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Senior BOCOG (Beijing Organising Committee of the Games) officials held a press conference in Beijing to address issues of safety for spectators during the Olympics. They also field questions over the recent earthquake in Sichuan.
13 May 2008
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9 Feb 2009
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14 May 2008
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China Quake Death Toll Rises to Nearly 10,000 Death toll in China earthquake rises to nearly 10,000 while untold numbers remain trapped A powerful earthquake toppled buildings, schools and chemical plants Monday in central China, killing about 10,000 people and trapping untold numbers in mounds of concrete, steel and earth in the country's worst quake in three decades. The 7.9-magnitude quake devastated a region of small cities and towns set amid steep hills north of Sichuan's provincial capital of Chengdu. Striking in midafternoon, it emptied office buildings across the country in Beijing and could be felt as far away as Vietnam. As Tuesday dawned, rescuers were frantically searching for more survivors, but rain was compounding the difficulty. Premier Wen Jiabao, who flew to the region, said rain was forecast for the next several days. Snippets from state media and photos posted on the Internet underscored the immense scale of the devastation. In the town of Juyuan, south of the epicenter, a three-story high school collapsed, burying as many as 900 students and killing at least 50, the official Xinhua news agency said. Photos showed people using cranes, mechanical hoists and their hands to remove slabs of concrete and steel. Buried teenagers struggled to break free from the rubble, "while others were crying out for help," Xinhua said. Families waited in the rain near the wreckage as rescuers wrote the names of the dead on a blackboard, Xinhua said. Parents of the dead students built makeshift religious altars at the site, resting the corpses on any available piece of plywood or cardboard, and burning paper money and incense in a traditional honor for their child in the afterlife, according to NPR's Melissa Block. The earthquake hit one of the last homes of the giant panda at the Wolong Nature Reserve and panda breeding center, in Wenchuan county, which remained out of contact, Xinhua said. In Chengdu, it crashed telephone networks and hours later left parts of the city of 10 million in darkness. "We can't get to sleep. We're afraid of the earthquake. We're afraid of all the shaking," said 52-year-old factory worker Huang Ju, who took her ailing, elderly mother out of the Jinjiang District People's Hospital. Outside, Huang sat in a wheelchair wrapped in blankets while her mother, who was ill, slept in a hospital bed next to her. The overall death toll increased to about 10,000, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday. It said nearly 10,000 people died in central China's Sichuan province alone and 300 others in three other provinces and the mega-city of Chongqing.
21 May 2008
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a trailer to promote a documentary about the city of Beijing, its people and their dreams the summer before the Olympics
22 May 2008
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The 3.5 billion yuan iconic stadium opened its doors to the public for the first time this week. On show were athletic test events and tickets sold out quickly.
24 May 2008
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The countdown begins to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. For GE, the opportunity to help creat the competitive spirit of the Games is an honor and a privilege. Learn more at ***********/innovation/china/index.html
9 Aug 2008
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From housing to hotels, over 8,000 construction sites of scaffolds and cranes dot the Beijing skyline. GE is providing innovative solutions to more than 350 infrastructure projects in and around Beijing, including work at all 37 official Olympic venues and 168 commercial buildings. Get more Olympic news at: ***********/news/olympic_games/index.html
26 May 2008
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The Central Government has passed new security measures ahead of the Beijing Olympics. This includes random checks at Tiananmen Square and x-ray scanners at subway stations.
27 May 2008
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Dominic Johnson-Hill utilises old Chinese propaganda logos for his latest range of Olympic t-shirts. He is also a member of the committee that oversees the development of an official 'Olympic lane'.
28 May 2008
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A manual intended to facilitate the arrival of athletes at this summer's Paralympics has been met with criticism. Of concern is the use of language to describe certain disabled groups. The Games' director says the guide will be revised.
29 May 2008
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Check this out the 2008 Olympic food, A lot of food to choose from. you better see it now before is gone.....
11 Aug 2008
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