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december 21, 2012: the extent date of the sophisticated stretching count calendar of the ancient mayans. some commentators forecast apocalypse
24 Oct 2009
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For more information visit: *******www.2012DVD**** This is a preview of a Disinformation original documentary film, 2012: Science or Superstition featuring John Major Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck, Alberto Villoldo, Robert Bauval, Jim Marrs and Graham Hancock to debut on (you guessed it) December 21st, the winter solstice and the date exactly four years before the end of the Mayan Calendar.
21 Jan 2009
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December 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar of the ancient Mayans. Some commentators forecast apocalypse, and others a rebirth of consciousness. Scientists debate the signs of a catastrophic climax of events in 2012.
21 Jun 2010
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n this episode of DHowell.TV, we begin at the end…The End of the World. Host Daedalus Howell interviews director Nimrod Erez about his documentary 2012: Science or Superstition and discovers the scariest “end of times” bumper-sticker ever.
23 Dec 2009
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