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Gli abiti della collezione 2010 sono capolavori di sartoria in un crescendo di estro e virtuosismo sartoriale, dove gli elementi più disparati e le materie prime più preziose si fondono fra loro con effetti sorprendenti e spettacolari. Stile, design e materiali alternativi si incontrano e creano il gusto sofisticato di uneleganza esclusiva . La Collezione è stata studiata nei minimi dettagli da una equipe di giovani stilisti, per una proposta nuova e fresca. Con grande cura e dedizione lo staff COTIN crea delle combinazioni insolite, ma soprattutto inaspettate: per una Sposa Elegante, Preziosa, posta al centro dellUniverso. Stile, design e materiali alternativi si incontrano e creano il gusto sofisticato di uneleganza esclusiva. Tradizione, creatività e ricerca costruiscono abiti di grande sapienza sartoriale. Le linee sono moderatamente ampie, i corpetti che valorizzano il decolté rendono tutto iperfemminile. Il romanticismo rimane il filo conduttore di tutta la collezione rinnovata e assolutamente di tendenza. Le nuances di colori vanno da un glicine delicatissimo, al panna, allavorio con alcuni accenni a fantasie floreali assolutamente leggere e che ben si armonizzano con lintera collezione. I ricami, assolutamente fatti a mano, tono su tono o a contrasto, gli accessori gioiello, le profonde scollature, le asimmetrie di drappeggi e incrostazioni di pizzo rendono i corpetti assolutamente chic, mentre il croccante taffetas, lorganza leggera, la duchesse e la ricchezza dei giochi di rouches inventano gonne danzanti, ma sempre di assoluta raffinatezza. La ricerca, lentusiasmo, il design originale e la voglia di crescere hanno dato vita anche alla collezione 2010 KATRIN BRIDE & FASHION, una linea assolutamente dedicata spose moderne, attente alla moda ma con lo sguardo sempre rivolto alleleganza, raffinatezza e sobrietà. Una linea pensata per spose briose, glamour ma assolutamente chic. Sono capolavori di sartoria in un crescendo di estro e virtuosismo sartoriale, dove gli elementi più disparati si fondono fra loro con effetti sorprendenti e spettacolari. Abiti strabilianti che indubbiamente sanno incantare, colpendo gli occhi e la fantasia. Scioccare, stupire, ma soprattutto farsi ricordare.
18 Jul 2009
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Microsoft owns the week thus far in moxie IT news with the blogs, news outlets and all geeks talking about the highly anticipated Microsoft Office 2010 and it's web apps that will be out in beta soon for FREE. We show you not only the Microsoft-made videos of most of the main features in Microsoft Office 10 but also which of your favorite programs in Office will be available in full version mode as web apps (to rival Google's Apps obviously). I must say from what I've seen, it seems Office 10 is really impressive and I can't wait to try it. The desktop version may come out early 2010 and the web apps should be in beta in a few weeks if not sooner to those with a Microsoft Live account. Twitter has a new search engine and this one is pretty moxie if you ask me. We all know how to search the twitter public timeline for a keyword. That's easy. But how do you know what the Twitterverse is FEELING about a particular subject (you, a TV show, a movie, a celeb, a politician, a blogsite, etc.)? Well thanks to TweetFeel, you now have the opportunity to view real time feelings from "the tweeples" on whatever popular subject you choose. They use a special "emotional algorithym" to scan every current tweet. Take a look at how cool this new site is! It definitely has work to do but this will be a huge tool to gauge how the Twitterverse feels about things. Thank you for making our 90th episode possible and we want to send a huge thanks to our network provider, Mevio. We're part of the best group of podcasts in the world - check out Mevio Tech for ALL your tech news. Special thanks to GoDaddy**** and Zazzle**** for sponsoring our show - they have some fantastic moxie deals for YOU when you use my promo codes, so check them out here!
7 Aug 2009
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Overview of the 2010 Acura TSX and the Bluetooth Hands-Free Technology from Acura given by an employee from Northeast Acura located in Albany NY - Latham NY - Schenectady NY area of Upstate New York. Watch as he briefly talks about the advantages of Bluetooth technology and what it can do for you, as a driver. Come check out the 2010 Acura TSX and/or Bluetooth Hands-Free Link capabilities in Latham NY at Northeast Acura at 942 Loudon Road, Latham, New York 12110. Our car dealership sells both pre-owned and new Acuras. We are confident that Northeast Acura is the best place to pick up an Acura in the Albany NY - Latham NY - Schenectady NY - Troy NY - Saratoga NY area. Visit our website at *******www.northeastacura**** Become a fan on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Latham-NY/Northeast-Acura/81639182519?ref=ts Follow us on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/northeastacura
20 Jul 2009
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Prophecies for year 2010. Astrology charts and the Book of Revelation of the Bible. Swine Flu turns deadly, into the Fourth Horseman Death? From Revelation13****
22 Jul 2009
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Watch the 2010 Ford Fusion First Impression Video. Canadian source for new cars, used cars, auto show coverage and much more.
