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Mercedes Benz Wheels - Shop a wide selection of Mercedes Benz rims! We specialize in wheels for all Mercedes vehicles from 1960 to today, including AMG wheels. Need Benz wheels? Look no further than Adsit! Adsit Company, Inc 12440 S Old Rd Muncie, IN 47302 (765) 282-1593
22 Feb 2018
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adsitco com/ - Mercedez Benz Parts - OEM and non OEM accessories and parts for your Mercedes Benz! We specialize in parts for all Mercedes vehicles from 1960 to today. Need Mercedes Benz accessories? Look no further than Adsit! Adsit Company, Inc 12440 S Old Rd Muncie, IN 47302 (765) 282-1593
22 Feb 2018
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Meals prepared to eat or MREs are totally cooked meals on the go. You don't have to add any water to an MRE. The idea came in 1960s from the US Army. MREs are utilized by the civilian population nowadays. Currently there are hundreds choices to select from, when someone is trying to find the MRE meals.
4 Mar 2018
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Valerie Anne Bertinelli (born April 23, 1960) is an American actress and television personality. She is known for her roles as Barbara Cooper Royer on the sitcom One Day at a Time (1975–84), Gloria on the religious drama series Touched by an Angel (2001–03) and Melanie Moretti on the sitcom Hot in Cleveland (2010–15). Since 2015, she has hosted the cooking shows Valerie's Home Cooking and Kids Baking Championship on Food Network.
8 Mar 2018
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This RARE beauty is a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biaritz that was being exhibited at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
11 Jan 2008
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The polio epidemic in early 20th century America was a crippling (literally) health threat that seized the nation. This film, Babies and Breadwinners, documents the polio vaccination campaign in Columbus, Georgia. The film is a wonderful look at a typical 1960’s community and how it was able to band together in order to fight off a menacing disease. Precious footage of all the different aspects of community are represented: the church, the city council and government, the schools, and even print and television ads. Most interestingly, an early shot of Bozo the Clown being vaccinated is included. Babies and Breadwinners is a remarkable film that well documents the fight against polio as well as 60’s community life.
13 Aug 2008
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1960 old car still on the road
7 Sep 2008
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This bike safety film, set in the early sixties suburbia, brings back memories for those who grew up with Schwinn bicycles. The film goes over the basic rules of bike maintenance, proper equipment, and the rules for riding on the roads along side traffic. In the (not so true) world of this film, kids spend hours on bike maintenance, respect the rules of the road, and always yield to pedestrians. But this is a reflection of the conservative mentality in the 1960s, and thus provides historical insight. Bicycle Today, Automobile Tomorrow is a no-nonsense film that provides timeless tips on safe riding.
25 Sep 2008
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1960 Chrysler 300F
14 Jun 2009
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Ford commercial featuring three new models for 1960.
6 Sep 2009
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Wow..I was first surprised to see that a President who was elected in 1928 was still alive to be on TV! While going through some old kinescopes, I came upon this clip of former President Herbert Hoover giving a speech on the opening day of the Republican National Convention held at the International Ampitheater in Chicago, IL. This was the year that Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge were nominated to run against John Kennedy & Lyndon Johnson. (As you know, Nixon lost but later won along with VP Spiro Agnew.) Anyway, here is a clip of 85 year old Hoover's speech to the convention on July 25, 1960. UPDATE: See my recent updates on both the Democratic & Republican National Conventions of 1960.
20 Sep 2009
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The year in 1960, the Vietnam war is heating up, and the first American Green Beret team lands in Vietnam. Their mission: To train and lead companies of Montagnards, Cambodians and Cham in the fight against the Viet Cong and NVA.
26 Oct 2009
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