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Chinese construction workers escape unscathed but at least 30 Pakistanis die in attack near Karachi's port July 18, 2007: Pakistan is promising to step up security in the wake of recent violence aimed at Chinese nationals as China increases its economic and military ties with the Musharraf government. Today, a convoy of Chinese construction workers was attacked as it made its way out of the region, known as Baluchistan in southwest Pakistan. Fears for their safety grew after three Chinese workers were killed in northern Pakistan near Peshawar on July 8. Several Chinese women were also kidnapped and later released by Islamic militants during Islamabad's Red Mosque crisis. An estimated 2-3000 Chinese work in Pakistan as the two countries forge strong links under a free trade agreement. China has spent about 00,000,000 to construct pipelines, highways and ports in order to gain an economic and strategic foothold in the Middle East. China has paid 80 % of the cost of the new port of Gwadar. It imports 60% of its energy from the Middle East, largely through the straits of Hormuz through which a fifth of the world's oil travels. Gwadar gives Beijing the ability to transport petroleum and crude oil products from Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Today's attack in Hub killed Pakistani civilians and police. Cameras captured the devastation and suffering which followed. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
25 Aug 2007
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cycle hub
5 Nov 2007
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Need For Speed Pro Street (Geffect Hub) Preview
6 Nov 2007
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free Call Jacking Phreaking the BT Home Hub good
22 Feb 2008
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'Grass Artist' is the winning entry for the Arts Hub short video contest. Big congratulations to Belinda Hellyer and Tamsin Sharp from Singing Bowl Media for their effort. 'Grass Artist' charts the rise and fall of talented world-professional dancer Gloria Harper. Harper rises to fame, specialising in the little-known dance field of 'Contemporary Grass Naturalism', only to have her career fall apart, following drought and severe water restrictions limiting her training and performance spaces. With her career in tatters, Gloria was referred by a friend to Arts Hub. Once there, she was able to search the Arts Hub jobs section, reviews, bulletins and more -- eventually finding a position as a dance collaborator with a major production company in Sydney. Learning to move on from her solo grass career and collaborating with the network of artists she located through Arts Hub, propelled Gloria into occupying a key role in a new experimental performance group, who will now be performing their work on the centre stage at the inaugural Water Conservation Summit in 2009. Another Arts Hub success story!! Hurrah!! Check us out at www.artshub****.au
22 May 2008
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*******www.lawn-tennis-hub**** - Tennis is quite in craze and a very popular game all over the world. Irrespective of their age, people these days opt to play tennis. This may not only be a hobby but is also a very interesting game and a good exercise for the body.
19 Oct 2008
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Heres a cool easy way to network 2 computers without a router or a hub. it's cheap! and works great around 10MB per second transfers
27 Jun 2008
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The USB Drink Warmer and 4-port USB hub is probably the most useful USB-powered device we've come across. Not only does it provide several useful functions, but it actually makes a ton of sense for it to be USB powered. Many of us enjoy tasty beverages while working on a computer. The USB Drink Warmer will keep that drink warm! In addition to its drink warming abilities, the USB Drink Warmer also includes four USB 2.0 ports and a backlit LCD display which shows the temperature of the heating pad (in F or C) as well as the current time. Features an on/off switch as well as an alarm.
18 Aug 2008
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At Vat19, we love us some USB desktop fans. And this USB Desk Fan with 4-port USB Hub is the Cadillac of USB table fans. It's very powerful in terms of wind speed (think Category 4 desktop hurricane). It features an ample four foot cord, a flexible neck, soft foam blades, optional battery power, and an on/off switch. No, the USB Desk Fan with 4-port USB Hub does not oscillate. Why? Because desks are covered in things like important paperwork that you don't need to be chasing around like a crazed chipmunk.
18 Sep 2008
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4 Port USB HubFully compliant with universal serial bus specification version 1.1 and 2.0Single chip integrated USB hub controller with embedded proprietary processorThis Mouse Pad USB Hub supports four bus...
10 Apr 2009
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*******www.digitalmindfood**** Internet Marketer Reviews Squidoo, Hub Page Tag Software ‘Super Affiliates’ Want to keep hidden. So what is it? Tag Spyder is designed to hunt Squidoo, Hubpages and find tags to get most traffic from high PR pages.
5 Nov 2008
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*******citlots****/ultimatetagranker.htm Ultimate Tag Ranker - Powerful Software Boosts Traffic And Ranks Your Hubs In Google Instantly.
11 Dec 2008
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*******geeks.pirillo**** - *******live.pirillo**** - I am a USB addict, that's a well-known fact. I have so many devices, I have to keep a handful of USB hubs on my desk at all times. I also happen to be a Star Wars fanatic, as well. What if I could mix the two together?! *******chris.pirillo**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
24 Dec 2008
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CES 2009 - Linksys Media Hub presented by Andy Walker.
9 Jan 2009
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On February 9th, Amazon is holding a press conference. We're expecting to see version 2 of the Kindle, and I'm hoping it will look something like this. Gmail announced Offline Mode finally! More details here. The Verizon Hub is a VoIP phone meant to help your family manage their lives. It has visual voicemail, contact list management, text message calendar alerts and it's all managed on a color touch screen. I've been playing with the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen the past couple weeks. If you're not familiar with it, it's a pen and special paper that syncronizes audio with your notes. Watch the video for a demo! You can save money on domain name registrations and renewals from GoDaddy**** with discount codes GB1, GB2 and GB3. For an explanation of each code, click here. Thanks to Steve for using promo code GB3 to register his domain name, LittleRockHelpDesk****!
29 Jan 2009
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*******theprofithub.webs**** Gwen's Profit Hub is a site that provdes information about online business opportunities and free advertising resources. There are also articles to help you gain further understanding on how to make money online.
4 May 2009
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