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This is when Mr Potato Head was a real potato. Find more classic toy commercials at *******www.vintagetvcommercials****
24 Oct 2010
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Dovlete Viorel din sat Magheru a Implinit varsta de 46 de ani este cel mai fericit tata pentru ca are 3 baieti mari cu care lucreaza la atelierul personal de reparatii auto .Claudiu este cel mare are 18 ani ,Sergiu are 17 ani iar Daniel cel mai mic are 16 ani ,toti trei lucreaza In atelier.
31 Dec 2010
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1 Jan 2011
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When billionaire Jean-Marc Clement knows that he is to be satirized in an off-Broadway play, he passes himself off as an actor playing him in order to get closer to the beautiful star of the show, Amanda Dell.
23 Mar 2011
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18 Aug 2011
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21 Aug 2011
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OMG love the old ones.
10 Apr 2006
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A quick tour of the museum where all the items on display are also for sale! 1950s American cars, a few military cars & motorbikes, jukeboxes and lots of European classic cars. Alfa Romeo Maserati Ferrari DeLorean DMC Bentley NSU Kreidler Bonito Opel Jaguar Bugatti Moto Guzzi Citroen Intermeccanica Chevrolet Impala Mercury
21 Feb 2007
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Some action from the Sunday's morning races. French Pre65 international moto cross MX motocross vintage classic revival motociclismo pilotes offroad dirt bikes motorcycles
17 Feb 2007
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Words and Music: Kay/Gordon - from the show: Celia Sings Sinatra - Phil Celia and the Bob Merrill Trio. This is classic '60's Sinatra with trio adaptations of many of the Nelson Riddle, Count Basie and Neil Hefti arrangements.
18 Feb 2007
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Duplex Caberet Theater NYC - Phil Celia and The Bob Merrill Trio take off on this great Sinatra standard written by Bart Howard. This arrangement is based on the Nelson Riddle version of the 60's. From the show "Celia Sings Sinatra".
18 Feb 2007
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Phil Celia and The Bob Merrill Trio close the evening with a redition of "It Was A Very Good Year" (Evin/Drake) and a reprise of the show closer "That's Life" (Gordon/Thompson). This performace from 1/11/07 Duplex Theater, NYC. From the show "Celia Sings Sinatra".
18 Feb 2007
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another France Gall
12 Mar 2007
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The Beatles are visiting Paris, when Paul and Ringo spot a beautiful woman. They follow her to a fashion show, where a thief has stolen directions for the show. Paul and Ringo chase after him and end up at the Eiffel Tower.
29 Mar 2007
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The Beatles are forced to spend the night in a castle because of dense fog. While there, John and Ringo stumble upon a couple suits of armor. They are warned by the caretaker of the estate that who ever puts on the armor will become mortal enemies and fight to the death. They promise not to put them on, but when the caretakers back is turned, boys will be boys and John and Ringo start fighting each other.
29 Mar 2007
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Our official teaser for the Mr. Projector! video podcast, Episode 10: "The Russians are Here! The Russians are Here!" (COMING SOON) - currently in production. Subscribe to the Mr. Projector! video podcast through iTunes! About the podfilm: Mr. Projector has been abducted by two men (presumably under suspicion of being a communist spy), according to Libby Trapp, field reporter for Channel 27 KRBZ News)! One of the suspects is incredibly tall, and the other - well, pretty damn short. Who will save the "red" in St. Valentine's Day? How will Mr. Projector make it out of this predicament? Only time will tell, friends.... Only time will tell....
15 Apr 2007
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