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1940s Jiving is still alive and people still love to dance like that
23 Jul 2007
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Them Generation cinema-dewey mothers in morality-sexuality sex of the 1940 and 50's with morality films of the era hilarious rare footage-high school sex proms-and incestuous sisters
7 Aug 2007
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la storia di 1940
7 Feb 2008
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A riveting Film Noir ride, Impact is the gripping struggle of a man rebuilding a shattered life. 1940s Noir superstar Brian Donlevy stars as Walter Williams, a successful businessman whose wife despises him to the point of plotting his murder! The femme fatale is the sensuous Helen Walker, who arranges with her lover to kill her husband in a rigged car accident. Taking a rather Hitchcockian turn, it’s her lover who’s killed while her husband escapes unharmed! Donlevy, aware of what his wife has done and the state of his existence, scuttles away to a small town to start a new life – but will his past catch up to him? With expert production, Impact is a darkly artistic film that shows off San Francisco in the 1940s beautifully. On top of the sparkling direction, Brian Donlevy leads an all star cast of superb actors, rocketing Impact to the status of classic.
16 Apr 2008
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U-boats in action (Kretchmer) footage from November 1940
26 Apr 2008
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Arranging a Buffet Supper is a straightforward, step by step 1940's film on how a traditional American housewife can prepare a sumptuous meal for a large number of guests. As the film will tell the viewer, hosting a buffet supper for friends is not an easy feat, and a task that requires a great deal of organization. A dinner party begins with the invitation of guests, which can be made by telephone. Then the décor must be considered. A clean linen tablecloth is needed for the table and a small dish of fruit will make a good centerpiece. Some less common sense rules are also revealed. For instance, if candles are not to be the main lighting in the room, they should not be used as a centerpiece. Oozing domesticity and traditional social conformity, every last detail is accounted for with the utmost consideration. The main entrée should be put in a pan and set on the table. The entrée should not require the use of a knife since the guest will not be seated at a table. All foods should be informal. Rolls should be buttered in the kitchen before being served, and kept warm under a napkin until guests can eat them. The entire meal should be on the table with the exception of the drinks, which should go on a separate table. The dinner etiquette is strictly defined. Not just a useful manual for hosting a traditional dinner party, Arranging a Buffet Supper is also an absorbing glimpse of 1940's social norms and family social values.
30 May 2008
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A 1940's bathing suit with a key hole has a great vintage fashion feel with a modern flair. Learn how to draw a 1940's keyhole bathing suit design with tips from a fashion expert in this free fashion design video......Please rate and comment my videos!!!
16 Dec 2008
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Anyone At All! is a fantastic scary safety film from the 1940s. After getting through some car accident statistics, the film really gets going. A bunch of teenagers are having a surprise party for their beloved friend Larry. But as the kids keep waiting and waiting (while demonstrating reckless behavior!), Larry never shows because he's been in a fatal car accident. Larry's friends go on a crusade for teen driving accidents safety, responsible driving, and general goodness. Included are great scenes of post World War II American goody goodies working for the school paper and organizing cheesy parades, all in the name of stopping bad car accidents. But the film takes a turn after this, forgetting Larry's positive friends and their activities, and going more with scare tactics. Next the movie focuses on people who've become handicapped from car accident injury. People in wheelchairs, people who have been blinded, all are present and absolutely ranting about the dangers of automobiles and auto safety. After the community pulls together for driving safety and to prevent road traffic accidents, Anyone At All! closes with the words of the unfortunately injured, culminating in a haunting view of a shadowy, empty wheelchair. Anyone At All! is the perfect vintage safety film, with goofy fun thanks to dated behavior, plus a strong and still currently relevant message about auto safety and safe driving tips.
10 Feb 2010
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This film is from the safe driving genre (some fun educational videos), but it has many extras in it that make it a cut above average. Famous actor Jimmy Stewart narrates, introducing four unrelated people who are going to be filmed for one day. Stewart informs the audience that by the end one of them will die in a car accident. They each drive different cars or have different car safety features, any of which could lead to bad car accidents: one drives a hotrod, one has faulty brakes. The suspense is heightened effectively by knowing ahead of time that only one group will die, and guessing at which one. A fine example of 1940's melodrama, And Then There Were Four explores safe driving topics as well as the risk factors of driving. Of the many Jimmy Stewart narrations, this film about unsafe car dangers is highly entertaining.
