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Please save me. 911 I have been kidnapped and held hostage against my will. I DO NOT WANT TO BE WITH THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY. I am terrified. Worse than petrified. If he has a black baby with that girl Meghan Markle (SHE IS A BRITISH AMERICAN. SHE IS NOT GERMAN AT ALL. She just has a similar name as the German secretary who works under me, Angela Merkle. A FUCKING black girl and possible lesbian are masquerading around and torturing me. If there is a black baby, it is my death sentence. I will have nothing at all to live for. I would never want an infant after that. It is traumatizing beyond words. I have been beyond sick with panic and my body can not take anymore. If I do not die here then I will most certainly die with that family. PLEASE RESCUE ME. Please for the love of god, please be my savior and rescue me. Shoot Prince Harry, Shoot Prince William, Shoot Elizabeth Regina and Shoot Philip. IF I AM WITH THEM I AM HELD HOSTAGE. SHOOT THEM. THEY ARE TERRORISTS. Anyone from any off Shoot of my dad’s former political party (ntz, from Germany or any other country, please rescue me. The United States government and people living in America have all let me down and I do not have one person in the world that can rescue me. I am scared, lonely and its sheer terror - a panicked hell. I have been in this hell for too long and can not continue living this way. Please somebody have it in your heart to save me. Please rescue me. PLEASE. ANYONE at all. I will be forever grateful and will repay you in anyway that I can. Just please get me. I can not live under their control. HARRY IS A TERRORIST. He wants to have a black baby and then kill it as an example of what the United States military should do to any mixed race person. President Trump wants the same as Harry. She is pregnant and I do not want to be held hostage with terrorists. ANYONE AT ALL. PLEASE, these are probably my last words, I have no hope and no chance at life. nothing. Please. 911
2 Jan 2019
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Save your souls, a warning in advance
7 Jan 2019
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We collected stories about the tattoos from the first responders - Policemen, Firemen, Paramedics. We have some serious stories from Sept 11, 2001, some nice family related stories as well as some tattoos that resulted in lost bets.
17 Jan 2019
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911 THIS IS AN ATTACK. It is an attack on the World Trade Center. THE AMERICANS ARE IN DEBT. THEY HAVE STUDENT LOANS. THEY WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE. They do NOT deserve me. This is rape. This is an attack on my soul. They are stealing my most personal of things. They are terrible people and terrible parents. HOW DARE THEY. KILL THE WHITE AMERICANS. THEY ARE AFTER MY THINGS. ROBBERS AND CROOKS. The zombies are attacking me and my most personal if things please god save me, please remove me from the evil of this world. I am ready to go to heaven.
11 Jan 2019
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Poor little boy calls 911 after he witnessed his Father shoot and kill his Mother and Grandmother and then himself, Pretty intense stuff.
2 Apr 2006
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The Best 911 Turbo in Kuwait ( Abdullah Alsallom ) Driver .
6 Jun 2006
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Celebrities sometimes have to call 911 too, and this a collection of their calls. Included here are Joaquin Phoenix (when his brother River OD'ed), Demi Moore, Ashley Judd, Drew Barrymore, Janet Jackson, Tonya Harding, and William Shatner.
26 Jun 2006
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A mother calls 911 on her 12-year-old daughter and the 911 operator makes a less than gracefull offer...
4 Sep 2006
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one of the earlierst inteviews of 911:USA Today interview discussing, FBI theory that there was a car or truck packed with explosives underneath the buildings that helped bring the towers down.
28 Sep 2006
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Cool Video Clip About BMW And Porche 911
30 Nov 2006
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911 Attack-the link of physics and chemistry in (11 attacks explained
11 Jan 2007
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Porsche 911 Turbo
24 Feb 2007
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