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The Moods-Another point of view-Deniz Çelen
28 Jun 2008
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myanmar animations
30 Oct 2008
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Tel bükme, 2 eksen, tel şekillendirme, cnc, tel formlama, wire forming, bending, wire bending machine, otomasyon, automation. %100 yerli üretim! 2 ve 3 eksenli kangaldan ya da parçalı çalışan cnc tel ve boru bükme makineleri. Ayrıca işe özel makine üretimleri de yapılmaktadır. Demircioğlu Metal Form & Makine
31 Oct 2008
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Trabalho escolar que mostra um pouco sobre Olavo de Carvalho, principalmente nas áreas de religião e política.
2 Feb 2010
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This is the fourth lesson on conditionals. In this lesson we turn our attention to unreal conditional statements in the present time. Level: high intermediate - advanced.
23 Nov 2008
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Max have a nightmare and Enric insomnia because a stomachache. What a night! :) David (almost a brother for Max)is at the hospital with serious injuries. Translations courtesy of pinkcashemere and iluvShaneKippel. Thank you both! Enric: What happened? Max: I had a dream. What's wrong? did I wake you up? You can't sleep? Enric: I have eaten too much Max: Aren't you feeling well? Enric: I have a little stomach ache. You are soaked! Max: I dreamed that I wanted to run but... and I tried and no ...
15 May 2009
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2:13 Conférence à Londres du très grand magicien Juan Tamariz
16 May 2009
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Science Video
16 May 2009
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A girl with a gun and an innocent, misundserstood dachshund. This was originally a 4 second project from school (loooong time ago). I do plan to continue this and perhaps clean up the frames a bit more.
24 May 2009
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A new MMO like Runescape!
20 Aug 2009
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Wedding Photo DVD
25 Jul 2009
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You can learn how to apply Hatch for closed objects. Hatch only work for closed objects.
5 Aug 2010
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Chief Architect insulated you from a lot of CAD terminology. One item you do need to know is XYZ and how this works while you're drawing your plan.
7 Apr 2010
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Some of my flash and 2s work that I did in school Audio from the movie 300
2 Jun 2010
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Final exam using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects
12 Mar 2011
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Laser marking platstic with Co2 laser the LP8000 series Worldwide Laser provides Co2 lasers the LP8000 series ranging from 10 watts to 400 watts in either air cooled or water cooled format -150 to 400 watt are always water cooled The Co2 laser marking systems are perfect for laser marking many different materials from packaging supplies, food containers, acrylic and plastic parts, and wood. In this article we concentrate on use of the LP8000 series of Co2 lasers for laser marking & laser etching design, pattern, bar codes, and text into plastic, the laser marking of plastic is accomplished with a fixed beam delivery system and x-y table., or for other operations the LP8000 series Co2 laser can use a gavlo head beam delivery. The advantages of using a laser for this application are significant The x-y table area can be configured as required which allows for many parts or sections to be laser cut from plastic sheet in rapid order. The galvo head for laser marking is extremely fast The laser beam from the LP8000 Co2 laser system has a sealing effect on plastic providing a clean, smooth, and polished edge All blades and saws are eliminated so nothing comes in contact with the part, there is no wearing of the blade or knife eliminating costly replacement and down time The LP8000 Co2 laser and x-y table can write text or laser mark machine readable bar codes along with cutting the part. The placement of the cut is accurate and highly repeatable and does not vary over time due to wear so scrap rates are greatly reduced or eliminated providing significant cost savings Debris, dust, and air born particulate generally associated with mechanical cutting methods are eliminated providing a green eco friendly manufacturing alternative to industry Worldwide Laser also provides parts, repairs and refubished systems for the Lumonics series of Laser Mark systems 920, 930, 940, 950 ,and 960 Fiber Lasers, YAG lasers, Co2 Lasers and UV lasers Worldwide Laser for all your laser needs 480.892.8566 option 5 fax 480.497.9661
19 Jun 2010
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