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Ave Maria! The number 144.000 is taught by Jehovah Witnesses to be the number of those who arrive in heaven. All others who are saved will inherent an eternal paradise on Earth. Today we look at one of the Scripture verses claimed to be supporting this position. Ave Maria!
10 Feb 2009
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The 144,000 are the Elect. They are the prophets, and martyrs, and saints. They are the bride of the Bridegroom and the daughter of Zion. They are the twelve tribes by 12,000 and the tribe of Judah. They are the creature with four heads. They are foundation of the Temple and they are blameless.
29 May 2012
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Ave Maria! No where in the Bible does our Lord distinguish between 2 classes of those who are saved; every follower of Christ is given the hope of heaven. Ave Maria!
12 Feb 2009
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source: ******* ***SHAMELESS PLUG!!!*** Thanks for your attention. If you love the Lord .. Please pray about making some scripture videos on your own. Understand that there are very few videos with raw scripture in them, and I've only recently launched this effort in my spare time. Right now these are just passed amongst friends, so thank you if you shared this with your friends and family. I really appreciate any help to spread the Word of the Lord. I don't have ANY marketing dollars to do ads, so whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Please email your feedback at trent(a)gracehead**** so I can improve the future videos in this series. I need your thoughts. *** How can we "bless" the Lord?**** and ... Subscribe to get the latest videos in this ongoing series as they come out. see you next time.
3 Oct 2009
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A gift.
28 Dec 2009
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Video. *******kerygma-of-christ****/revelationofjesuschrist15.html Daniel 9:27 and Revelation makes it clear, that to live in a world ruled by Islam and Jerusalem, is to live in the Fourth Reich: A world ruled by Satan and the Anti-Christ Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Mar 2010
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Goto the Video. *******kerygma-of-christ****/revelationofjesuschrist14.html The book of Revelation is a prophecy concerning the last week of human civilization. The seven heads of Satan are the seven mountains where Mystery Babylon is situated. Mystery Babylon sits on the head of Satan. Satan's resident is in the City of Seven Hills. The City of Seven Hills is the dwelling place of both Satan and the Anti-Christ. The Ten crowns on the devil's head are the ten Islamic Nations bordering the Great river Euphrates. These Ten Islamic Nations will reign with the Anti-Christ, and in the End Time attack the City of Seven Hills. In Johns Revelation one week is equal to a period of seven years in Daniel prophecy. There is silence in heaven for an hour or for a period of 3.5 years. During this period of silence in heaven the antichrist is hurting the church of God. After the half hour passes, judgment is poured into the earth. For 3.5 years the beast will be persecuting the church. Then the prayers and worship of the church, received by Jesus, is poured out upon the world in the form of divine judgment. The saints rejoice, and Jesus executes vengeance on the persecutors of the Church.
2 Mar 2010
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23 May 2012
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26 May 2012
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29 May 2012
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7 Jun 2012
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17 Jun 2012
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