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This guy rigs 45,000 bottle rockets to launch in rapid fire fashion. What if it was to start shooting back at you?
1 Aug 2006
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Lithuanian TV Show Farai 45 (pikti)
30 Dec 2006
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He solve rubick's cube in 6.45 seconds it is improbable
28 Apr 2007
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WWW.T-DRILL.US Chipless cut-off with Integrated Endformer TCC-45-EF3 has been designed for Automatic chipless rotary cutting, grooving and endforming. All three operations simultaneously. This eliminates tube handling from cut-off machine to stand alone endformer. TCC-45-EF3 provides solution for high volume production with industry standard endforms.
17 May 2007
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45: Mother's pride Dawn and Ian talk about family, mainly about missing their mum. Ian decides to have a little cry. Get Involved! If you would like to participate in the Joneses' adventures, go to the wiki: *******www.wherearethejoneses.wikidot**** & *******www.wherearethejoneses****
3 Sep 2007
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Doktorlar 45. Bölüm Fragmanı
19 Jan 2008
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todays adventure with Gordon Tindall We have all of the tree huggers and elected officials looking at this underground burning coal for yeas. Have they tried to extract energy to make power ? What a site for a greenhouse! Jan 21st, 2008 Dear Editor, Thanks to the generosity of Gordon Tindall of the Red Rose Diner, I was driven to Centralia, Pa. today and felt the hot ground temperatures where smoke was escaping. Centralia is a now ghost town. It is a victim to an underground coal fire. It is sad that most of the people had to be moved. It is sadder that not one BTU appears to being used for something positive. They have had 45 years to come up with something other than saying the sky is falling. I find that the lack of any process to capture this heat to do something positive very sad. Society should be making lemonade out of the lemons the good people of Centralia have been handed. If our engineers can not come up with some positive use of this "free" energy then we deserve to be doomed into extinction. Where are the elected officials and Gov. Rendell in either heating some green houses, or running heat engines to pump electricity back into the grid? Hell, you could raise talapia there and grow food all winter long! The possibilities are almost limitless. However it is plain to me that our government hampers progress and does not encourage it. And I don't hear any major presidential candidates talking about the dangers of paper less ballots or eminent domain abuse. I don't hear any candidate pushing for the raising of industrial hemp to help reduce pollution in making paper. Bush wants to give us money back so that we can buy more crap from China and make them even stronger? Have China pay to feed their own damn Panda bears! Mr. Bush we need farming, mining or manufacturing jobs right here in the USA. We don't need more retail stores!!!! Sincerely, Joseph Rene Dupont RR2 99A SR 2024 Towanda, pa 18848 570 268 4178 joedupontJUNO.COM
7 Feb 2010
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******* - Would you like to get your hands on a software that made over $45,852 just by showing other people videos online? ******* This software is very easy to use. Just fill-in a few boxes and click a few buttons and you are done. You don't even have to make videos yourself.
7 Feb 2008
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Roulette Raper works on many levels. It uses the whole table in order to help you win big. In this session where we wanted to start with $5 a spot, we pulled in $45 in under 3 minutes!
1 Mar 2008
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Naruto Shippuuden 45 portugues (2-3)
19 Mar 2008
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The first film ever to feature the famous Three Mesquiteers! Law of the 45’s is a classic style Western with singing, comedy, and plenty of gun shooting. Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams makes a fine heroic cowboy who would continue to appear in feature films for many years. Here, Williams and his sidekick Fuzzy (Al St. John) are out to help some poor hapless ranchers who are being overrun by land grabbing bandits. At the heart of the vicious plot is the rancher’s lawyer who is out to double cross all the hardworking honest folk. Williams and gang must fend off the bad guys before they can ride into the sunset, and it makes for a good ol’ time watching Law of the 45’s.
10 Nov 2008
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MasterCraft X-45
23 Mar 2009
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Catamount Ski Area Half Pipe Still shredding at 45 years old!
20 May 2008
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sourate Houd2 budair versets 45 83
23 May 2008
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許樹燊(前蓮花樂隊成員)旺角街頭獻唱譚詠麟經典名曲- 愛情陷阱,愛在深秋(節錄) 20:45 hkt 製作:tonieartcity**** 公開獻藝頻道 - 攝製,Cameraman:Tonie Yip 中文版 tonieartcitygmail**** www.tonieartcity****/openarttune
23 May 2008
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*******www.ColonixReview**** - Day 45 of my Colonix colon cleansing reviews and nothing out of the ordinary to report today. I'm going to the bathroom regularly and am not having any cramps or constipation.
25 May 2008
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