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If you like this you might like my blog too This is a short film I made about the mayan calendar. I try to explain who the mayans are and what the calendar is all about along with the mystery behind 2012. Some of the dialogue I aquired through wikipedia and www.redicecreations**** . Enjoy!
13 Oct 2008
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18 Oct 2008
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Read my blog! *******www.politico****/KOTECKI The Obamas visit the White House, Terry McAuliffe runs for governor, and Sarah Palin might run in 2012.
12 Nov 2008
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First epic teaser for Roland Emmerich's 2012. Learn more ***********/title/tt1190080/
13 Nov 2008
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The Daily Movie News of November 13th. With news about Watchmen, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt, 2012, Dispicable Me with Steve Carell, Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness by Martin Campbell, Michael Moore and his Fahrenheit 9/11 followup, Australia by Baz Luhrmann, Jaden Smith in Karate Kid, Ridley Scott does Monopoly and The Day the Earth Stood Still.
24 Feb 2009
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*******www.December212012**** On December 21 2012 the world as we know it is in for some dramatic and devastating changes. Explore the possibilities, see what other believe. *******www.december2120
29 Nov 2008
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Google Search 2012 to find out the truth.
15 Nov 2008
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******* 2012 is a dang hoax! When the hell people gonna wake up and see it's just to sell t shirts and make movies. -Todd
21 Nov 2008
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Sponsor: NHLiberty**** - With over 1400 days to go till the 2012 presidential election, maverick Republican Ron Paul is already weighing another run. This according to Campaign for Liberty press spokesman Jesse Benton in a Reason Magazine interview: video was edited 11/19/08 and first uploaded 11/20/08 To commission an ad like the one in this video, the cost as of 10/08 is three cents per video view. But views beyond the 1st week are free, and your link in the video descrip is free. Give me a shout through this site, or e-mail me: RidleyReport at... live period com Additional Keywords: ron paul ridleyreport dave ridley report free state project new hampshire republican barack obama hussein u.s. constitution revolution mary ruwart bob barr michael badnarik staters freestaters government paulville alex jones election primary 2012 campaign for liberty jesse benton sarah palin john mccain john stossel ronald reagan ben bernake depression fannie mae freedie mac automotive industry joe the plumber recession economy wall stree stock market crash penn and teller jillette bullshit .... Please thank our sponsor by visiting ... NHLIBERTY.ORG
24 Nov 2008
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*******hotdealvid**** online movie downloads download movies online free online movie download software 2012 movie trailer
23 Nov 2008
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2012 movie trailer *******teaser-trailer**** Movies 2009 *******teaser-trailer****/movies-2009.html Movies 2012 *******teaser-trailer****/movies-2012.html
15 Nov 2009
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We know that 2012 is a very controversial topic, and Seeking Closure is not a mindless the world is crumbling movie, but it is based on 2012and the events that may or may not happen but,the movie follows characters as they come to terms that in three hours they are going to die, and in coming to grips with that ,they relize they have to fix some wrongs in there lives before they go. They are Seeking Closure. The main theme is "Dont do anything today you may regret tomorrow, because there may not be one." That is true whether its 2012 or 2009. Please visit our website, or become our friend on myspace and learn more about the movie.
10 Dec 2008
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