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Encore by 75-year-old Andre Cyr during figure skating exhibition. What an awesome athlete!
23 Apr 2007
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do U want to waste 75 seconds of ur life? Here's how!
17 Oct 2007
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75 dollar
7 Feb 2008
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This amazing timelapse video shows a chemical tanker transiting the Panama Canal in 75 seconds.
27 Jan 2008
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blackmail for 75 dollar
30 Jan 2008
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See videos,audio & get a free ebook. *******tinyurl****/yu49bg or visit *******quantum-fx****/TheQuantumNutritionEffect.html The MMS protocol was developed by Jim Humble, a gold miner and metallurgist, on an expedition into the jungles of Central America, looking for gold. It was a response to a need to help a member of his expedition who came down with malaria, more than two days away, through heavy jungle, from the next mine. After many years of experience, Humble always carried stabilized oxygen with him on such expeditions, to make local water potable. Facing the possibility of a quick loss of life, he gave it to the stricken man. To everyone’s amazement, he was well within a few hours. That sure seemed like a miracle, but Humble wanted to better understand what had just happened.Over the course of several years, Jim Humble figured out that what made stabilized oxygen so effective in some malaria cases, was not the oxygen at all, but the trace amounts of chlorine dioxide. Further research led him to come up with a way to produce hundreds, if not thousands more units of chlorine dioxide than what is found in stabilized oxygen. This is through using a higher concentrate of sodium chlorite (28% vs. 3% for stabilized oxygen), in conjunction with the activator. The proof of the efficacy of this simple protocol was in successfully helping over 75,000 people in several African nations – including Uganda and Malawi – rid themselves, primarily of malaria, but also hepatitis, cancer, and AIDS.-chlorine dioxide works for giving the immune system a new lease on life. Pharmaceutical companies profit from "treatments" not cures.You wont hear this on Oprah Winfrey or Larry king or cnn... Chemtrails arrogant doctors diabetes dr mercola mercola**** doctor metabolic health diet nutrition natural cure Pandemic autism Panacea H5N1 Bird Flu AIDS Hepatitis Tuberculosis Cancer Herpes HPV parasites Urinary Tract Infection Lyme Disease Stomach Ulcers Strep Throat Pneumonia Anthrax Tuberculosis Salmonella E***li chelation, healing, heavy metals alternative health Kombucha beta glucan Chemotherapy Radiation EFT pesticide Fungus Resveratrol Rheumatoid Arthritis Autoimmune Degenerative Diseases.bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE prions alzheimer's mercury poisoning Detoxification
22 Jul 2008
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Liebherr-932 vs DT-75
6 Mar 2008
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15 Apr 2008
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The Dukes brothers run a '75 Gran Torino through an old motorhome, this is one hell of a redneck afternoon.
24 Apr 2008
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11 Sep 2009
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Saad Al-Ghamidi Sourate Zumar (73-75)
15 May 2008
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Sourate 75 سورة القيامة -al ghamidi
21 May 2008
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Suzuki Hayabusa with MC Express Turbo. Roll on from 75 miles per hour to 160 miles per hour, then from 145 miles per hour to over 180 miles per hour.
30 Jun 2008
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9 Jun 2008
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伊拉克首都巴格达西北部一市场发生炸弹爆炸,51人丧生,75人受伤,据警方说这是巴格达近几个月以来遭受的最大一次袭击。 爆炸发生在下午人们回家前到市场购买食物时,爆炸造成一座多层建筑物被夷为平地,20家店铺着火,许多汽车被损毁。 美国官员谴责逊尼派基地组织为2006和2007年的许多起汽车炸弹袭击负责。 据CNN报导,同一天,在巴格达北部的一个检查站也发生了自杀式炸弹攻击,造成4人死亡。据信这些攻击为在伊拉克的盖达组织所为。 美国之音报导说,星期二早些时候,伊拉克中部城市巴古拜警察局外面发生一起汽车炸弹爆炸,炸死一名警官,至少19人被炸伤。 有关方面今天宣布,伊拉克议会将在美军保护的巴格达绿区以外开会议事,因此暴力事件格外引人注目。美国和伊拉克官员说,安全形势有所改善,有关伊拉克议会开会地点的决定就是对这种说法做出的反应。 其他推荐: 2008新唐人电视台全球系列大赛(小提琴,声乐,舞蹈,武术,钢琴,汉服设计,油画,厨技,摄影) *******competitions.ntdtv****/ 退出共产党(首页) *******tuidang.epochtimes****/ 中国骇客侵美议员电脑 国会警觉 *******
20 Jun 2008
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Lakeshore Foods, Chicago, Illinois, introduces Leanburger, a lower-fat beef patty that charbroils at 1100 degrees F, with 75% less smoke, organic volatiles, and greenhouse gases on commercial charbroilers, the kind used at Burger King. The patent pending invention is a significant contribution to a world-wide effort to reduce greenhouse gases, and is a healthy alternative to high fat charbroiled burgers. The Leanburger technology is available for licensing. Visit the website for complete details and information: www.lakeshorefoods****.
27 Jun 2008
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