the name that this band is coming from Boston. And I didn’t really care until their music made me look it up and got me hooked until the end of the album. An excellent craft of atmospheric metal, expect great desolate musical ambiances (rain, pianos, acoustic guitars) intertwined with some pretty vocals, somewhat drowned and mixed in the guitar sound. Not a bad thing for this style anyways. The Sachem's Tales is an amazing work of solid, agonizing and intense feelings cutting black metal. Behind the music there lies a melodic agreement with the guitars and the synthesizer sounds, kind of giving a counterpoint to each, but all joining in the end for fantastic melodic landscapes. From worlds of mythologies and legends, the lyrics never saturate, even on the predictable despair of the clean female voice and strings moments. Cryvas, session drummer Aaron Maloney and vocalist Grushenka Ødegård build up a dark metal adventure including several melodic instruments and different styles, alluring even those who are not much into these musical wanderings. The band yields its name from a Himalayan divinity, in case you wondering. All songs match perfectly one after the other, guiding us to the end of the album in a natural way, an unpretentious album to a collection that already predicted a future unhindered of tales and distinct sounds to this band.
22 Jun 2017
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Alexandre Vrac AV - Other Side Album On ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, GooglePlay, Audimack
23 Jun 2017
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Erfan - Persian hip hop rap farsi - Vegas Freestyle album release video - iraniran rap persian rap persian hiphop iranian hiphop
8 Jan 2007
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photo album
12 Mar 2007
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album fergie
2 May 2007
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the trailer of the upcomming album. 15 sec of tight facts. available from your favourite mp3 shop.
3 May 2007
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Embedding album art is pretty simple.
22 Jun 2007
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How to get free music, albums, and software for free from a simple complex site.
14 Jul 2007
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Purse mini album made from paper bags. Stands up on its own. Complete instructions can be found to make this cool mini book at scrapbook-crazy****
17 Jul 2007
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Steven chats with The Bravery on The Sauce about their new album The Sun and the Moon and choosing the first single, along with their SXSW performance. To see more of your favorite artists, go to and tune-in to The Sauce weekdays at 6pm ET, only on fuse.
18 Jul 2007
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An acrylic mini album made from off-cuts of acrylic purchased from bunnings hardware. Super easy to make. Full instructions to make one at www.scrapbook-crazy****
23 Jul 2007
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