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می توانید تا چند بار پشت سر هم در زمانی که بدنتان گرم است پاها را مطابق کلیپ باز و بسته کنید. اگر دست ها روی کمر باشد، حرکت آسانتر می شود. اگر دستها روی ران باشد باز هم آسانتر می شود. در تمام این موارد باید سطح زمین به قدری سفت باشد که سر نخورید. در صورتی که پاهایتان قدرت لازم را برای انجام این کار ندارد می توانید در محلی که راحت بتوانید پاها را سر بدهید، دست هایتان را دو طرف پا روی زمین قرار دهید و با فشار کمتری روی پاها حرکت را انجام دهید. توصیه اکید اینکه حتما می بایست بدن و بخصوص پاها گرم و آماده باشند تا آسیب نبینید. ترانه را از کارهای امیر تتلو انتخاب کردم با نام "بغلم کن" - محل انجام تمرین: پارک ساحلی بوشهر
18 Dec 2017
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Welcome to HillCrest Emergency Family Medical Clinic - Urgent Care Dallas TX. We offer you and your loved ones the highest quality extended hours urgent care clinic in Dallas TX. We’re convenient to your home, with flexible hours to fit your life. With over 25 years’ experience, our family doctor and staff are involved in all aspects of care at Hillcrest Medical. And Dr. Padilla, along with our amazing staff, is uniquely qualified to address medical concerns in a wide variety of areas. Address:- 8611 Hillcrest Ave #180, Dallas, TX 75225 Phone:- 214-368-3800
21 Dec 2017
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HillCrest Urgent Care Dallas TX - Medical Walk in clinic Dallas offer you all these advanced treatments in the safety and privacy of a medical clinic with the relaxing feel of a spa. Unlike most spas, all of our cosmetic procedures are performed by the doctor. Why trust your looks and health to anyone else? Walk in clinic Dallas today or check in online. Address:- 8611 Hillcrest Ave #180, Dallas, TX 75225 Phone:- 214-368-3800
27 Dec 2017
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Mateusz Gawron - The Shadow drums playthrough from Plethora's album Age of Changes At first I wanted to write more about the Triptych of A Wizard of Earthsea. The construction of the Triptych about Ged is... a sinusoid. The Sparrowhawk opening theme is also in the middle of The Shadow and at the end of the Ged song. The Sparrowhawk is at 200 bpm, The Shadow at 180 bpm, and Ged - again at 200 bpm. In addition, The Shadow has two quiet guitar motives - at the begining there is a guitar solo called Roke and at the end - guitar theme called Gebbeth. The Shadow drum part was a challenge for me - guitar riffs during the stanza require a boost by bass drum, but I did not want to end up with such an obvious solution. That's why I came up with the idea of joining strikes on the floor tom. This makes the whole sound more powerful. When it comes to the chorus of the song - I was trying to make it light and I wanted to emphasize the rhythm of the melodic guitar. The solo underlay has a rocky, growing character. In the third verse, I decided to use crash to my cymbals and stop them exactly with the guitar riffs rhytm. It gives interesting sound. I hope you like these solutions and thanks to them the whole song has become more interesting. Thank you to Franciszek Banet from Manufaktura Sztuki Dźwiękowej for recording session and Paweł Jakubowski for great mix&mastering. Nagrania: Franciszek Banet - Manufaktura Sztuki Dźwiękowej Miks i mastering: Mariusz Mazurek Kamery i montaż: Mateusz Gawron Music: Krystian Przybylski & Plethora Lyrics: Wojciech Surowiec Looking for good drummer? Or need great rhytms to your songs? Contact me: panmatg at gmail dot com If you find my videos or lessons valuable to you - please share it or support me by donation. It will help me with making new and more interesting content. PayPal: panmatg at gmail dot com Bitcoin: 18Dqo8NpnqXNKagoFBMztP4YoxVg6YM6wz FB: mategawron Insta: mategawron Video by Mateusz Gawron Recorded in 2014
1 Jan 2018
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A really cool 180 degrees turn.
11 Sep 2006
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We rig 180 double shot parachute fireworks to go off at once. It's like an invasion in our back yard...hilarious! Check out gagfilms**** for more!
1 Feb 2007
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One of the last levels in NFS Porsche, a 180 Deg turn and then a reverse 180 turn, followed by a complete 360deg. To make it interesting all done in Manual transmission.
20 Feb 2007
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me hitting a 180 again:)
15 Jun 2007
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Me and my buddy jumping over things with rolls. 180' trick
8 Aug 2007
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Around the world in 180 days with a BMW R1200GS - part 1 - the beginning.
13 Sep 2007
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Around the world in 180 days with a BMW R1200GS - part 4 - day 48: Peru.
13 Sep 2007
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Around the world in 180 days with a BMW R1200GS - part 2 - first day: Iceland.
13 Sep 2007
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