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Gameplay from Resident Evil 6, coming to PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 on October 2nd. Here's a playthrough of Leon's section from the demo, which is now available on Xbox 360 for anyone who purchased Dragon's Dogma.
5 Jul 2012
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Gameplay from Resident Evil 6, coming to PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 on October 2nd. Here's a playthrough of Chris' section from the demo, which is now available on Xbox 360 for anyone who purchased Dragon's Dogma.
5 Jul 2012
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We've got our hands on Resident Evil 6, coming to PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 on October 2nd. Here's a playthrough of Jake's section from the demo, which is now available on Xbox 360 for anyone who purchased Dragon's Dogma.
5 Jul 2012
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*******www.greatoutdoorpatiofurniture****/product/DS-Brianna43 The Brianna Deep Seating collection design is inspired by the modern, luxury, comfort casual lifestyle that blends between the easy going style and carefree style.
17 Dec 2010
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Electronic Cigarette with 6pcs Atomized Cartridges does not cause two-hand pollution or environmental pollution. It does not contain the unhealthy content tar or harmful chemical materials. There is no hidden danger for fire when using this e-cigarette. Attached with 6pcs atomized cartridges and each cartridge can be used for 100 mouthfuls. *******www.chinabuye****/electronic-cigarette-with-6pcs-atomized-cartridges-black
11 Sep 2010
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Main Features 1. Max. Pressure:550kn ( one mould can hold segments ≤20cm²at one time) 2. Speed:9second/6pcs(40x8 segment,6pcs at one time) 25seconds/6pcs(40x8segment,6pcs at one time) 120seconds/5pcs(24x15segment,5pcs at one time) 3. Precision adjustion:The feeding depth between the payers can be set at precision of 0.01mm. 4. Performance:GCLY-55 is equipped with cooling system to ensure it works stably around clock. 5. Segment precision:±0.1g 6. Mould service life:Over at least 100000 times (one set of mould will be provided with the machine for free) 7. User-friendly :one work can handle three sets of machines at the same time. 8. Granulating:No granulating is needed, the powder is mixed with 1.2‰ of moisture retention on diamond powder layer and 0.6‰ on other layers. 9. Environmental friendly:No noise of mould punching during working. 10. Guarantee:One-year guarantee for the machine, half year guarantee for the electrolic parts. 11. User preparation guide:compressed air-0.3m³/m,Hydraulic oil-300kg,Power-20kw Max Pressure 550KN Layers 1-11layers Power Supply 15.5KW Overall Dimension 2100*1250*2550mm
8 Jun 2010
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9 Sep 2009
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Product Name: Easy L German Item No.: ED4-21 Graphic size (cm): 80*200cm 90*200cm 100*200cm Material: Aluminium Color: Silver Package: Single Oxford bag + Hard carton tube Inner box size (cm): (if have) No Qty/ctn (pcs): 6pcs/ctn Out box size (cm): 34*24*86cm 34*24*96cm 34*24*106cm double layer box N.W (kg): 11.7kgs/12kgs/12.6kgs G.W (kg): 14.4kgs/15kgs/15.6kgs
12 Mar 2009
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Product Name: Easy RollLuxury Item No.: ED1-31 Graphic size (cm): 80*200cm/85*200cm 90*200cm/100*200cm 120*200cm/150*200cm Material: aluminium Color: Silver Attribute: one thick heavy aluminium foot Package: Double oxford bag Inner box size (cm): (if have) 11.5*11.5*86cm 11.5*11.5*91cm 11.5*11.5*96cm 11.5*11.5*106cm 11.5*11.5*126cm 11.5*11.5*156cm single layer box Qty/ctn (pcs): 6pcs/ctn Out box size (cm): 37*25*88cm/37*25*93cm 37*25*98cm/37*25*108cm 37*25*128cm/37*25*158cm double layer box N.W (kg): 16.8kgs/17.4kgs/18kgs 19.8kgs/27kgs/30.6kgs G.W (kg): 19.8kgs/20.4kgs/21kgs 23.4kgs/30kgs/33.6kgs
4 Mar 2009
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