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27 Nov 2008
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SBT TV - The U.S. 500 was an automobile race sanctioned by CART on May 26, 1996 at the Michigan International Speedway as an alternative to the 1996 Indianapolis 500. Tony George, owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, formed the Indy Racing League as an alternative to CART. While the Indianapolis 500 had continued to be sanctioned by USAC since the formation of CART in 1979, CART teams and drivers represented the vast majority of the Indy field, and USAC had taken steps to ensure that the technical specifications for Indy did not preclude CART teams from participating. In 1996, however, following his creation of the IRL, George stipulated that 25 of the 33 starting positions at Indy would be reserved for the top 25 teams which ran events in his series. This move created potential scheduling conflicts with CART-sanctioned events. Interpreting this policy as a lockout of CART teams, the CART board agreed to stage the U.S. 500 at an alternative venue on Memorial Day weekend, the traditional date for the Indianapolis 500. George, on the other hand, viewed the refusal of CART teams to compete for the remaining eight positions on the Indy grid as a walkout/boycott. While the Indianapolis 500 has a history of one-off participants (teams and drivers who participate in only the single race and not in other series events), the field for the U.S. 500 were comprised almost exclusively of teams and drivers who participated in the full CART season, as CART was formed of franchises owned by the various team owners, which formed the organization in 1978. CART franchise owners were required to field teams for all races.Following the 1996 season, CART decided not to run the U.S. 500 opposite the Indianapolis 500 again. The race, as it had been initially created, was discontinued. The success of the event was questionable, and the remaining reasons to hold the event were the subject of considerable debate. Teams and officials also were not keen on racing at the same facility twice in the same season. From 1997-1999, instead of creating a direct conflict, on the day before the Indianapolis 500, CART scheduled a race at the newly-opened Gateway International Speedway as their Memorial Day weekend alternative. The race, however, experienced much less interest, and was eventually moved to August. Starting in 1997, the Indy Racing League adopted new chassis and engine rules that were not compatible with the equipment used by CART teams, thus any teams choosing to race at Indianapolis would have to purchase all new machines. After experiencing unforeseen problems unrelated to the CART boycott, the IRL's 25/8 restriction for the Indianapolis 500 was dropped after the 1997 race. No CART team, however, would return to Indianapolis until 2000. In 1997, Penske Corporation and CART added a season-ending race for the Champ Cars at California Speedway. As a result, some name-shuffling ensued. The Marlboro 500 name, which had been used for the 500-mile event held at Michigan in July or August from 1987 to 1996, was given to the new fall California Speedway race. The U.S. 500 was in turn the name given to the annual summer Michigan race, now being held in July, from 1997-1999. In the 1998 race, three spectators were killed and six more injured[1] when a wheel from Adrian Fernández's car flew into the grandstands during a crash on lap 175 of the 250 lap race. CART was widely criticized for not stopping the race in deference to the dead and injured fans. CART's own investigation determined that the casualties were the result of an "accidental racing incident."[2] However, the track's fences were quickly extended by an additional four feet in an attempt to contain debris from future crashes.[3] In 2000, the U.S. 500 name was dropped permanently as the race was changed to the Michigan 500 presented by Toyota, and in its last year, 2001, it was known as the Harrah's 500. In 2002, the race switched alliances to the Indy Racing League, and became what was known as the Firestone Indy 400.Michigan International Speedway is a two-mile (3.22-km) moderate-banked D-shaped superspeedway located off U.S. Highway 12 on more than 1,400 acres [1] near Brooklyn, in the scenic Irish Hills area of southeastern Michigan. The track is used primarily for NASCAR events. It is sometimes known as a "sister track" Texas World Speedway, and was used as the basis of Auto Club Speedway. The track is currently owned by International Speedway Corporation (ISC). Michigan International Speedway is recognized as one of motorsports' premier facilities because of its wide racing surface and high banking (to open-wheel standards; the 18-degree banking is modest to stock car standards). Michigan is now one of the fastest tracks in NASCAR due to its wide, sweeping corners and long straightaways; typical qualifying speeds are in excess of 190 mph and corner entry speeds easily exceed 200 mph (320 km/h).
