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Hey Tim Scott the "Entrepertainer" here, *******www.TheRealTimScott**** This is Day's 63-69 of my 90 DAY challenge Welcome to my 90-Day Challenge. It's very similar to the MLM Goldmine 90-Day Challenge, but these are my personal insider videos of my business being built 90-Day's. Just like DK's MLMGoldMine videos, you'll get to watch first hand, of the challenge's, and progress I'll encounter with marketing my business. So if your in the MLM "Multi-level Marketing", network marketing, or even the MLM Goldmine "TheOhanaSecret" feel free to watch and enjoy. Sincerely, Tim Scott Be sure to stalk me, *******Twitter****/Tim_Scott Read My Thoughts *******www.TheRealTimScott**** Watch Me On The Big-Screen And Subscribe *******www.YouTube****/TheatricalMarketer Become My BFF *******Profile.To/TimScott Or Even Just Hang With Me *******www.MySpace****/1YearSuccess
9 Jun 2009
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Kurtlar vadisi pusu 63. bölüm fragmanı
10 Jun 2009
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Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 63.Bölüm Fragmanı
13 Jun 2009
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After 63 years of service, Zacher’s Photo is going out of business. The store, which began in Hartford in 1946, came to West Hartford in 1955 and has been a part of the community ever since. As Linda Zacher told us, at some point you have to stop the bleeding and let it go. The largest factor in the Zachers’ decision to close is that cameras are now digital and no longer need film. The shop was filled with handshakes, hugs, and memories when we stopped by today. The Zachers aren’t sure where the closing leaves them personally, but they say their next adventure is just around the corner. The last day for the store is Friday, July 31st 2009. Distributed by Tubemogul.
31 Jul 2009
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Birkaç tane efektle kurtlar vadisi pusu 63.Bölüm Fragmanı
7 Aug 2009
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Import/Export Local Sale:2010 Mercedes Benz E350 Beige on Almond W/ Rear Seat Entertainment MSRP: $63,925 Call Now 1-800-543-4536 or 1-561-962-4339 CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE WITHOUT US SALES TAX! USAEXPORTEXPERTS In the milieu of sweeping pronouncements, it would be hard to beat the Mercedes-Benz description of its 2010 E-Class sedan and coupe. This is the most advanced automobile we've ever created," said Bernhard Glaser, the Mercedes product manager. "Everything we know and everything we are went into it." Given the fact that the original Mercedes came out more than 100 years ago, that's an impressive testimonial. But Glaser and his colleagues can be forgiven a touch of hyperbole because the new E350 and E550 sedans and coupes are state-of-the-art 21st-century automobiles replete with an unprecedented array of safety and other innovations. However, at a time of rising public sensitivity to environmental issues, they don't do much to advance a green agenda. A small nod to that comes later with a more economical diesel-engine model, though that will be offset by the ultra high-performance, fuel-gobbling E63 AMG version. As it is, the new E350 and E550, though about as good as they can be given their class, design and performance, are not exactly paragons of natural-resource preservation. The E350, with its 268-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 engine, has a city/highway government fuel economy rating of 18/25 miles to the gallon, while the 382-horsepower, 5.5-liter E550 V8 gets 14/20. In sum, the 2010 E-Class follows in the tradition it has established over nine generations, dating back to 1953. It is the Mercedes middle—a mid-sized sedan aimed at buyers not overly concerned with economy and willing to pay a premium price for the Benz brand of engineering, innovation and luxury. The tighter-handling coupe is an addition, to be joined by a convertible and an all-wheel drive station wagon to give potential customers a full line of E-Class choices. In the family, the new coupe and convertible replace the CLK models. Because it likely will account for the bulk of E-Class sales, the focus here is on the E350 four-door sedan. It has a starting price of $49,475, which certainly takes it out of mainstream family sedan territory. But that is $4,600 less than the 2009 model and, with the addition of new standard safety and other equipment, Mercedes claims that 2010 customers gain a 20% price benefit over the previous car. The safety innovations are impressive, especially the optional driver assist package. It consists of the Mercedes Distronic Plus cruise control with so-called pre-safe braking. The cruise control