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When one sees this warhorse gallop down the track, one wonders if he ever thought about the 100 meters dash before taking up cricket. There are various languages in this world, but for Shoaib Akhtar, in the game of cricket, there is only one language: SPEED. He talks that language with the fury of a King who does not want to be Second Best! Bowling fast is simply his Menu for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and that's what he intends to do. Time is a factor that is for the connoisseurs. His bowling can be compared to Bombardment in Physics. The term means directing a stream of high speed particles at an object. Akhtar does precisely that, he hurls the ball at great speeds making the distance of 22 yards a touch too short for the batsman to recover. By the time the batsman tries to focus on the ball, he is walking back to the pavilion, head hung in the air. He made his Test debut in the second test of the season of 1997-98 at his Home Ground against the WI. (This, incidentally, has earned him a name of Rawalpindi Express). If Imran founded Wasim Akram as the Great Bowler that he is, one can be fair to say that it was Wasim Akram who continued the tradition of nurturing this Pace Man! Akhtar has invaded all our hearts with his heartwarming and Stumps burning performances. We wish him all success in the future to continue his fast and furious stints with the ball.
9 Sep 2009
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Cricket Is beyond sport. It is life itself, in every gully and in every home. Street or stadium, 22 yards is where today's legends are made and tomorrow's heroes are born. 22 Yards is where you play for pride, play with soul and play as one.
4 May 2011
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Okay, i may have lied a little, apologies. This is me putting down a severely injured crow, I would never credit myself with calling this a hunt. 22 cal MAc1 benjamin discovery with 15.8 JSB at about 22 yards. To clear up any uncertainties, the house in the background was not in my line of fire, out of range, and my POA was the ground.
5 May 2013
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