28 Nov 2008
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World of Warcraft 500 miles Burning Crusade family love
8 Dec 2008
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2 Dec 2008
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A U.S.500 (500 Milhas dos Estados Unidos), foi uma prova de automobilismo organizado pela CART entre os anos de 1996 a 1999 no Michigan International Speedway. A corrida foi criada para substituir as 500 Milhas de Indianapolis que ficou de fora do calendario da CART apartir de 1996.Tony George, dono do Indianapolis Motor Speedway, rompeu relações com a categoria devido a discordâncias dos dirigentes da CART e criou a IRL (Indy Racing League) na qual passou a organizar a prova que no ano de 1996 não teve participação dos pilotos e equipes da CART. No mesmo dia da tradicional corrida (26 de maio), estava sendo disputada a primeira edição da U.S.500 em Brooklyn.O circuito oval de Michigan estava lotado, resultando na maior média de público do circuito numa prova da CART.A corrida ia começar quando 20 carros se envolveram num acidente obrigando a interrupção da prova e uma nova largada.Jimmy Vasser, o causador da confusão, foi o vencedor daquele ano. Na sua ultima edição, em 1999, o brasileiro Tony Kanaan foi o vencedor derrotando o colombiando Juan Pablo Montoya numa diferença de 0,032 segundos. A Vanderbilt Cup foi à primeira competição de destaque do automobilismo norte-americano. Um evento internacional que foi criado por William Kissam Vanderbilt II em 1904 sendo organizado o primeiro percurso disputado ao redor do condado de Nassau em Long Island, Nova York. O anúncio da corrida causou controvérsia considerável em Nova York. Trouxe uma inundação de ações legais em uma tentativa de parar a corrida e os políticos se aproveitaram da situação, promovendo audiências públicas pra discutir a realização do o evento. Vanderbilt saiu vitorioso e a corrida inaugural foi realizada em um percurso de 30,24 milhas de estradas de terra e rolamento através do condado de Nassau. Vanderbilt instituiu um grande prêmio em dinheiro que com isso, esperava incentivar fabricantes americanos a começar a investir em competições automobilísticas, pois os eventos organizados na Europa já rendiam muitas melhorias tecnológicas para a indústria local. A corrida atraiu os melhores pilotos e seus carros através do Oceano Atlântico, alguns que inclusive tinha competido na Gordon Bennett Cup, que era realizada em continente europeu. Para a corrida inaugural em Long Island estavam inscritos dezessete carros e os jornais convocaram para que o público local fosse acompanhar um carro americano derrotar os poderosos veículos europeus. Porém um Panhard venceu a corrida seguindo por um outro veículo francês, um Darracq, que venceu a prova nos dois anos seguintes batendo os carros fabricados pelos norte-americanos da Stanley Steamer entre outras marcas locais e européias. Controlar a multidão foi um grande problema desde o início e depois que um espectador foi morto durante a prova de 1906, a corrida foi cancelada. Enquanto isso, na França, era realizado o primeiro Grande Prêmio automobilístico em 26 de junho de 1906 promovido pelo Automóvel Clube da França em Sarthe.Um dos concorrentes era o norte-americano Elliot Shepard, filho de Margaret Vanderbilt-Shepard e primo de William Kissam Vanderbilt II. Aprendendo com o seu primo os fatores que levaram ao sucesso o Grande Prêmio francês e a rápida expansão dos Grandes Prêmios em outros países europeus, William Vanderbilt descobriu uma maneira de resolver os problemas de segurança e com isso melhora o comparecimento de público para sua corrida. Contratou uma empreiteira para construir o Long Island Motor Parkway, uma das primeiras parkways pavimentadas do país que não deveriam ser usados somente para as corridas, mas também tendo como objetivo impulsionar o desenvolvimento econômico de Long Island. A construção começou em 1907 da estrada em que deveria arrecadar milhões de dólares com pedágio além de administrar diversas pontes e viadutos nas 48 milhas da estrada. A corrida de 1908 foi realizada na nova estrada e para o delírio da gigantesca multidão, o nova-iorquino George Robertson, de 23 anos, transformou-se no primeiro americano a ganhar a Vanderbilt Cup. A Vanderbilt Cup foi organizada com sucesso até 1911 quando foi acertado em Savannah, Geórgia a realização do Grande Prêmio americano. No ano seguinte a corrida foi levada para o oval de Milwaukee, Wisconsin e as três outras edições foram disputadas na Califórnia - 1914 e 1916 em Santa Mônica, e 1915 em San Francisco. A corrida foi cancelada depois que os Estados Unidos se juntaram aos aliados na Primeira Guerra Mundial em 1917. Muitos dos que participaram da Vanderbilt Cup tomaram-se famosos por vencerem a competição como pilotos e construtores dos automóveis como Louis Chevrolet, Vincenzo Lancia e Ralph De Palma.