23 Jul 2009
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2010 sınav sistemini anlatan bir video. www.sorumvar****
3 Dec 2010
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2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 3500 video shown by Cars**** and Harr Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Worcester MA, near Boston MA The 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 3500 Truck comes new and improved. To make sure the driver has the best experience possible, the new interior includes nicer, premium material. Dodge also has improved the mirrors, with integrated turning signal technology, and includes a back up camera. Although the 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 3500 has not arrived at Harr yet, you can still check out the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500, 2009 Dodge Ram 2500 or the 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 today at Harr Chrysler Jeep Dodge, 120 Goldstar Blvd, Worcester. Harr Chrysler Jeep Dodge is conveniently located in Worcester MA and a short drive from: Boston Shrewsbury Holden West Boylston Boylston Jefferson Paxton Cherry Valley North Grafton Auburn Northborough Millbury Leicester Sterling Rutland Rochdale Clinton Grafton Berlin Westborough Whether you’re looking for a new or used Chrysler Jeep Dodge car truck or SUV, Harr Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Worcester MA has the selection you are looking for. If you have any questions please contact Harr Chrysler Jeep Dodge below: Call us: 1.800.213.5543 Visit our website: *******www.harrcjd**** Tweet us: *******www.twitter****/harrauto
23 Jul 2009
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Nissan's New 2010 Nissan GTR HD theatrical Video showing the exterior and interior quality of the Nissan GTR at its best T N M Network www.TeamNissanMarietta.ning**** SIGN UP NOW! to get started designing your profile. Upload Photos, Videos, Music, Blog, Chat and more, all in one place. Follow us on your favorite sites like *******www.twitter****/tnmnetwor... follow on Facebook by searching Team Nissan Marietta. Check out what our customers have to say about us. If you are a car enthusiast and like car reviews such as Topgear or Fifthgear, be sure to subscribe to the Team Nissan channel. Enjoy Produced by Robert Lee 678 927 6636 Media Producer for Team Nissan Marietta, GA
26 Jul 2009
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A preview of new features coming in Excel 2010: Episode 1066 shows you the Paste Options shortcuts in Excel 2010. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel 97-2007 from MrExcel. Download a new two minute video every workday to learn one of the 377 tips from the book!
6 Dec 2011
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2010 Mazda MAZDA3 video car review shown by cars**** and Scott Cars in Allentown PA, Lehigh Alley PA region The 2010 Mazda MAZDA3 does not seem to disappoint. It is still fun to drive and extremely powerful. The handling is superb, as it is with the 2009. There is a great amount of technology options available to make sure the driver’s ride is as smooth and safe as possible. Watch this video car review from cars**** to learn even more about the MAZDA3. Come in and test-drive a new 2009 Mazda MAZDA3 MAZDASPEED3 Sport 4dr, 2010 Mazda MAZDA3 s Sport 4dr, various other Mazda MAZDA3s, or any other Mazda model today, at our dealership, Scott Mazda, located on 3209 Lehigh Street, Allentown PA, 18103. Whether you are searching for a new or used Mazda car, Scott Mazda of Allentown PA has the selection you are looking for. Scott Mazda is conveniently located in Allentown PA and a short drive from: Bethlehem PA Easton PA Emmaus PA Fullerton PA Lansdale PA Northampton PA Phillipsburg NJ Pottstown PA Reading PA Scranton PA Call us: 888-619-7634 Visit our website: *******www.scottcars****/ou/allentown-mazda/
1 Oct 2009
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How will the U.S. and world economy do in 2010? Astrology and Book of Revelation Prophecies. Copyright 2009 by T. Chase. From the Revelation13**** web site, for more on this see Revelation13**** (Revelation 13: Prophecies of the Future, Astrology, Nostradamus, Bible Prophecy, the King James version English Bible Code).
28 Jul 2009
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Improvements to Excel 2010's SmartArt functionality. In Episode 1068, I show how to make your SmartArt text dynamically generate from cells in the worksheet. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel 97-2007 from MrExcel. Download a new two minute video every workday to learn one of the 377 tips from the book!
19 Jan 2011
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