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*******watchnewmoonmoviefree.blogspot****/ Download Twilight Saga New Moon Movie at the cheapest rate, Only $0.99 All other latest movies including 2012, The Blind Side, Planet 51 added.
25 Nov 2009
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Runescape 99 Prayer & Corp Mass Party Invite My Games Portal - *******www.epicninja**** Join The Forums For More Events - *******s7.zetaboards****/rsmdb/index/ An invitation to my 99 prayer party, and you're invited, so I invite you to come to my party, in this video you may or may not be watching. -Music- Dummeh - Ridiculously happy nonsense *******dummeh.newgrounds**** --------------------------------------------- ============== ==LOCATIONS== ============== 99 Prayer - Monastery, World 84 Corporeal Beast - Outside Its' Lair, See worlds below You can come to both, just 99 prayer, just the Corp or neither, it's up to you. ========= ==TIMES== ========= Date: Saturday 28th November These times are for me LEVELLING, the Corporeal Beast event will be 1 hour after this (so just add 1 hour to your timezone listed below). -USA/Canada- EST - 15:00 (3pm) CST - 14:00 (2pm) MST - 13:00 (1pm) PST - 12:00 (midday) -Europe- GMT - 20:00 (8pm) (UK/Portugal) CET - 21:00 (9pm) (Netherlands/Sweden/Belguim/Norway/Germany) EET - 22:00 (10pm) (Finland/Greece) Everywhere else (you'll have to convert your own) - *******www.timezoneconverter****/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc =============== ==CLAN CHATS== =============== I would suggest adding one of the clan chats to your friends list, that way you will be less likely to forget about the Corporeal beast trip. Up to 100 people can be added to each of the following chats, please join one of the chats during the time between me getting 99 prayer and the Corporeal Beast event. Corpor_Beast - World 84 Corp_100k - World 64 Rsmdb_Event - World 28 CB_50k - World 76 Try the chats from top to bottom, if one is full join the next one down. Once I have filled up the friends list of an account, the chat will be locked to friends only, so if you end up being kicked from this, just join the next chat. If needed I will add additional clan chats on the night of the event. All the chats will be coinshare, so everyone has a fair chance at getting a share of good drops, regardless of their lsp. ----------------------------------------------- You can play Runescape at *******www.runescape**** -----------------------------------------------
6 Dec 2009
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Allah besitzt unendlich viele Namen / Eigenschaften (in arabisch: "ism"). Im Heiligen Koran sind davon über 120 Namen bzw. Eigenschaften enthalten. Die Zahl 99+1 symbolisiert die Unbeschränktheit und Unendlichkeit Gottes. Einem Hadith zufolge (Überlieferung des Propheten Muhammad, Friede und Segen Allahs auf ihm) nannte der Heilige Prophet (saw) Allah auch bei anderen Namen, doch die im Heiligen Koran enthaltenen Namen sind die schönsten. So heißt es: "Allahs sind die schönsten Namen; so rufet Ihn an mit ihnen." (7:181) Nasheed by: "Yusuf Islam" (Album: Bismillah)
12 Dec 2009
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Self defense has never been affordable until the TASER C2 with Laser $284.99 No Coupon Needed
13 Dec 2009
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Acer's $99 Netbook has arrived - we show you the pros and the catch to this very cheap netbook. Also, iPhone 3G can now be bought online and home activated. We tell you why AT&T changed their minds. TV is battling with iTunes on exclusives to movies and the IT sector lost 100k jobs in 3 months! Is this why reports say the iPhone is still too expensive? We tell you why.
21 Dec 2009
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*******www.goldsgym****/carmelny Now you can join the World Famous Golds Gym in Carmel NY for only $19.99 a month.Includes Zumba, Bodypump, RPM and more. Yes, we have daycare.
25 Dec 2009
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*******www.goldsgym****/carmelny Join the World Famous Golds Gym in Carmel NY for only $19.99 a month.Includes Zumba, Bodypump, Cycle and more. Yes, we have daycare.
2 Feb 2010
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The cast and crew of the film 99 which include Boman Irani, Kunal Khemu, Cyrus Broacha and Simone Singh attend the music release at Fun Republic.
5 Jan 2010
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T.G.I. Friday's restaurants (www.fridays****) today announced it is bringing back its popular "3 for $12.99" dinner menu with more than 300 full-course appetizer/entrée/dessert combinations for a limited time at nearly all restaurants in the U.S. Friday's is featuring two new sizzling entrées and four new appetizers, including three new starter Wedge Salads. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******multivu.prnewswire****/mnr/fridays/41863/
7 Jan 2010
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In this critically-acclaimed, stop-motion animated feature, Dave Peck, an unemployed 28-year-old with no goals or aspirations, finds an ad for a book promising the meaning of life for only $9.99. Wishing to share his discovery, his path crosses with those of his unusual neighbors, who, in their own bizarre ways, are all on their own search for hope and redemption. *******www.kochvision****/moreinfo.aspx?number=741952677291
25 Jan 2010
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過年快到了,過年過節免不了大魚大肉,年菜要怎麼吃才健康?台大醫院營養師們不但精選出10大健康食材,還設計了健康年菜,要讓大家開心享用美食之餘,又不用擔心對身體造成負擔。 年菜通常缺乏膳食纖維,又含油脂和膽固醇,為了端出健康年菜,台大醫院營養師群精選10大健康食材包含,番茄、燕麥、南瓜、蔓越莓、青花菜、菠菜、黃豆、鮭魚、草莓及橄欖油入菜。 台大醫院營養部主任 鄭金寶:「這樣十種健康食材的選擇,搭配到我們這次年菜的推出,健康99年菜裡面八道菜中提供50種以上不同的食材,希望帶給民眾預防心血管方面的疾病及降血糖、降血壓、降膽固醇、降三酸甘油脂的心血管方面疾病的一個功能。」 鄭金寶建議,傳統年菜可是糖尿病、心血管疾病患者的殺手,只要民眾注意熱量,年菜也可以吃的健康,如象徵步步高陞的蹄膀,可改用低脂肪的豬腱子肉,加入嫩竹筍,降低飽和脂肪,可提高纖維的攝取。 台大醫院營養部主任 鄭金寶:「以往一套的年菜,大概一人份會吃到差不多有1200多大卡,但這次設計出來是差不多750大卡左右的年菜,這次在熱量上的考量。」 台大醫院營養師呼籲大家,要均衡飲食並把持低鹽少油低糖等原則,準備年菜盡量多選用蔬果,可減少身體的負擔。 新唐人亞太電視 劉忠 黃佩儀 台北採訪報導 其他推薦: 《神韻》2010全球巡迴演出 *******www.ShenYunPerformingArts****/ 看動態網:曉天下事 *******www.dongtaiwang****/ 加參議員:神韻演出流光溢彩 *******www.eglobalcommunity****/zh/view/55888/
23 Jan 2010
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soha and kunal are stucked on 99 runs i mean they are working on a movie called 99 !!
24 Jan 2010
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Megadeth - 99 Ways to Die
7 Feb 2010
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*******HoneywellAirPurifierReviews**** - Honeywell 50250 99.97% pure hepa round air purifier
4 Feb 2010
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7 Feb 2010
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Guests nationwide are heading to their local CiCi's Pizza in celebration of the company's 25th Anniversary, which rolled back their buffet price to just $3.99, until February 28, 2010. The anniversary price is a way to thank CiCi's loyal guests while providing an unbeatable deal for those unfamiliar to the hot and fresh endless buffet. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******multivu.prnewswire****/mnr/cicis/42501/
26 Feb 2010
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