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We specialize in creating custom medical animations and animated eLearning modules to effectively explain and engage your audience in the complex medical science processes or products.
6 Oct 2016
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With #animations by ADI Studio, let your #business aim high and soar higher! ******* #CharacterAnimation #MotionGraphics
20 Oct 2016
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Look at the amazing video
25 May 2017
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Ever since the inception of our company, we have emerged as a reliable service provider of 2 Dimensional Animation Services. Our professionals create animations for a wide range of applications like short stories, product demos, entertainment, TV commercials, cartoon films, home video, etc.
25 Sep 2017
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Introducing JEWEL foot mats, with unique jacquard design and beautiful diamond pattern which is a hallmark of this product. They are manufactured using automotive OEM grade polypropylene carpet, which helps keep your car clean and hygienic. Made in India at our in-house ISO 9001:2008 and JAS-ANZ certified facilities, they are custom made for your car make and model and give a plush look to your car interiors. They are made using two layer carpet mat - Top layer is luxurious Polypropylene Carpet that traps dirt and helps keep your car clean, while layer 2 is a specialized anti-skid backing, which ensures that the mat does not slip and helps in a stress-free drive
7 Dec 2017
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Magic car mats are designed to add excitement to your daily routine. Trendy prints and soft feel PVC give your car a stylish and fashionable look. Made in India at our in-house ISO 9001:2008 and JAS-ANZ certified facilities, our mats help keep your car clean and hygienic and are washable. The anti-skid backing keeps the mat in place making your driving experience easy and tension free.
7 Dec 2017
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Los Simpson la pelicula en 2D
30 Dec 2006
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TwinTowers is a user level of u4e 2d game
7 Oct 2007
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2d animation Drawing tutorial
8 Feb 2008
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scan 2d barcode.QR phone barcode software arcode Read software for mobile phone infosumlung**** *******www.sumlung**** Cell phone could read barcode used as scanner. The traditional wireless barcode scanning are expensive. Our barcode Read software basis on windows mobile phone create more than 50% of cost reduction, which also adapt in various environmental barcode scanning needs 1.2: Advantage *Cost-effective *Simple operation *Low cost hardware for barcode solution *Flexible value-added though software 1.3: Use *Apply to barcode solution of mobile phone *Apply to sales management, logistics track, warehouse inventory, wireless data collection *Apply to barcode solution of chain shops such as entertainment, supermarket, and restaurant 1.4: Note *The phone should have micro shoot function; if not, could combined with SUMLUNG macro barcode lens Keywords:Barcode Reader Software SDK, Symbian Windows Mobile, DOPOD, HTC, O2, Cell Phones, Barcode Reader, Barcode Scanner, SUMLUNG Barcode Product, Cost Effective
18 Jan 2009
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Just showcase of few 2D design works from our,for much more check out our website at *******www.theimpulsedesign****/
7 Jul 2009
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Seafight is a 2d browser game where players take command of a ship and sail the high seas. Complete quests, fight sea monsters, or plunder other players for gold and pearls. As you level, purchase better ships, equipment and stronger NPC crew members. Arr, those dapper pirates.. Sign-up here and receive a free 1-month Premium Membership!! Play this game on *******mmohub****/game/seafight/
30 Jun 2009
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E-ticket reader *******www.sumlung**** E-mail: jane10sumlung**** SUMLUNG 2D barcode reader is a low-cost & high-performance product; it was designed by a new concept which based on the CMOS image sensor by SUMLUNG. It reduces the total cost of barcode solution. *quickly read DM-Code *Auto read, beep confirmed *could set different speed *support third parts develop *Cost-effective *Simple operation *Low cost hardware for 2D barcode solution *Flexible value-added though software
19 May 2009
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English With Jennifer - Lesson 2d - Conditionals - English Grammar- Www.Sirenglish.Com
13 Mar 2010
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2D Demo Reel
16 Jan 2010
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Video sobre animação 3D e 2D elaborado no ambito da disciplina de Aplicações imformaticas B. Music by la castle vania remix- in for the kill
23 Mar 2010
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