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My name is Walker Williams III and this month is my 20th Birthday
2 Dec 2017
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Taken from an unofficial concert film "The Cure Lodz Multicam". Recorded live in Lodz, Poland on 20th October 2016.
16 Nov 2017
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New VITALIC videoclip by "The Legend of Kaspar Hauser" director DAVIDE MANULI Taken from Vitalic’s new album VOYAGER out JANUARY 20th 2017 Title: "Hans is driving" feat. Miss Kittin Music: Vitalic Composed and produced by Pascal ARBEZ-NICOLAS Written & interpreted by Caroline Hervé Citizen Records / Clivage Music, 2017 Video written & directed by Davide Manuli (dir. of "La Lègende de Kaspar Hauser" starring Vincent Gallo) Video produced by Shooting Hope Productions srl *Shooting Hope Productions own the rights on the videoclip
17 Nov 2017
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Taken from an unofficial concert film "The Cure Lodz Multicam". Recorded live in Lodz, Poland on 20th October 2016.
26 Nov 2017
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Taken from an unofficial concert film "The Cure Lodz Multicam". Recorded live in Lodz, Poland on 20th October 2016.
30 Nov 2017
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══► Really Nice Music !!! ══► I made this video for Me and for my love Marina ♥ ... and for my friends from Russia, Unites States of America, Spain, France, Dubai, England and Bulgaria :-) Enjoy ! Марсел Михайлов / Marsel Mihaylov ™ Mah-Hah-Bone 33° ▲ Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno Playlist/Tracklist By Marsel Mihaylov ™ Alfred Newman - 20th Century Fox Fanfare [1954] Thomas Newman - Any Other Name (from American Beauty ) [1999] Thomas Newman - Shawshank Prison (Stoic Theme) (from Shawshank Redemption ) [1994] Vangelis - Rachel's Song (from Blade Runner ) [1982] John Williams - Welcome To Jurassic Park (from Jurassic Park ) [1993] Benjamin Wallfisch - Beverly (from IT ) [2017] Michael Giacchino - The Ellie Badge (from Up ) [2009] John Williams - Rey's Theme (from Star Wars: The Force Awakens ) [2015] Hans Zimmer - Day One (from Interstellar ) [2014] Harry Gregson-Williams - Life (from Prometheus ) [2012] Alan Silvestri - I'm Forrest, Forrest Gump (from Forrest Gump ) [1994] Hans Zimmer - Time (from Inception ) [2010] Michael Giacchino - Bundle Of Joy (from Inside Out ) [2015] Hans Zimmer - This Is Clark Kent (from Man Of Steel ) [2013] John Williams - Theme from Schindler's List (from Schindler's List ) [1993] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Sull'aria ...che soave zeffiretto (from Shawshank Redemption ) [1786] Thomas Newman - Nemo Egg (Main Theme) (from Finding Nemo ) [2003] Michael Giacchino - Super 8 (from Super 8 ) [2011] John Williams - Binary Sunset (from Star Wars: A New Hope ) [1977] Marc Shaiman - Honor (from A Few Good Men ) [1993] Alan Silvestri - Back To The Future Overture (from Back To The Future ) [1985] John Williams - Escape / Chase / Saying Goodbye (from E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial ) [1982] John Williams - Yoda's Theme [OST Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back [1984]
30 Nov 2017
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My 2003 20th Anniversary Edition VW GTI in several laps around New Hampshire Intl Speedway road course. First segment shows a spin caused by an abrupt line correction and lift throttle oversteer. Second segment shows a good lap with another oversteer that I corrected. Third segment shows me catching some other cars. The car is stock except for a 28mm Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar and 4 point Schroth harnesses.
8 Nov 2006
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cinema Jumper 20th Century Fox Presents
20 Mar 2008
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FXDD Forex Economic Releases for Thursday March 20th 2008
20 Mar 2008
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20th Century Recent Animal Extinction
22 Sep 2008
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2003 VW GTI 20th Anniversary Video Walkaround from Nemer Volkswagen in Latham, New York 12110. For full details, visit *******www.nemervw****
6 Aug 2008
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Craig Grannell of Cult Of Mac**** discusses why the 20th Anniversary Mac is an unforgettable example of Apple's worst instincts. Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Aug 2008
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On Hungary Day every year in August 20 at 9:00PM you can watch on of the most beautiful Fireworks in the world on 3 famous bridges over Danube River in Budapest. This fireworks took more than 20 minutes. Aug 20th is a National Holiday in Hungary and people and govronment make a lot of ceremonies in the cities. Saint Stephen I (Hungarian: I. (Szent) István, Slovak: (Svätý) Štefan I.) (967/969/975, Esztergom, Hungary – 15 August 1038, Esztergom, Hungary), was Grand Prince of the Magyars (997-1001) and the first King of Hungary (1001-1038). Stephen was born under the pagan name "Vajk", but was baptized a Christian and given the name "Stephen" (István in Hungarian) in his childhood. Following the death of his father, Géza, Stephen became the Grand Prince of the Magyars. He consolidated his rule by defeating his relative Koppány, who held a rival claim to the throne. Shortly afterwards, on Christmas Day in 1001, he received a crown from the pope and thus became the first King of Hungary. Stephen extended his rule in the Carpathian Basin with force by defeating several local chieftains. He maintained peace with the Holy Roman Empire during the first three decades of his reign, and later he would withstand the attacks of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor. Stephen established ten dioceses in his kingdom and issued severe decrees against pagan customs and in favor of the Christian faith in order to strengthen Christianity among his subjects. He organised several counties (vármegye) in Hungary, and his decrees could ensure internal peace in his kingdom. Based on his acts, he is generally considered as the founder of Hungary. Following the death of his son, Emeric, Stephen wanted to ensure the maintenance of Christianity in his kingdom and therefore named his sister's son, the Venetian Peter Urseolo, as his heir instead of his cousin, Vazul, whom he suspected of following pagan customs, and ordered him blinded. Stephen was canonised, together with his son and Bishop Gerard of Csanád, on August 20, 1083, and he become one of the most popular saints in Hungary.
31 Dec 2008
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Excerpt and final scene from Gettysburg The Boys in Blue and Gray. Years after the battle of Gettysburg commander of the 20th Maine, Joshua Chamberlain, received a letter from a soldier in the 15th Alabama Regiment. This soldier had the Colonel clearly in his sights and twice did not take the shot. This letter had a great impact on Chamberlain and he told this story often. Official film site *******www.robchild****/boysinblueandgray/
9 Feb 2009
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GamePro is turning 20 years old! Some think that's old, others think it's something entirely different. <a href="*******www.gamepro****/microsites/twentyyrs/"><strong>Go to GamePro's 20th Anniversary hub for more exiting interviews, videos, and features!</strong></a>
10 Aug 2009
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