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We finally have video and pictures of Windows Phone 7, and it's certainly interesting! Buffalo announced the first USB 3.0 4-port hub. A couple robots came out of the Toy Fair. The Quasi robot is wirelessly controlled from a Tablet PC and Interbot is looking to be able to offer it for sale this year. The Aikon 2 robot draws people's faces. Square Space gives you the tools you need to easily build a website without having to know how to code or load in plugins. It's drag and drop. Chris used my discount code GEEK at to build and save 12% doing it. You can too, and send me the address when you do!
19 Feb 2010
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High-Edge USB-Hub: Using Cascading USB TM technology, this 24-port USB hub by High-Edge is part of the cascading USB series that provides easy solutions for interconnection of devices and expansion of utilities. Video by, an overseas marketing agent.
20 Feb 2010
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The Divisa Capital Currenex Hub now features Market Depth, Advanced charting and news for more info visit
1 Mar 2010
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0:21 – Receive instant weather notifications with your KBox FTA Receiver. Simply attach the K-Hub to your unit’s serial port and connect it to your router with a Cat5E Cable or Powerline Kit. See video to learn more. Brought to you by Incredible Entertainment.
27 Apr 2010
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1:21 - The Hub lead wire splitting and management system is demonstrated and explained by Tommy the Lighting Geek of the diy network and HGTV.
4 Jun 2010
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9 Jun 2010
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A description of the different USB hubs that carries that have multiple transaction translators (TTs) in them
11 Jun 2010
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A description of the different USB Hubs that carries that do not have transaction translators (TTs) in them
15 Jun 2010
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It is not only a common USB Hub, but also a Bluetooth dongle at the same time. You can interact with Bluetooth devices by its Bluetooth function and its 3-port USB hub allows you to connect 3 different USB devices at the same time. In addition, the colourful design help to decorate your desk. Features: 3-port hub Colourful design USB 2.0 Wireless connect to Bluetooth devices such as Mobile phones, PDA or PC for data transfer, Networking and Dial-up, fax Plug and play, hot swapping Interface: USB compliance Support Windows Vista/XP/2000 China supplier: Email : Skype ID : chanceller819
9 Jul 2010
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1:08 provides you full and accurate information on health. We have our experts who have studied a lot about the general and specifications to have a healthier living. So be tension free and visit Health Information Hub.
16 Jul 2010
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Ulrich Mauser, Vice President of Provident Agency, Inc. asks Don Vucovich VP of Information Technology for Hub International about what have you found in monitoring the use of social sites and networking. Marsh Berrys John Wepler asks Don Vucovich how do you get to people that are avoiding social networks
28 Oct 2010
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5:32 Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. First off we will go ahead and take off the dust cap. In this case it is a bearing buddy. Next is taking out the locking pin, the cotter pin that goes through the center here. Once you have that lock washer off, just go ahead and take off the nut and pull your whole hub off. Now we are going to go ahead and inspect the hub and bearings here. Take off the bearings on the outside and just wipe them down really good to clean them up. When you get down the the rollers here you want to make sure there are not any chips or discoloration. Wear marks are fine as long as they are slight, but you do not want any discoloration what so ever. When that is all good take a look at the outside cage itself, make sure it is not dented up or anything like that. When you them they can get dented up pretty easy and you will need to get a new bearing. Clean them up really good, get all the grease out of it, you do not want to mix two different types of greases together. What happens is that the grease can deteriorate faster than normal or not have the same wear properties as pure grease, so it is always good idea to get as much out of there and start with fresh grease. As you can see all the rollers are nice and shiny with hardly any wear marks so that means it has been sitting there just fine, had plenty of grease so we will go ahead and put some more grease in and put it back together. Taking out a seal, there is no real good way of doing it. One way is using a small chisel or old screw driver and just getting behind the seal here, getting an edge behind it and popping it out. This is one of the best ways to get it out. Push it up on one side and pop it out. Make sure when you go through you do not damage the the bearing, we will check that out once you clean that one up too. As you can see here we have our bearing cleaned up here. And again there is a little bit of wear, you can see it but you cant touch or feel it with your fingernail or anything like that so chances are you are good to go. You can check the cage around the bearing, that is nice. As long as it stays round they are good. Clean grease from race and hubs. Now since grease contaminated this one, we are going to clean out the whole inside of the drum itself and also get down to the races and inspect those next Same procedure as the bearings, go ahead and get those cleared off as good as you can. And again wear is okay but gouges are not so you can just run your finger over it, try to catch something on your fingernail. Again if you do not feel anything you are in pretty good shape. Make sure there is no discoloration, so that is fine. Chances are if the bearings look good the race is going to look good too. You only have to take these out. So we do the same thing, flip it over and check the other side. Alright next we will start repacking the hub, just take a little bit of grease and put it right where the race is, the bearing will ride on the surface. In a way too much is never enough, but on the same token if it does not fit on the raceway it is being wasted. Next thing you will do is pack your bearing, palm of your hand and just pack the bearing that way. Do it until you have everything packed inside there, roll the rollers a bit to get it all worked in there, and go ahead and put it in your hub. Basically what happens is the seal sits inside here and gets driven down equally all the way around so this top half is flush with the bottom half. So basically you can use an over sized socket. I will flip it over for the outside bearing and basically do the same thing over again. It is also a good idea to put a light coat of grease on the spindle to help ease the bearings back on. Put it on as far as it will go. Then we will reinstall. Put our flat washer on there, then put our castle nut back on. Just gong to take our channel locks here and just run it down until it stops and back it off a few times. Just get a feel for it and make sure the hub spins okay. If one of these pins covers up the hole then go ahead and back it off one and that is the proper adjustment. And when you have it adjusted go ahead and install your cotter pin and bring it around and bring this one around too. Then you can put your dust cap back on. When you get started you can use a wooden block to drive the rest of it in.
30 Oct 2010
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UB is a network of Christian believers that gather together on a weekly basis to fellowship with one another an seek out the presence of the Lord. Big Swell Media was happy to work with the HUB and be present in the meetings.
10 Nov 2010
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Technology brings the perfectly sharpened pencil, a pouch to get your pajamas nice and toasty, Angry Birds don Santa hats and head for the snow, LaCie brings 3.0 speed to their new USB hub, coat your entire world with liquid glass, a table tennis trainer to keep you in top form, and a robot made for riding.
1 Dec 2010
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River North's Hub 51 makes its large space feel intimate. Commercial real estate broker and business owner A. G. Hollis says it has just the right amount of loud for a business lunch. If you're pressed for time, they'll have your fish tacos or pulled-chicken nachos ready in a flash. Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Dec 2010
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Corporate Social Responsibility News: Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals Launches Online Hub; Seafood Watch App Adds New Feature, Project FishMap. This CSR Minute is sponsored by the Network for Business Sustainability. For information about NBS's sustainability strategy, visit Visit: for more CSRminute podcasts.
30 Dec 2010
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