16 Jul 2008
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To convey safe driving practices, Live and Let Live, a 1940s movie, illustrates many common sources of accidents in a scaled-down model town. As shown, passing improperly, speeding, drunk driving, and tailgating can cause road traffic accidents. Drunk driving accidents are the worst and the film describes how defensive driving techniques can help to keep everyone safe. While not all scenarios result in bad car accidents, there are still many close calls that are meant to encourage responsible driving and good driving habits. Live and Let Live provides excellent tips for safe driving while not resorting to gory car accident video clips.
16 Jul 2008
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South Dakota Saga is a Jam Handy promotional video shows and explains all the processes of the Homestake Gold Mining Company, based out of the Black Hills of South Dakota. A map of the state uses colored lights to point out where the different Black Hills gold mines and other gold mines of South Carolina are, along with the route of General Custer on his 1874 campaign through the state. The film paints an amusingly sunny picture of work conditions and the job satisfaction of the gold miners, "Happiness abounds and why not? They are happy, happy in the service of a company of which they are a part. Secure in the knowledge of constant stable employment.” Gold mining methods are examined in detail: black gold hills panning, dredging, using gold mining supplies and gold mining equipment. How to refine gold ore from concentrates also is explored. Gold ore processing, by using gold mining tools, is a major part of this gold mining video. South Dakota Saga is a shiny nugget of gold mining history that not only explains mining techniques but also reveals the life of a gold miner in the 1940s.
4 Jun 2009
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Redwood Saga examines the history of the logging industry as it pertains to the beautiful California redwood forest. The film includes breathtaking footage of these lush landscapes in the 1940s, where trees spanned upwards 350 feet in the air. But this is not a nature appreciation film, because the next thing seen after the beautiful redwood forest footage is the measuring and preproduction process used to transform the beautiful trees into wood products! Axe wielding workers take pride in scaffolding the giant trees and cutting them down. The many steps of the lumber production process are documented, from chopping to moving to manufacturing the end product: specialty wood products like furniture for American homes. Included is tons of interesting information about the logging industry: images of forestry equipment and forestry supplies, such as booms, donkey engines, and flatcars are filmed, and the millponds where the lumber is stored is shown in great detail. As the narrator says, “The Redwood trees of California are probably the oldest living trees,” making this film a valuable historical documentation of logging in the redwood forest, an industry now clouded with environmental concern.
14 Sep 2010
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This 1940 film discusses how to avoid the spread of disease and ill-health by taking better care of the body, keeping water supplies clean, exercising, and eating a healthy diet. This film does use typical scare tactics to get people to think about their personal care habits. It also mentions sewage disposal, vaccines, and staying away from people who are sick as ways to promote health.
19 Aug 2010
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A fascinating piece of the history of gardening, this Encyclopedia Britannica produced film from the 1940s introduces children to the art of gardening. Included is priceless footage of cute kids gardening with children's garden tools. The film discusses every part of preparing, planting, maintaining, and harvesting from a vegetable garden. As interesting as it is to see what the pervasive opinions on gardening were in the 1940’s, the film also includes information on the types of soil needed for vegetable gardening, as well as gardening supplies and gardening tips. Really, knowing how to plant a garden hasn’t changed too much in the last few decades. The little children in the film get to explore weeding, planting, and how to manage garden pest control. With beautiful shots of vegetable garden layouts, this is a fun film that illuminates gardening history.
11 Aug 2008
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Human Reproduction seeks to answer that eternal question from a youngster: where do babies come from? As the film demonstrates, this was possibly more difficult to answer during the rigid social structure of the 1940s. When a father tells his son that babies come “By the Grace of heaven,” his son is not satisfied. At this point, the narrator launches into a description of the entire reproductive process, in stark medical detail, complete with pictures of sperm, eggs, and drawings of babies in various stages of development in the womb. Ahead of its time in 1947, this film contains accurate information, clearly stated. An enriching snapshot of the notions of sexual education in the 40s, Human Reproduction is a valuable piece of vintage video.
24 Sep 2008
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An amazing vintage film that illuminates the history of communications, Telephone and Telegraph is a phenomenal historical experience. As the film reveals, telegraph jobs were similar to those in the growing telecommunications field of the 1940s. There is stock footage of a late 19th century Western Union office and a Bell telephone, as well as a lot of great video of analog equipment. Most interestingly, the film also reveals the gender roles of the era when it divides the available telecommunications jobs up by sex, saying that some jobs just weren’t open to "girls." Men were encouraged to get a college degree, which would help them in their careers as engineers, couriers, executives, installers and others. Women, on the other hand, are told that they could work as operators, clerks, or secretaries. This vintage film illuminates the history of telecommunications like no other!
29 Oct 2009
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