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21 Jul 2009
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Are your RainBird 5000 sprinkler heads leaking after installation? You might want to clean out the lines and the head before jumping to a replacement. Sean Stefan from Sprinkler Daddy ( ******* ) talks about how to go about cleaning out your RainBird 5000 sprinkler heads and sprinkler lines to see if that solves your leaky sprinkler problem.
9 Sep 2009
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*******www.madridhifi****/productos/listado.php?id_categoria=470&id_marca=33 Olympus MJU 5000 - Olympus MJU 9000 - Olympus SP 590
17 Sep 2009
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mafia wars 111 reward point and 5000 friends
23 Feb 2010
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20 May 2010
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The Mach Speed Trio-View 5000 8GB HD Video Media Player is the ultimate portable video player. With a crystal clear High Definition 5-inch screen you can comfortably watch all your favorite movies wherever you go. What's even better is that the Trio V5000 can play movies to your HD television through a built-in HDMI connection. With the many great features the Trio V5000 represents the future of video watching. Now is the chance to make it yours.
22 Jun 2010
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Recently someone emailed me asking about creating an adaptor for mounting BNCR mount lenses to a DSLR. Since I now have a DSLR (a Nikon D-5000) I thought I would give it a try. I started with my camera on and in video mode. As soon as I took off the lens that came with the camera the camera shut itself off. But, with the lens still off I cycled the power switch and to my delight the camera came back on and switched into video mode when I pressed the video mode button. Of course when the switched the camera to video mode the shutter went up which allowed me to see the image sensor. Though not the size of a 35mm 8 perf neg it is certainly larger than the little chips in nearly all video cameras (which is one contributing factor the cameras ability to produce very selectable focus). So, I got out my CineKowa prime lens set. The video starts with me simply holding the 15mm lens directly in front of the camera. About midway through the video you can see that I set the 15mm lens down and replace it with a 32mm lens, The first thing you see when i place the 32mm lens in front of the camera is the 15mm lens on my little desk. There is some vignetting throughout the video but that is due to my not holding the lens correctly in front of the camera. You can actually tell as I am constantly repositioning the lens to get focus since I can not actually turn the focus ring while holding the lens and the camera in different hands. Let me reiterate that all I am doing is actually hand holding the lens in front of the camera body. There is not actual mechanical mount being used as the lenses are BNCR mount and the camera is Nikon mount. I am just experiment to see if this is even a feasible idea. One think I noticed is that while all of the lenses do cover the entire image senosr (that is good) and I can place the lenses far enough back into the camera body for the proper back focus (also good) the shutter hits the back of the lens if i switch back to still mode (not good) This means that camera will work with Kowa, Baltar, and any cine lens in Arri mount while in movie mode but not necessarily in still mode. Longer lenses will likely work but wide angle lenses will doubtlessly give problem with shutter clearance. But if the camera is turned on and switched into movie mode before the lens is mounted, and then the lens is taken off again before the camera is shut down or taken out of movie mode any lens should work. My thoughts about actually following through on mounting these lenses to my nikon is build a lens bridge (lens rail) system that both lens and the camera mount to and not actually worry about build a direct interface between the camera mount and the lens mount. Of course either the camera or the lens mounting system to the rails would have to allow for precise tilt and pan adjustment to collimate the lens properly. And the camera and lens would only need to be connected with some sort of bellows which could only need to be light tight and flexible to allow for collimation adjustment. The music is actually played on the custom modular synthesizer that you see first in the video. It was recorded with a little 1/4" reel to reel conference dictation recorder that is lying on the floor but hard to see in the video. The recorder is made by Grundig and its microphone and playback speaker are in the same hand-held wand. It is a weird but pretty cool little thing. I like it enough to have recorded the music for this video with.
8 Aug 2010
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Lexor Health offers superior Source Instant Dissolve No Shot Vitamin D3 5000 IU Sublingual Supplements for Strong Bones. Vitamins are crucial for our good health. Vitamin D3 in particular is vital for maintaining strong bones. Vitamin D is naturally present in very few foods compared to other Vitamins. In fact, the best natural source of Vitamin D is early morning sunlight. Vitamin D3 deficiency can result in impaired bone mineralization, bone softening diseases such as rickets as well as other bone disorders such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis; it can also affect the immune system. Vitamin D3 5000 supplements help maintain bone strength, blood calcium levels for normal functioning of the nervous system, inhibit proliferation and stimulate the differentiation of cells, enhance hormone levels, support healthy glucose, maintain strong teeth, help reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Find more: *******www.lexorhealth****/t/vitamins-and-minerals/vitamin-d/ Call: 1-888-539-6777
7 Sep 2010
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ACN's new IRIS 5000 Video Phone allows you to see all of life's firsts, no matter how big or small. The video phone operates on ACN's own state-of-the-art digital phone service network built across North America, Europe and the Pacific. Learn more about the ACN Video Phone here: http:/www.myacn****/digital/videophone.html or see more videos at *******www.acnvideos****
25 Sep 2010
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***********/watch?v=Um5VNZxXZHE Check out our full Triumph IQ 5000 review and discover where to buy for 50% off
24 May 2011
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Buy Ray Ban RB 4125 Cats 5000 sunglasses. We carry a huge selection of all Ray Ban sunglasses. 100% free US shipping and easy returns!
10 Aug 2011
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Buy Ray Ban RB 4125 Cats 5000 sunglasses. We carry a huge selection of all Ray Ban sunglasses. 100% free US shipping and easy returns!
12 Aug 2011
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