2 Dec 2008
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It seems like everyone is digging deep into their pockets these days. But, did you know that by cutting corners and making little sacrifices along the way, you can find an extra $1,500 to $2,500 a month? If you don’t put a lot of miles on your car, check with your insurance provider about a discount – some companies will decrease their premiums if you drive fewer miles. Try going on a “restaurant diet” and limit the number of times per week you eat out. This can save you anywhere from $300 to $500 a month. Entertain at home vs. “in town” and save another $200 to $300. You can always "do it yourself," too! Cut your own lawn, clean your own gutters/windows and your own home and you’ll have $200 to $400 more to spend on the necessities. Source: OnStar
3 Dec 2008
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S&P 500 day trading course live room emini futures education coach levels of support and resistance for, Http:// with break outs, break downs, point of control in live day trading room. The Money Maker Edge™ system. December 5 Online Trading course SP500 emini futures, Mini Dow, Oil futures, gold, and currencies.
5 Dec 2008
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4:05 Start an internet business after 500,000 jobs lost in November doesn't seem so hard to accept for many. The country's recession is hurting many families and individuals. Many are seeking an online opportunity to make money by marketing on the internet. The search for a good business is on the rise. Go to any search engine and you will see that many online marketing opps are available to anyone willing to put in the effort to grow. Watch this short video discussing the jobs report briefly by the Department of Labor. You might also want to visit to just read about ways to generate traffic to your website pages. By the way, the numbers released were more favorable than if the other 422,000 people had been let go by their employer. See the video inside and leave a video comment.
11 Dec 2008
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500,000 Random acts of kindness Video
31 Oct 2009
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S&P 500 day trading course live room emini futures education coach levels of support and resistance for, Http:// live day trading room. The Money Maker Edge™ system.
12 Dec 2008
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I took a solo roadtrip along the Neches River from Woodville, Texas, to Jasper, Texas. It seemed a lonely and isolated place to travel, so I put it to "500 Miles (Away From Home). If you don't like scenery, enjoy the song!
11 Dec 2008
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12 Dec 2008
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3 Jan 2009
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16 Dec 2008
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1:06 This elegant Georgian Stonehouse, circa 1826, is a perfect example of the beauty and craftsmanship of a by-gone era. Lovingly restored by its current owners, this prominent year-round home is well suited to entertaining in elegance and style, as well as providing a comfortable family home. Located on a quiet street in the center of the charming historic village of Essex, it is only a block from the beach, marina, local restaurants and main street. High speed internet service and cable TV are available. The 3,500 square foot home has four levels, consisting of five bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The garden level includes a charming country kitchen with exposed beams, a wonderful brick alcove, breakfast area, full bathroom with shower, laundry/utility room, a family room with French doors leading to the east porch and beautifully landscaped private grounds with terraces surrounded by English gardens. The main floor includes an elegant formal entry hall with arched doorways; a formal living room and dining room with open fireplaces; all have detailed moldings and wide plank floors. There is, also, an adjoining Butler’s Pantry with a slate floor. On the second floor there is a large master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and two additional bedrooms that share a bathroom. The fourth floor has been turned into a master suite with an adjoining small room that could be used as a bedroom or study, a full bathroom and a roof-top deck with views of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont. Previously know as The Stonehouse a B&B establishment, now an Adirondack vacation rental with a great vacation rental history. Walk to the waterfront for swimming, boating or dining. The Adirondack Park is such a very special place with very special homes. The shores of Lake Champlain extend 120 miles into Canada. To learn more about this historical community in the Adirondacks, Essex NY, click here (IATAAP is sponsored by ACHR). Essex is 15 minutes off interstate route 87 (Northway), 5 hours from New York City, 1.5 hours from Montreal, aprox. 2 hours from Albany, 50 minutes from Burlington, VT (via year-round ferry) and 30 minutes from Plattsburgh. There is an international airport in Burlington, VT and Plattsburgh, NY and there is skiing on Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid and hiking in the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains, all within a 30 minute drive. Adirondack Country Homes Realty Darleen R. March 518-532-7900
14 Dec 2008
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14 Dec 2008
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