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The FIAT 500 is back in USA so Get Ready because Life is Best When Driven!
14 May 2011
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Try throwing a guy who weighs 500 pounds off the top rope and this happens!!!!
3 Apr 2006
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Team Hot Wheels is pulling out all the stops at this year's Indy 500! Their newest toy line is being blown up to life size as they are recreating their new V-Drop track and attempting to break the World Record for a jump on a four wheel vehicle. Check out some inside info from Metacafe Sports Editor CJ Hillyer in this exclusive MetaMinute.
27 Apr 2011
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Ford Shelby GT 500- "Germany"
12 Apr 2009
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Honda Civic EK4 Turbo 500 BHP !
20 Nov 2007
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View this video & we'll donate $1 to homeless pets. (Up to $500,000, limit $1 per person, per video through 12/10/10). See how Purina ONE® beyOnd™ is trying to make a positive difference by using natural ingredients that help pets look and feel their best.
21 Nov 2010
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Not since Coke vs Pepsi, blonds vs bunettes or Cubs vs Sox have we seen such a heated debate.People have spent countless hours on the lion vs tiger topic. And now we have the answer caught on tape. Some facts:Lions have a recognized 8 sub species with the largest getting over 500 pounds. They are listed as a Threatened Vulnerable species and current wild populations are only around 30,000.Tigers only have 6 sub species left (one being the S. China tiger which has not been seen in the wild for a long time) and the largest can get well over 600 pounds. They are endangered and their wild population is sadly around 3,000. Featured in this video is a white tiger and they are not a sub species of tiger but rather are over bred in captivity. More more on the white tiger go to:www.bigcatrescue****/white_tigers.htm
20 Dec 2007
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7,500 people are sleeping rough on London's streets every year. Music by Cavan Brady www.thesocialartist****** www.facebook****/willthompsonart
25 Feb 2016
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Als die junge Studentin Sara (MINKA KELLY) ihr erstes Semester an der Uni antritt, bekommt sie Rebecca (LEIGHTON MEESTER) als Zimmergenossin im Wohnheim zugewiesen. Aus der anfa¨nglichen Freundschaft der beiden jungen Frauen wird bald to¨dlicher Ernst, denn Rebecca entpuppt sich als Psychopathin, die von Sara regelrecht besessen ist. Aus Eifersucht fa¨ngt Rebecca damit an, jeden auszuschalten, der in Saras Leben eine Rolle spielt ... Leighton Meester („Gossip Girl“) und Minka Kelly („(500) Days of Summer“) spielen neben Cam Gigandet („Twilight – Biss zum Morgengrauen“, „New Moon – Biss zur Mittagsstunde“, „Burlesque“) die Hauptrollen in diesem spannungsgeladenen Mystery-Thriller von Christian E. Christiansen.
24 Mar 2011
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See how a regular guy installs memory in his computer all by himself, and find out how you can win a $500 gift card at some of your favorite retail stores. *******
2 Jul 2010
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8 Jun 2008
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View this video & we will donate $1 to homeless pets. (Up to $500,000, limit $1 per person, per video through 12/10/10). See how Purina ONE® beyOnd™ pet food is trying to make a positive difference for pets and the world we share with them.
2 Nov 2010
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Les rockers peuvent ranger leurs guitares, les DJs jeter leurs platines, CRAZY FROG est de retour avec son nouvel album Everybody Dance Now , 19 reprises efficaces dont Daddy DJ, Jump de Van Halen, No Limit des 2 Unlimited, I just cant get enough de Depeche Mode.. Le premier single extrait de lalbum est le tube Daddy DJ, norme tubes lectro franais en 2001 qui a hant les dancefloors pendant plusieurs semaines (1million 500 singles lpoque).Crazy Frog Daddy DJ dans les bacs le 27 juillet.
8 Jul 2009
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Amazing fire power!
22 Oct 2006
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Very realistic radio controlled model helicopter, powered by a minature gas turbine.
15 Aug 2007
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The new Acura RDX spot, "Wall Art," reveals the turbocharged crossover SUVs city prowess—darting through alleys, ducking around corners, navigating the urban landscape. In fact, its the landscape that really sets this spot apart. Enlisting the director duo of Chris Hopewell and Ben Foley of Collision Films (previous work includes music videos for Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand), this RDX commercial uses stop-frame animation techniques while plugging into the street art phenomenon. Famed Bristol, UK-based street artist Sainty (Henry St Leger), along with a team of 17 graffiti artists and painters, brought this idea to life on a massive 100-foot by 40-foot wall. All art was done by artists, not CGI. "Wall Art" opens with an RDX parked in front of a blank wall. This same wall is painted and repainted with cityscape scenes, hundreds and hundreds of times, to animate the background behind the vehicle. The 10-day shoot for "Wall Art" used more than 450 gallons of paint and 500 cans of spray paint, resulting in more than 400 layers of paint on the wall. "Wall Art" is premised on the RDXs turbocharged engine, agile handling and sporty stance—the RDX is perfect for the city. The spot instills a sense of artistry and upscale sophistication in the brand. Featuring a combination of large-scale street art and stop-frame animation set to Elias Arts composer Kenny Segals track, the commercial literally illustrates that the RDX is equipped for anything the city can create. Collision Films Site: *******www***llisionfilms**** Henry St. Leger’s Flickr Site:****/sainty_what David Whittle’s Flickr Site:****/people/davidwhittle/
6 Apr 2009
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