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ලොව්තුරා අමාමහ ශාන්තිනායක සම්මා සම්බුදු රජාණන් වහන්සේගේ ඒ අති උතුම් වූ තෙමගුල සිහිකරනු වස් මහමෙව්නාව ශ්‍රාවක දරුවෝ විසින් සුවිශේෂ වූ ඉපදීම, බුදුවීම, සහ පිරිනිවන්පෑම දර්ශනයට නැංවූ අයුරු
1 Jun 2012
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Conferenza Stampa di Antonio Conte pre Cagliari Juventus 05 05 2012
5 May 2012
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Inaugurada em 05/05/2012
9 Dec 2012
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TV RIO VERDE - Lucas do Rio Verde/MT 05/05/2012 - CAMPANHA DE OZIEL COMOVEU O BRASIL O Jovem Oziel de Oliveira de Lucas do Rio Verde comoveu o Brasil através de um vídeo postado na Internet. Ele que foi curado de um câncer na face arrecadou mais de 100 mil reais para fazer uma cirugia reparadora. Reportagem de Valdecir Chagas e Nillson Sussai da Tv Rio Verde Rede Record de Televisão.
4 Jun 2013
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READ ME! As the Eppaljeck invasion continues to threaten Ponyville's educational, kid-friendly traits, Twilight Sparkle and her friends have learned the language of the Friendly Eppaljeck, but the Pony Scouts and Molestia have also obtained the less friendly Eppaljeck's powers. When Eppaljeck recieves another call from Riraty after trying to find her for over half a year, she assembles her whole team to go on a lookout for the missing part of the Mena 6. Will they find Riraty as the M&M's found Brown? Can the Eppaljeck really emote? And why is Rainbow Scout such a ridiculous excuse for a monster? You've waited four months for the video, now you're going to have to wait 20 minutes for it to end! Make sure you've seen the other Eppaljeck videos before proceeding. ***********/playlist?list=PL4093465385799AE5 WARNING: Contains ponies (obviously), rubbish, annoying excuses for languages and elements of the creator's DeviantART personality. Be warned. *For some reason, probably the length, the quality of the screenshots is lower than the captions, so it would be necessary to watch it in 480p. 05.05.2012: *sees the ratings* No one understood the story, or even bothered to. This video is even worse than Rainbow Scout. Slight coincidence. :P
29 Jun 2013
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Nightwish Arena Nürnberger, Nürnberg 05/05/2012 après leur passage à PARIS, BERCY
16 Jul 2013
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Vitamin Club 05.05.2012 Miaceq mer official ejerin socialakan kayqerum` Facebook - *******www.facebook****/kankhikhumour Vkontakte - *******vk****/kankhikhumour Facebook - *******www.facebook****/vitaminclub Vkontakte - *******vk****/club36474554
3 Oct 2014
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