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Users of Verizon Wireless cannot reach 4chan, the iPhone's latest OS is now jailbreak-friendly, Google explains why they ran a Super Bowl ad, and more on TechVi Now. Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Feb 2010
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4chan Jammin,Yes It's all anime don't like it watch something else.
2 Mar 2010
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Haha, this is just an old 4chan montage I made a very long time ago and its really funny. I suggest you watch it. It contains a bunch of random and funny crap. I'm sure you guys will love it. If you'd like to see some other funny animated gifs visit these links. soon I will be coming out with a blog so stay tuned for that. All rights belong to they're owners.
11 Oct 2008
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Bizarre sci-fi meme - heads morph in a weird mooting frenzy. Don't miss the SEXY ROBOT KITTY. Are you a Mooter?
11 Nov 2010
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Whether you love them or hate 'em, LOLCats are a strong fixture in internet culture. Ben Huh, the CEO behind the company that owns LOLCat monolith I Can Haz Cheezburger, sat down for a few minutes with TechVi to talk about how he got his company where it is today, how he decides which memes are right, and how he feels about the place where many of these memes originate, 4chan. Huh originally started Pet Holdings, Inc. by purchasing I Can Haz Cheezburger from its original owners for a seemingly shocking $2,000,000 (that's million, folks). He then moved on to FailBlog, one of the more popular recent meme sites. Huh doesn't view his catalog of properties as "meme sites," but rather just like any other form of media consumption, tied with pageviews and dollars. The model makes sense, and lucky for Huh, memes are likely to be around as long as the net exists. The question in my mind is whether he can continue to ride the wave successfully past his first few sites, but so far he seems to be LOL-ing, all the way to the bank.
4 May 2009
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*******pararir**** 4Chan - humor infame
4 May 2010
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Pekka-Eric Auvinen attacked to Jokela high-school 7.11. killing 8. After the massacre he shot himself to head and died later in hospital. In the video you can see that he commented 'Today we are making history!' to irc-galleria**** just moments before the shootings began. I managed to take some screenshot from his irc-galleria**** profile before it was removed. First comment: Today we are making history! Second and third comments are just pasted from the news . Second last: Was it sturmgeist??
10 Nov 2007
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This guy gets his ass kicked IN A BOX, YEAH!
16 Jan 2008
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THIS IS A HUGE Dance off between loads of different characters from across the world
17 Sep 2008
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the first part of lazor collection
20 Aug 2008
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099 of 365
17 Aug 2008
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O hay guise time for sum pirates amirite?
10 Jun 2009
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When visiting his friend Murphy on an afternoon like every other, Josh finds himself to be in an awkward situation facing a game character from his earlier days. Will Josh take on the same fate as Joey in Scene one?!? Watch to find out! I apologize about the camera work in some scenes. Music Credits: Stack Traxx Super Mario Galaxy TurnHere**** Me & My Katamari Soundtrack ~~Scene Three in Working Progress!~~
23 Oct 2008
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Paula Goodspeed was found dead near Paula Abdul's home on 12 November 2008. Authorities say it was an apparent suicide by overdose. She was considered to be obsessed with Abdul and possibly fixated on the turnout of this 2005 American Idol
15 Nov 2008
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Fox News report on the dangerous INTERNET HATE MACHINE that threatens America (ZOMG domestic terrorists!) -- Kikaida RE-MIX!
30 Dec 2008
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