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Watch the full video via Youtube using this link *******lnx2***/20D.
7 Apr 2012
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Sportifs et Miss France réunis pour les enfants à l'hôpital Necker de Paris.. PLus d'informations sur *******
14 Apr 2010
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Le 19 mars 2010 mobilisation pour l'accès aux toilettes et la protection de l'eau ! *******
18 Mar 2010
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******* Ifall dina däck behöver hjulförvaring eller du behöver specailfälgar, besök Nacka Värmdö Däckdepå. Vi säljer även vinterdäck och har ett sortiment av fälgar. Värmdövägen 725, Stockholm, Nacka, 08-747 12 10
26 Feb 2009
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18 Aug 2008
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home made ring flash canon 20d 580ex 430ex doggy bowl
4 Mar 2008
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LED ring light made from automotive trouble light Canon 20D
18 Feb 2008
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Here is a time lapse series of photos of Seattle. I captured all of the footage in this video using a canon 20d camera and a shutter timer to create this time lapse series of various sites and sounds around the puget sound. Can you identify the various sites and locations around the puget sound? Many of the images were captured from my office window in the international district.
29 Mar 2007
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Here is time lapse footage of South Seattle, near the baseball and football stadiums as well as the international district (china town). I captured most of these images right out my office window. All of the imagery is time lapse footage that I captured with my canon 20d. I used an image capture rate of about 1 frame per second, running for several hours each day.
28 Feb 2007
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A time lapse series of Safeco field from my office window. I leave my canon 20D setup all day capturing time lapse footage. This is today's series. I capture 1 frame per 20 seconds. The images lose their beauty when they are compressed for viewing from this site, but you can still get a sense for how nice the view is. Enjoy.
24 Feb 2007
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Prodigio - O Presente (Hosted By Trap-A-Holics) Download: *******indy.livemixtapes****/mixtapes/23080/prodigio-o-presente.html Prodígio - Futuro Download:*******www.mediafire****/download/v9jkvu2bt6l2e14/ Monsta - D.O.P.E Download: *******www.mediafire****/download/d276rt79kx0kr8x/Monsta%20-%20D.O.P.E.rar Dope MuzikⒸ2013
2 Jan 2014
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Prodigio - O Presente (Hosted By Trap-A-Holics) Download: *******indy.livemixtapes****/mixtapes/23080/prodigio-o-presente.html Prodígio - Futuro Download:*******www.mediafire****/download/v9jkvu2bt6l2e14/ Monsta - D.O.P.E Download: *******www.mediafire****/download/d276rt79kx0kr8x/Monsta%20-%20D.O.P.E.rar Dope MuzikⒸ2013
31 Dec 2013
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Thanks for MinecraftHDFilms for the rig ! REUPLOADED VIDEO Creative Commons Music ! Title: TOCCATA AND FUGUE IN D MINOR -- | Classical Music | Creative Commons | Royalty-Free Artist: Kevin Macleod Playlist: Classical Copyright: Kevin MacLeod. Licensed to the public under *******creativecommons****/licenses/by/3.0/ verify at *******www.incompetech**** "Right click" on link below, and select the "Save Target As" function --------------------- Download music: *******music.incompetech****/royaltyfree2/Toccata%20and%20Fugue%20in%20D%20Mi... ---------------------
5 Sep 2013
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After one of my friend forwarded me the song "My Cubicle" which is a prank of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful", I decided to do a small motion picture project on it. This is a motion picture that entirely shot using Canon EOS 20D Digital SLR camera. Enjoy! BTW, here's the lyric of the song: "MY CUBICLE" My job is stupid, My day's a bore, Inside this office, From 8 to 4. Nothing ever happens, My life is pretty blank, Pretending that I am working, Pray I don't get canned. My cubicle, my cubicle, It's 1 of 62, It's my small space, In a crowded place, Just a six by six board booth, And I hate it, that's the truth. When I give a sigh, As the boss walks by, No one ever talks to me, Or looks me in the eye, And I really should work, But instead I just sit here, And surf the internet. And my cubicle, my cubicle, It doesn't have a view, It's my small space, In a crowded place, I sit inside there too, And sometimes I sit here nude.
15 Dec 2011
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Driving a 4" long, 20d nail through a thick board and a license plate with one blow of my fist. www.StrongmanChrisRider.blogspot****
15 Nov 2008
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*******ollielarkin******/blog for more info, and high quality versions. youtube compression does not do justice to the film. Panning timelapse experiments, shot on a Canon 20d with some custom controllers.
3 Aug 2008
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