automatically maintains a distance from the car ahead, right down to a stop. The same sensors operate the brake assist plus, which detects a rapid closing with a barrier or a car ahead, as if that car braked suddenly in heavy traffic. It sounds an alarm and applies the brakes if the driver does not. The system won't prevent a rear-end collision but will mitigate the severity. Another component shakes the steering wheel if the car wanders into an adjacent lane, as if the driver became drowsy. There's a blind-spot warning system, unnecessary if the outside mirrors are adjusted properly but likely useful for people who have never learned how to adjust them. Also available is a system that automatically adapts the headlight low and high beams to the surroundings. Standard safety equipment includes nine air bags, including a driver's knee bag and pelvis bags for the driver and front passenger; stability and traction control; antilock brakes with brake assist; a rollover sensor; active head restraints, and tire-pressure monitoring. If you want to spend a bit more, you can order the $1,650 night view assist, which detects pedestrians you might not be able to see. All in all, it's a comprehensive peace-of-mind setup. Of course, there are plenty of comfort and convenience options, including the $790 Parktronic, which eyeballs a parking space and then delivers detailed instructions to the driver on how to park the car. It does not automatically park the car the way Lexus and the new Toyota Prius do. There's so much stuff on the new E-Class cars that they rival the flagship S-Class models, which now have an edge only in a few more luxury touches, slightly more interior room and bragging rights. No doubt the next S-Class will leapfrog this E. On the road, the new E350 exhibits the characteristics its disciples have come to expect, with competent handling and a supple ride. The V6 engine moves the 3,891-pound sedan to 60 miles an hour in slightly more than six seconds. It is linked to the increasingly ubiquitous Mercedes seven-speed automatic transmission, which can be shifted manually but likely won't be because it's efficient and unobtrusive. Criticisms fall at the margins. Instead of a solid, opaque shade for the panoramic glass sunroof, a cheesy cloth has been substituted, which doesn't entirely block intense sunlight. And the sun visors on several test cars practically needed a pry bar to pop them from the grip of their locking clip. Call Now 1-800-543-4536 or 1-561-962-4339 CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE WITHOUT US SALES TAX! USAEXPORTEXPERTS
17 Nov 2009
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Step-by-step instructions how to visually install Wordpress 2.84. Instead of choosing the video's recommendation of 2.63, I chose 2.84. As long as you follow all of the steps, you should be successful with upgrading. www.unspokenideas****
29 Sep 2009
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PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (Oct. 14, 2009) The battleship USS Missouri (BB 63) arrives at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard to begin a three-month, $18 million effort of extensive maintenance and preservation work. Missouri is the last battleship made by the U.S., and was the site of Japan's unconditional surrender ending World War II. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd John Ciccarelli/Released)
27 Oct 2009
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今年商人節邁入第63屆,2號舉辦商人節大會暨金商獎的頒獎典禮;這次共有14位優良商人、5個優良外國駐華商務單位及6位優良外商得獎。 在1946年定每年11月1日為「商人節」,是紀念「中華民國商會全國聯合會」的誕生,並象徵全國商業界團結合作的精神。從此每年11月1日的「商人節」,全國商業界都熱烈的慶祝並頒獎給優良商人。 中華民國經濟部次長 林勝忠:「第63屆商人節大會,看到整個服務業在國內所佔的比重逐步提高,我們體會到商業在國內所佔的經濟地位,未來會一年一年的提高。」 優良商人獎 欣銓科技副董事長 秦曉隆:「我們非常高興得到這個榮譽,這是我們公司成立10年來第二次得到此榮譽,能夠繼續的替國家增加外匯。」 優良商人獎 建大工業總經理 張宏德:「能夠獲選優良商人,其實不只是我個人的肯定也是對我公司的肯定;我也很感謝我們公司有這樣一個平台,能夠讓我發揮。」 優良商人獎 美商3M台灣子公司總經理 趙台生:「3M在台灣成立40年以來,我們一直秉持這樣一個信念,讓台灣所有的消費者覺得看到,3M這兩個字認為是可以信賴的一個品牌。」 這些得到優良商人獎都期許未來做的更好更大,更能夠在全世界各產業中替華人爭光。 新唐人亞太電視 陳進交 黃佩儀 台北採訪報導 其他推薦: 2009新唐人電視台全球系列大賽、中國舞、聲樂、小提琴、漢服、中國菜、鋼琴、武術、油畫、攝影 *******competitions.ntdtv****/ 視頻百科 拓展您的視野! ******* 芭蕾舞校副校長:神韻文化熟悉親切 *******www.eglobalcommunity****/zh/view/46634/
4 Nov 2009
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Episode 63 on Monday the 25th of January 2010 Frosty Espresso Blend Distributed by Tubemogul.
25 Jan 2010
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Improv Monologue Project # 63 FEATURING: Stephen C James FROM: NERDVANA (Los Angeles, CA) PROP: Putter & Ball LOCATION: Mini-Golf Course, Austin, TX . Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Feb 2010
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MotorNeeke - Dave Solon Kia - Video 63
24 Feb 2010
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