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Update : Now a 4th footage the third one is a fake : ***********//watch?v=Fu4ri2GozIY Watch the full version here : ***********/watch?v=rH_eUxwe1DI -Two differents points of view of the same white Ufo Orb at the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount. 01/27/11 around 1:00 am. -At first there is one of them, the white one, and at the end many red others floating on the sky. -The first footage's audio file is on the Left stereo canal, the other on the Right one. -Incomplete Translation here : ***********/watch?v=0kJ-x1XlHyw -First debunk here : ***********/watch?v=cHOc35nmUDk But I'm not convinced by this stabilisation proof, cause phones induct distortion. -Debunking of the debunkers : ***********/watch?v=PPrBlbz_-1o -Two pictures from the first video after image error level analysis and a third of a random ufo picture. I dont know if it can help, but here it is : *******www.errorlevelanalysis****/permalink/8fe9a86/ *******www.errorlevelanalysis****/permalink/440aedf/ *******www.errorlevelanalysis****/permalink/b9249a4/ A second footage (not spectacular) of an other ufo uploaded by eligael the 02/01 : ***********/watch?v=nUYQ8WlLJB8 The same recent kind of phenomenon : UFO over American Fork Utah, 1-26-11 ***********/watch?v=Hb1EGsiRCMY The sound at 0:57 made me thinking it's fake, cause the sound is on the footage 2 but not on the first one. It's an bad cutted sound, bad edited. But to fake this you have to be very organised and Machiavellian. Timeline : -Eligael post his first footage/ -The first footage is translated/ -Eligael post the 720 p version of his footage/ WHY HOAXER WHY DID YOU DO THAT ? -shshsh331 post a comment on the eligael channel, he said that he's the second man and he will upload his video. -eligael answers on shshsh331 channel : "At last... every one ask about your video." -shshsh331 post his video. -The debunker HoaxKiller1 talked about parralax anomalies after stabilisation, and false lights added on AE. REALUFOCLIPS debunk the debunkers etc .. -A third footage appears after a while; by 50nFit, the one with a picture found on Wikimedia, evaluated 99% fake. -Maybe a debunker who want to prove his huge skills on AE. -yuli020 post a comment : "Me and 3 others frinds shooted this object more clearly at the night he apeard ..." But nothing on his channel since this time/ -A fourth footage is posted by YDM1 a short version 1:04/ -Then he posts the Full version which is 05:30 long/ Again WHY Hoaxer ? Why are you so perfidious ? -Some synchs are made from the beginning and the flash and take off are perfectly on synch, the red dots are not. And it could be normal, the angles are not equals, the capture's rates differents too. Ask some ufologist about the content-credibility of this footage. It's perfectly credible and analogue to our archives about the ufo-phenomenon. White orb, no noise, marvelous speed and maniability etc... The movements and blinking of the red dots are full of elegance and really cool too and I will analyse it soon.
17 Feb 2011
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Ahhhhh Summer, The time of year where people smile, girls look better and where everyone just GOES COMPLETELY CRAZYYYY PARTYING!!!!! SO TURN THE VOLUME UP!!!!!!!!!! DON'T FORGET TO RATE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!! MORE MIXES COMING SOON!!!! This is my third mix ever made so any feedback or criticism is welcome Track list: 0:00 - 3:28 Laroxx Project - Sunshine Love (Zamli Remix) 3:28 - 6:00 Mattyas feat. Kristina - Secret love (Radio edit) 6:00 - 9:20 Liviu Hodor feat. Mona - Sweet love [Original Radio Edit] 9:20 - 12:40 Endless - Don't Let Go (Radio Edit) 12:40 - 16:48 Dj Project ft. Gulia - Regrete (Original Radio Edit) 16:48 - 20:28 Liviu Hodor feat. Tara - Dream With You (Radio Edit) 20:28 - 24:01 Sunrise Inc - Nina (Radio Edit) 24:01 - 27:11 Elena Gheorghe - Your Captain Tonight (Radio Edit) 27:11 - 30:28 David Deejay feat. P Jolie & Nonis - Perfect 2 (Radio Edit) 30:28 - 33:54 Dj Project - Miracle love 33:54 - 38:35 Inna - Endless (LuKone Remix) 38:35 - 42:06 Inna - Love (Radio Edit) 42:06 - 45:39 Tara & Edward Maya Ft. Liviu Hodor - Happy for you 45:39 - 50:04 Edward Maya feat. Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love (Scotty Remix) ************************************************************************* DOWNLOAD LINK: *******www.mediafire****/?8n6bqi63zsitz1y ************************************************************************* Software used: Cinema 4D After Effects Sony Acid pro Audacity SUPPORT THE ARTISTS and BUY THEIR MUSIC! Only for promotion & support. No copyright infringement intended. For promotional purposes only.All rights reserved to their respective owners Thank you for watching!
8 Jun 2013
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00:00:00 All I Want Is You 00:06:30 Beautiful Day 00:10:38 Bullet The Blue Sky 00:15:11 City Of Blinding Lights 00:20:58 Desire 00:23:58 Elevation 00:27:46 Lemon 00:34:44 Mofo 00:40:32 New Year's Day 00:46:13 Numb 00:50:34 One 00:55:10 Original Of The Species 00:59:52 Pride (In The Name Of Love) 01:03:42 Staring At The Sun 01:08:21 Still Haven't Found 01:13:05 Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 01:17:35 Sunday Bloody Sunday 01:22:14 The Unforgettable Fire 01:27:11 Ultra Violet 01:32:41 Where The Streets Have No Name
23 Aug 2013
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